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Water Pollution Awareness

Water pollution is a major problem in the global context. It has been suggested that it is the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases, and that it accounts for the deaths of more than 14,000 people daily.

In addition to the acute problems of water pollution in developing countries, industrialized countries continue to struggle with pollution problems as well.

Interactions between groundwater and surface water are complex. Consequently groundwater pollution, sometimes referred to as groundwater contamination, is not as easily classified as surface water pollution but it's a contamination of natural water and hence is a water pollutant by all means.

Groundwater is the majority of the planet's liquid freshwater is stored in underground aquifers. It's important to remember that groundwater pollution is very difficult to treat, and it doesn't just "flush out" on its own. Water that enters an aquifer remains there for an average of 1,400 years! And we are bent upon polluting this in a fraction of time.

A lot of the Earth's water is found underground in soil or under rock structures called aquifers. Humans often use aquifers as a means to obtain drinking water, and build wells to access it. When this water becomes polluted it is called groundwater pollution. Groundwater pollution is often caused by pesticide contamination from the soil, this can infect our drinking water and cause huge problems.

Asian rivers are the most polluted in the world. They have three times as many bacteria from human waste as the global average and 20 times more lead than rivers in industrialized countries.
Reliable Tranquil Layout Site Owners Welfare Association
Reliable Residency Owners Association
Haralur Village,
HSR Layout Post,
Bangalore - 560102

Represented by
Mallickarjuna.A.S - Secretary (Reliable Residency Owners Association )
Muralidhar I - Secretary (Reliable Tranquil Layout Site Owners Welfare Association)


The Birla Ready Mix Cement Concrete Plant also known as
UltraTech Ready Mix Cement Concrete Plant
Haralur Main Road, Haralur Village,
HSR Layout Post,
Bangalore- 560102

Represented by its Production Manager
Mr. Sambandan - Production Manager


The Petitioner submits as follows:

1. The Petitioner submits that they are residents & owners of the sites formed in Reliaable Tranquil Layout & Reliaable Residency Layout situated at Haralur Village, HSR Layout (Post), Bangalore- 560 102. The aforesaid that UltraTech Ready Mix Cement Concrete Plant (formerly known as Birla Ready Mix Cement Concrete Plant) is situated and functioning in the residential location for the past 10 years.

2. The Petitioner submits that they approached the Respondent requesting to take care of Air, Noise, Water, Sound and Environmental Pollution produced by the Plant. E-mail copy of the Letter covering the date & time-stamp is produced below.

3. The Water testing report shows the water in the layout (Bore-well very near to the Ultra Tech Ready Mix Concrete Plant) is not potable. The Plant is producing lots of dust, noise, sound pollution and minute cement particles which are spread across in the lay-out. The Cement Particles are accumulated on the terrace of the houses, windows, doors and on the Plants, Trees in the lay-outs.

4. The Petitioner submits that the functioning of the plant in the residential location causing lots of ill health like respiratory problems, asthma, Blood Pressure, impact on normal functioning of Liver and Lungs, eye irritation, skin rashes, running nose for the residents in the layout, especially to senior citizens, women, children & Infants.

5. The Petitioner submits that when approached, the second respondent promised that the norms will be taken care as per the Cement Industry standards and the produce of Cement particles will be covered with a narrow mesh so that polluted Air, Cement particles will not be flow into the air and spread across the houses of the residents of the layout. But we believe that this is not a scientific solution to this problem.

6. The Petitioner submits that repeatedly the petitioner approached the respondent orally and thru' E-mails to take care of the Environmental pollution caused by the Birla Ready Mix Concrete Plant. The Raw Material like Jelly, Sand used for there production are dumped near the layout compound wall, which caused demolition of the layout compound. This has became an entry and exit to anti social elements passing through the Layout. It is submitted that the respondent has failed to perform its statutory duty and hence it is detrimental to the public interest.

7. The Petitioner is filing this petition having no other alternative and efficacious remedy. The signatures of the residents and the site owners of the layouts have been collected.

8. The Air, Water, Noise, sound and Environmental pollution produced by the plant can be witnessed on any working day of the plant.

9. The Petitioner submits that it is the statutory duty of the respondent to follow the norms and processes of the functioning of the Ready Mix Cement Concrete Plant in the residential location.

10. The Petitioner reserves liberty to urge any other ground at the time of hearing of the above matter.


11. The Petitioner submits that the members of the association and the site owners intend to build houses in the layout. But in view of the Environmental pollution produced by the respondent which is supposed to follow the norms as per law and guide lines of the Cement Industry. Hence the respondent should be directed with the interim order as prayed for.
On Sun, 28/2/10, Prashanth Chetty wrote:

From: Prashanth Chetty
Subject: [Reliaable_Tranquil ] Ultra Tech Cement Mixing Plant
To: Reliaable_Tranquil@ yahoogroups. com
Cc: v.sambandan@adityabirla. com
Date: Sunday, 28 February, 2010, 3:41 PM

Hi all,

This mail is with reference to the meeting that we had with Mr Sambandan - Production Manager (cc'd on the mail) on Saturday 27th Feb. He has assured us all the grievance would be addressed and has given a time frame for the completion of work. Below mentioned are a list of tasks

1. Repair work of the wall which had collapsed on Wednesday. Completion Date- 28/2/10 (Sun)

2. Fencing of the wall with barb wires which had collapsed on Wednesday. Completion Date- 6/3/10

3. Moving all the raw materials which is causing a lot of noise and sound pollution 50 feet away from the Layout wall.

Note- Mr Sambandan has mentioned that this will be a No Operation Zone, which includes no work carried out, no raw materials storage nor no vehicle movement in that area. Completion Date- 6/3/10

4. Usage of sprinklers regularly to reduce the dust generated ( Immediate effect )

5. The raw materials and the surrounding walls to be covered with fine cloth sheet which reduces the dust particles entering the Layout. Completion Date-28/3/10

6. He has mentioned that the scientific method of testing the dust particles have already been carried out and would share the reports with us. After all the above changes are implemented, he has assured to share the reports that will be conducted after 28/3/10

7,Important Note- The Mixing plant Unit is closing down operations only in the month of March 2011 and not March 2010 as originally stated.

8. Has agreed to give their JCB for development work within the layout (for free).

Hope the issue would be sorted soon at the earliest.

Prashanth.A.C - Member of Reliable Tranquil Layout Site Owners Welfare Association.

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