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We would like Burnout 3 for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Here is Criterion representative stating reasons for not releasing Burnout 3 for the Gamecube:

"Eurogamer: Why isn't there a GameCube version?

Alex Ward: Because there's no online. The online networked experience has influenced so much of the offline game, you just would have been half-hearted on GameCube. You're going to have this killer online experience on PlayStation and Xbox. All the modes, everything makes sense, because you can play online and offline. If we were only going to make an offline game, it had to be different. Nobody wants to make just an offline game any more. Everyone wants an online component."

We hearby affirm that there are game companies currently making offline games and would enjoy an offline gaming experience of the unique game known as Burnout 3.

We ask you Criterion, what part of the following interview snippet cannot be had on an offline Nintendo Gamecube experience?

"Micheal: I've been playing a single player alpha version of the game and I've become absolutely addicted to the Alpine level with traffic that you have to weave through (I even weave and hit the boost to make it more fun). For experienced racing game players (or especially Burnout-series fans), what new twists on the series will we see in the final version of the game?

Harvey: A lot of racing games are really fast but all you normally have to do is avoid the competition, and follow the race track. In Burnout 3 you are racing on busy city streets, through markets, across plazas, along motorways etc. and besides avoiding the competition you need to avoid the traffic all around you. It means you need to be hyper-aware, and even though you see something you have to think to react. Besides your car going at speeds upwards of 200mph, youve also got the motorway traffic coming at you at 70mph - so you really need to develop lightning reflexes!

The biggest change in Burnout 3 over the previous games is the way boost works. We wanted it to feel really immediate, so as soon as youve earned it, you can start using it. If you can take big enough risks while boosting you should be able to boost all of the way around the tracks, which is going to be pretty intense!

Micheal: Burnout 3 really is a game for the movie-generation as crashes look like those you'd see in the movies. While crafting the design for the game, what great movie chases and crashes most inspired you?

Harvey: The best thing about car chases and crashes is that Hollywood has been doing this in films for years. We looked at hundreds of films for reference, including Ronin, French Connection, The Rock, Smokey and the Bandit, Fast and the Furious etc. etc. etc. etc

The interesting thing we learned is that they use loads of great techniques for making a crash feel bigger, but most of the techniques only work when youre looking at a crash in a particular way, or from an artistic angle! Also, we needed to make our crashes interactive we use crash aftertouch to allow the player to steer their wreck after crashing so we had to develop a whole load of new approaches to make them look awesome.

Micheal: So I've only gotten 10 takedowns in a game so far. What's the highest number of takedowns that any of your team members have attained?

Harvey: Obviously were all very busy finishing the game, so were not trying to set virtually unbeatable records (yet) so for now the record stands at 26 it was on a lap eliminator event (which is 5 laps instead of the normal 2 or 3) in Downtown. The next best was 24 on a Road Rage event. Im sure someone will blow these numbers out of the water soon! The only rule for us when were setting these records is that we still have to win the event otherwise youd just spend all the time taking out cars!

Micheal: While my first take of the game was a slightly less-twisted version of Ballard's infamous book "Crash", one has to wonder how twisted your team really is... do you give out awards for best dings or accidents at work and stuff like that?

Harvey: We certainly do take special notice of any crashes people have, but since developing Burnout 3 everyone seems to be crashing less in real life its either that theyve taken all their aggression out in the game and not real life, or that theyre too busy getting the chance to drive anywhere!

Micheal: I've seen about 5 levels in the game so far, how many levels will gamers see in the final game? Care to list or detail them?

Harvey: Weve got over 40 tracks in the game, which are spread throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia and each has multiple different events taking place on them apart from races and grand prix, you can enter a lap eliminator where the last place racer gets wiped out each lap, or Road Rage where you try and take out as many of the opposition in the time limit. There are also 100 crash junctions in the game, the point of which is to crash as many cars as possible to cause as much damage as you can. Weve got awards based on reaching pre-set milestones, and these unlock new cars and vehicles to use in the events."

We are not going to boycott anything. This petition is a simple request to allow us to enjoy on the Nintendo Gamecube the above unique and amazing Burnout 3 experience.

However, if Criterion believes that a kick-butt, unique offline experience of Burnout 3 cannot be worth the price of the game, please disregard this petition. We understand the huge draw of online gaming and what that can offer, and will understand if Criterion is not able to gain substantial earnings for offering an offline experience of Burnout 3 to owners of the two previous installments of the Burnout franchise or those new to the franchise created for the Nintendo Gamecube.

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