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We, Canadians, seem to like our cabbies well-educated in Canada, particularly ones born outside the country. During cab rides in this city and others, we've been chauffeured by doctors, engineers and one really nice guy with a postgraduate degree in agriculture. If I had the same opportunity to chat with waiters, dishwashers and just about every other low-paid worker, I'd turn up a disproportionate number of foreign-born individuals whose skills and education vastly outstrip their jobs.

There's nothing new in seeing immigrants toiling away at jobs at which they're vastly overqualified. But with a labour shortage looming, We, the real good Canadians have a new reason to protest and really care about this problem with more than just compassion. BY 2011, IT'S PREDICTED THAT 100\% OF CANADA'S NET LABOUR-FORCE GROWTH WILL COME FROM IMMIGRATION.

Given those needs, our Canadian immigration system has become an international fraud. In the past seven years, Canada has seen an influx of engineers, engineering technicians, accountants, administrators, doctors, teachers, etc. Most of them have been forced to get only low-paid labour jobs. Canada immigration system is now breaking international HUMAN RIGHTS : 250,000 high qualified and educated immigrants per year that apply for the "skilled worker" visa, don't get their education recognized when they land in Canada !!! Most of them are getting horribly fooled with expectations of a better life, discriminated and then forced to work in labour jobs when they get excluded of equal opportunities in the job market. All this in order to increase competition to decrease the cost of labour force, to promote foreign capital investment in corporations in Canada and generate new sources of taxes and income to the government and the private sector. CANADAS SKILLED WORKER VISA HAS BECOME AN INTERNATIONAL FRAUD FOR NEWCOMERS TO CANADA : Is this modern slavery ?

The Kitchener-based Centre for Research and Education in Human Services estimates the unemployment rate for internationally trained professionals is three times that of other Ontarians. One of the big hurdles faced by immigrants is getting their professional and trade credentials recognized. As a representative from the Council of Agencies Serving Southeast Asians told one group: "If they come from the U.S., they are doctors. If they come from somewhere else, they are numbers." In some cases, it is difficult for employers to translate credentials earned outside Canada to ensure they are commensurate with Canadian standards. In other instances, however, it simply hasn't been in the self-interest of professional associations to swell their ranks with immigrants. Professional associations dont want foreign competition.
Consider how frustrating this is for a newcomer. Canada's immigration authorities place a heavy emphasis on education and training in determining who gets into this country. But once here, those same credentials suddenly lose their weight. Many have saved for years to come to Canada, but as one professional immigrant observed, Canada welcomes their money but not their talents. We can see how mostly immigrants are the ones who are paying expensive rents for rooms and basements that landlords and investors use to pay mortgages...the banks and the real-state businesses obtain the profits in the long run. How about the income of the newcomers and their rights ? Is then Immigration Canada breaking human rights to benefit private economic sectors? Are there hidden agreements between corrupted politicians and private sectors ?

It has never been easy for immigrants, but today they face new challenges as Canada attracts newcomers from far more culturally diverse nations using the image of Canada as the best standard of living country on the world. Where once immigrants came in droves from Great Britain, the U.S. and Western Europe, today the people stepping onto Canadian soil are often from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

There's another ugly issue that Canadians need to tackle. Racism. It's here today. It's always been part of this nation, although Canadians seem blissfully and to some degree willfully ignorant of our past. We may not like our history, but it is important to understand it if we're to ensure those same stereotypes and the fears that drove policy then aren't influencing treatment of immigrants today. Canadians tend to take a smug view of immigration as almost a social program, with the benefit going to those lucky enough to be accepted.

We are fast moving into a time when our competitive edge will depend not only on Canadas capacity to attract highly skilled immigrants but to help them make Canada immigration a good experience and not a horrible nightmare.

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