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Case # Burglary Date
2008277002418 10/3/2008
2009058001886 2/27/2009
2009059001214 2/16/2009-2/28/2009
2009141001872 5/21/2009
2009148002826 5/28/2009
2009149002803 5/29/2009
2009155002342 6/4/2009
2009155001508 6/4/2009
2009209002421 7/28/2009
2009223002272 8/11/2009
2009279000268 10/6/2009
2009279000267 10/6/2009
20092800271 10/7/2009
TBD 10/7/2009
TBD 10/7/2009
TBD 10/7/2009

Warner, Mark R. - (D - VA) Class II
(202) 224-2023

Honorable Senator Warner:

We, residents of Fairfax County, petition the Virginia Senator to take urgent action to immediately setup a task-force to catch the burglars who have targeted over 24 homes of South Asian/ African/ Middle eastern community and stole expensive jewelry items, and valuables. We strongly believe that all these burglaries are orchestrated by an organized gang of burglars who have sophisticated equipment to detect gold, duplicate security codes and enter homes without setting off alarms. We have incidents where they even stole passports, green cards, social security card, which raise the issue of national security. We would like to also urge the involvement of FBI. As immigrants who made Fairfax a happy home in last decade, our community is an asset to the county. Since these incidents, we are faced with financial losses, emotional trauma, and feel let down due to lack of attention and resources in solving this serious problem. We deserve county's attention, and we are ready to fully co-operate with the authorities to put the culprits behind the bars.

Since October 2008 there have been at least 24 connected incidents of break-in burglaries in Fairfax County; seven of these happened during the week of 10/9/2009. This group has been operating very professionally. They cut the phone wires from outside and disarm security system. They do not leave any finger prints. In all cases, the perpetrators broke door in the basement/ front area, when home owners were away. They are mostly looking for gold jewelry (22K), electronics, laptops and cash etc. We have lost millions of dollars in valuables; more importantly, the items stolen represent memories of our heritage and key events in our lives that can never be replaced.

Fairfax County Police website link: Police Link Series of Burglaries

Two delegates Tom Rust from Reston and Tim Hugo from Sully Districts have organized District Level Town hall meetings with their Respective Police Commanders and District Supervisors. Fairfax Times, Channel 9, ABC and Washington Post have covered the incidents. Fairfax police district officials are working together on these cases without any successful result.

Media Coverage Links are available at: http://fairfaxdesis.posterous.com

Here is a good article: Frustration mounts for burglary victims http://www.fairfaxtimes.com/news/2009/sep/01/frustration-mounts-burglary-victims/

CBS 9 News Coverage: Anger Targeted At Thieves And Home Security System

We need representation from Fairfax County Chairman, All County District Supervisors, All County District Police Captains and FBI including Media. We need your support to address the issue at the County/State/Federal Level.

Please follow up on each of the case for catching the burglars, speedy recovery of our valuable items and safeguard the community. According to the officers that have responded to the emergency, the burglars left little or no evidence and hence there is little or no hope for recovery of the stolen items. We are very concerned about our overall security in Fairfax County.

The increasing frequency of these incidents have created anxiety and fear amongst the citizens of the community and could become panic if the perpetrators continue to go about with their acts as if there will be no consequences from the law of the land. We realize there are budgetary pressures on local law enforcement but this has gone on too long twelve months and numerous targeted cases. Shouldnt the local authorities get help from higher level (such as FBI) now, noting that the FBI said on 8/25/09 to Frank Wolf about not having authority to get involved? How many more victims and what type of events need to occur before this targeted crime is given higher resources?

Similar incident happened in Woodlands Texas. Woodland victims had organized 2 Town hall meetings, that got police department attention and police assigned a special task force and assigned 10 detectives/ officers to catch the burglars. In next 2 days, they were able to identify the gang that was involved in this crime. We suggest Virginia Police Department to team up with Texas Police/ Detectives to match suspect profile and resolve the case.

We request you to look into this matter with urgency and work with the various law enforcement agencies of Fairfax County. There are many similarities in all these incidents and the officers and detectives assigned to all these cases should work together in solving these crimes. We suggest a special task force be created to deal with this community threat.

With the current problems in the economy, simple burglaries can escalate into kidnappings, assault or even worse.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our letter and your help with this issue.

Thank you for all you work.

Impacted Victims, families and friends

President Barack Obama, White House
Virginia Governor Tim Kaine
VA Senator Jim Webb
Fairfax County Chairman,
Fairfax County Board of Director
Fairfax County District Supervisors,
Fairfax County Police Chief
Fairfax County District Police Captains
Martin Weil and Mary Flaherty, Washington Post
Surae Chin, CBS9 News
Roby Chavez, Fox 5 News
John Gonzalez, ABC News
Brendan Williams Kief, NBC News
Mike Dicicco, Connection News Paper
MacDonald, Gregg, Fairfax Times

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