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Hello all and thank you for taking the time to view our petition. Hopefully, Merediths story will touch your hearts enough to sign.

We are trying to do here is help a beautiful young lady by the name of Meredith Moon. As of this writing, Meredith Moon is an inmate at Leath CI in Greenwood, SC and this is her story.

Meredith Moon was born to Douglas and Patty Moon on April 3, 1979. She is the youngest of three, having two older brothers, Kennith and Andy. Meredith was always a very loving child, having developed a very close and loving relationship with her father, being Daddys little girl. Meredith was an excellent student, graduating in 1997 with a 3.3 grade point average. It seemed Meredith had a bright future ahead of her.Until she met Jim Robertson.

Although beautiful, Meredith struggled with her weight for most of her teenage life. She never really had a REAL boyfriend, so when Jim Robertson, an older boy she worked with, and who dated her best friend Erin Savage, started wanting to hang out, she did. They got together to party and while he was high, Jim would talk of murdering his parents but Meredith never took him seriously, nor did anyone else in their circle of friends.

In the early hours of November 25, 1997, Jim called Meredith to come over. She told her dad she was going to take Erin to the hospital for a cut finger and would be back. Instead, she went to Jims house. When she arrived she stayed down in the basement, converted to a bedroom for Jim and his brother, Chip, who was away in college in Philadelphia. She went outside a couple times to smoke a cigarette, but never went to the upstairs of the home, where Jims father, Earl, was having a shower in preparation for work and his mother, Terry, was sleeping. Although Meredith never saw what was going on, she had a good idea when she heard a few thumps and Terry cry out, No Jimmy! Dont! She was afraid and all she could think was, Im next! When Jim returned to the basement covered in blood, and begin undressing for a shower, Meredith was shocked. She didnt know what to do, so she just went along with Jims plan to go to Philadelphia to pick up his brother for an alibi. He left a note on the table to make it look as if he left it for his parents, took his dads car and credit cards and started out for Philadelphia. Along the way, while stopping off in Maryland, Jim got rid of all the evidence and also bought gas a food on his father stolen credit card.

Because of the note Jim left, the authorities knew where they were going and because Merediths car was parked at the Robertson home, they knew she was with him. Also, neighbors saw them leaving that morning so they figured Jim & Meredith had something to do with what happened. When they arrived at Chips home in Philadelphia, they were arrested.

Meredith was just 17 years old. She was young and just went along with Jim because she thought hed kill her if she didnt. He even made her drive to keep an eye on her. When questioned by the authorities, Meredith was very afraid that Jim would do something to her she so she told them she was outside in her car while Jim was in the house and she did not know or ask him what happened. After learning of the severity of the situation, Meredith told them what she knew. She didnt actually see the crime take place but she led police to the discarded evidence in a Maryland dumpster. In exchange for her testimony and because she hadnt helped with the murders she plead guilty to Accessory to Murder after the fact and robbery charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with an eligibility for parole after shes served 8 years.

Meredith was naпve at this time and has since served 7 years in prison. Her parole date is coming up for May 25, 2006. We are hoping you will sign this petition to help her gain parole. Jim Robertson was very manipulative and Meredith was afraid of him, with just cause. Meredith is a very loving young woman. We are hoping our petition might aide her parole. No one saw what happened to the Robertsons November 25, 1997 but Jim. It was Merediths testimony that helped convict him and ultimately send him death row. If not for Meredith, no evidence of this crime would have been recovered.

Meredith could have walked away that day BEFORE, or while Jim was murdering his parents. Would this have kept him from going through with it? No it would not have. During his trail, lots of his friends came forward to say that Jim had spoke of killing his parents MANY times. If Meredith had just walked away, it still wouldve been done. This beautiful young woman has never once tried to oppose her sentence. But she also wants desperately to be paroled so that she can make something of herself, but the first thing she wants to do, if paroled in 2006, is to go put flowers on the graves of Earl and Terry Robertson. She was their voice when they couldnt tell the world who had taken their lives. Had she not been there, Jim may never have been convicted for their murders.

Meredith has courage beyond belief. She stood up and told the truth as far as she knows it, and took her punishment for fleeing the crime scene. Please, lets help this young woman salvage some of her future.

Even if you do not sign, thank you for taking the time to read this. Maybe you can pass it on to someone who may want to sign.

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