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This Petition is for Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child to perform an extra song on the US leg of they're "Destiny Fulfilled and Lovin It Tour". Beyonce performs 4 songs and Kelly performs 2 songs. On the European Tour Michelle blew everybody away with her performance of "Do You Know". I think she deserves to sing another song from one of her two albums "Heart To Yours" and "Do You Know". Michelle's music is so uplifting and powerful, the world needs to hear her music. Anybody who wishes to see Michelle perform an extra song on the "Destiny Fulfilled and Lovin It" Tour of America,please sign here. Thankyou!

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 October 201550. John M
    Michelle you are FINE and your VOICE is INCREDIBLE, I want to hear you sing another song,its so not fair
  • 28 June 201549. Nadine Brooks
    I support this petition
  • 25 April 201548. Zul Robbins
    WOHO!! Michelle is a talented, and beautiful artiste! more Michelle, please!
  • 11 April 201547. Antwon Reyes
    "Heard A Word" &/or "Love Thang" is my request.
  • 13 January 201546. Tony R
    I love Michelle and she should sing another song on the DF tour. Beyonce doesn't need 5 songs to your 1...this ain't her solo tour its DESTINY'S CHILD's tour and yall all deserve the same amount of solo songs to sing.
  • 05 November 201445. Lisa N
    I agree with this petition,good goin girl!
  • 13 October 201444. Areulior T
    her last cd needed a little more flavor but it was good
  • 08 October 201443. Sarah H
    I support this petition
  • 02 July 201442. Zuri Kylec
    Yes, I agree Michelle deserves to sing as many songs as the other 2 girls. I love Michelle's BEAUTIFULLY gifted and unique VOICE. God Bless You Michelle! You are truly a vessel of GOD!
  • 29 March 201441. Deshaun Vasquez
    I support this petition
  • 05 March 201440. Peter S
  • 19 January 201439. Jr H
    I support this petition
  • 12 December 201338. Lori B
    I think Michelle has an incredible voice and deserves to be heard, especially since DC is breaking up.
  • 25 December 201237. Catherine M
    I love you Michelle you have the best voice i ever heard,seriously now I love it so much,you deserve to sing another song you really do,so plz do one and come to Ireland when you do a tour thanx a million
  • 29 September 201236. Stewart Evans
    Michelle Is Amazing And I'd Love TO Hear Her Sing An Extra Song U Rock Girl!!!
  • 15 February 201235. Jaquenta Dr
    Michelle had just as much success on her solo career as Beyonce but nobody wants to acknowledge that.
  • 22 January 201234. Alper Griffith
    michelle should sing heart to yours
  • 06 August 201133. Francish Villanueva
  • 21 May 201132. Micah J
    I support this petition
  • 09 February 201131. Keyta Salas
    Please let Michelle sing an extra song. There are 3 members and all members should sing equal solo songs. Michelle's DC and solo fans wanna see her sing more too. ALSO COME TO CHICAGO!!!! : )
  • 03 September 201030. Isaiah C
    I would like Michelle to perform an extra song. Her music is really needed in this world.
  • 27 January 201029. Eleanor Mcneil
    Micheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelle! I love you michelle!!!!
  • 20 August 200928. Kettena Schmitt
    Michelle has such unique voice. I love it. You'll never get tired of hearing her beautiful soulful voice.She's a wonderful singer.
  • 02 June 200927. Elie Knapp
    15 Minutes or The Way of Love
  • 28 April 200926. Maurice Peterson
    This should be automatic if the other 2 members of DC3 are doing more than one song. Let's treat Michelle the way she deserves dammit!!
  • 04 January 200925. Nabila House
    I support this petition
  • 25 November 200824. Johnathan Santana
    I support this petition

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