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We, the viewers of Universal's SCI-FI Channel, hereby request an immediate change in management--mainly with regard to Bonnie Hammer,President of the station. We feel insulted and we feel cheated, for evidence clearly indicates that the station is run by people who have little to no knowledge of the subject matter the channel was intended to embody.

It should be the goal of Bonnie Hammer and the SCI-FI Channel to acknowledge and pay homage to televised science fiction and movies from the past, present, and future, as all are part of the genre's heritage. This is what Bonnie Hammer's own channel logo claims to represent, yet all we viewers can see is that Hammer's logo perpetuates FALSE ADVERTISING, for the following reasons:

1) Bonnie Hammer's SCI-FI Channel IN NO WAY targets the science fiction audience, as it used to in years past, but rather a mainstream audience,which is clearly inappropriate. Those looking for science fiction no longer find it at the mis-named SCI-FI Channel.

2) Bonnie Hammer's biased actions have consistently led to the premature cancellations of all of the channel's original seriesat least, those not Earth-bound. LEXX went off the air too quickly; FARSCAPE is rumored to be soon joining it in cancellation; and the Babylon 5 spin-off, LEGENDS OF THE RANGERS, was never even given a chance to succeed.

3) The SCI-FI Channel has difficulties with its original programming efforts. Various projects, such as the planned BATTLESTAR GALACTICA mini-series, are taking directions which large numbers of fans have denounced/argued against, as witnessed in the media and on the Internet. The SCI-FI Channel repeatedly demonstrates it cannot and does not -- acknowledge or listen to its viewership. The further pillaging of Universal properties as "remakes" and "reimaginings" demonstrates SCI-FI Channel's commitment to quick ratings ploys and
profiting while potentially destroying science fiction brand names. Viewers are alienated before these "reimagined" television classics are even aired!

4) Bonnie Hammer's SCI-FI Channel no longer pays homage to the heritage of televised science fiction. Hammer has clearly decided to take the easy way out in running the channel ever since she took over. It seems she is trying to make things extremely easy on herself and her staff byraiding the USA film vaults for broadcast material, then personally MODIFYING THE DEFINITION of science fiction to match her ill-chosen offerings. Such films as CAPE FEAR, THE FLINTSTONES, COOL WORLD, HEART CONDITION, DANTE'S PEAK, FIELD OF DREAMS, IDOL HANDS, TREMORS, and ABBOTT & COSTELLO, as well as television shows like FANTASY ISLAND, BEYOND BELIEF: FACT OR FICTION, CROSSING OVER WITH JOHN EDWARDS, and HERCULES, would never qualify as science fiction to any self-respecting fan of the genre. CAPE FEAR and FIELD OF DREAMS are particularly ludicrous choices for the channel, as there is not ONE science fiction aspect to either of them. One can ONLY come to the conclusion, then, that whoever put them on the lineup has no clue what science fiction even is.

In short, Bonnie Hammer's channel is not a Science Fiction Channel at all--not by a long-shot. Under her so-called management, it has devolved into a Boy-Action/Adventure/Horror Channel, and the studio might as well change the channel's name to reflect this. Her job, by definition, should be to represent televised science fiction and display an encyclopedic knowledge of the entire genre. However, neither Bonnie Hammer nor her staff seem to have any knowledge of science
fiction whatsoever--otherwise, viewers would never be force-fed the above-noted programs and movies, which fall so far outside the parameters of science fiction that one can't help but wonder if one has actually entered The Twilight Zone.

Why is it that viewers can count on seeing NASCAR and mechanics on the SPEED Channel; sporting events on ESPN; gardening and home improvement on The Home & Garden Channel; game shows on The Game Show Network; cartoons on The Cartoon Network; and documentaries about wildlife on Animal Planet while science fiction fans mostly find mainstream, non-science fiction-related programs on the SCI-FI Channel?

Profits may have increased since Hammer took over, but we remind everyone that before Hammer's arrival, far fewer local cable and satellite companies were providing the SCI-FI Channel to their customers, so it would be extremely short-sighted to give Hammer any credit for the rise in profits. Sheer numbers are the reason, not any
actions on Hammer's part. In fact, her ineptitude likely stunted how high the profit increase could have been without her at the helm.

Consider this: if profits rose as much as they did, solely due to the increased number of services offering the channel, just imagine how much MORE profits would rise if the channel actually started following a programming line-up that made sense within the parameters of science fiction!

We, the viewers, want to put an end to the mediocrity. We want back the SCI-FI Channel we once knew--the SCI-FI Channel that was actually built upon a foundation of science fiction. We want to view the classic televised series and movies that the SCI-FI Channel USED TO proudly broadcast in its early years. We would like to see the return of WAR OF THE WORLDS, V, STAR TREK: THE ANIMATED SERIES, THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN, THE BIONIC WOMAN, SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND, PLANET OF THE APES, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, SPACE: 1999, DARK SKIES, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, BEYOND WESTWORLD, LOGAN'S RUN, UFO, THE PRISONER, SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER, LEXX, SCI-OGRAPHY, and other
classic science fiction programs old and new--not to mention Chris Carter's HARSH REALM and THE LONE GUNMEN.

Additionally, new television science fiction program development is welcomed, although productions of Universal's science fiction properties need SERIOUS re-evaluation before they are made, particularly with poor recommendations and unnecessary mandates from the SCI-FI Channel management team.

Most of all, we want management from a staff with more than a passing knowledge and understanding of what the term "science fiction" means. It is NOT Cape Fear, nor is it Abbott and Costello, nor The Flintstones as any fan of the genre would know.

The SCI-FI Channel is a mess; it is barely even worth watching anymore. It is a mere shadow of its once-proud heritage. The decline in programming quality is staggering. We, as SCI-FI viewers and fans, can no longer take any of this lightly. If actions are not soon taken to address why we see a mainstream format on a channel that is supposed to specialize in science fiction--and to correct the problem once it's addressed--we will discontinue viewing your channel and request that our cable and satellite providers remove the SCI-FI Channel from our
viewing line-ups.

Our proposed resolution may sound harsh, we know... but the situation is dire, and sometimes dire situations require harsh resolutions. In this case, we have resigned ourselves to the sad fact that as long as Bonnie Hammer and her staff is in control of SCI-FI Channel, nothing will ever get better. A change in management is needed, and soon. With the finance woes of SCI-FI Channel's parent company, we believe shareholders are frustrated, too.

In short, the SCI-FI Channel needs:

- new executive/programming management
- new attitudes about its programming, plus new program development
- receptivity towards fans' and viewers' wishes (which should garner
even higher ratings, more revenues and viewer loyalty)

We trust that when the frustration of the SCI-FI Channel's one-time fans is made clear, the necessary actions will be taken to restore the channel to its former glory. We look forward with great anticipation to the day when the SCI-FI Channel's programming is worth watching once more. Thank you for taking the time to hear us out.

Sincerely, the undersigned,

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