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The Green Belt Movement is shocked and embarrassed by the continued reckless and insatiable greed of acquiring forests, rivers and wetlands. The long term mismanagement, occupation, exploitation and degradation of these resources have precipitated crop failure, hunger and death.

Our otherwise beautiful landscape is adorned with carcasses of wildlife; hippos can be seen stuck in the mud in Naivasha and wildebeests with broken limbs limp over bare rocks into Mara River. In urban centers water and electricity are being rationed even to the most essential of services such as schools and health care facilities.

The situation is completely untenable and calls for immediate and drastic action to stop a lingering ecological and human disaster.

Starting in our own neighborhoods, we must take restorative actions and declare that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We must reverse the pervasive destruction which is driven by greed, selfishness and corruption.

We the undersigned refuse to be victims, and refuse to do nothing but sit and complain. We refuse to accept to watch people die of hunger and thirst, and we recognize that occasionally sending these people money and food is not a feasible solution to this systemic problem of corruption and environmental mismanagement.

We the undersigned are committed to eradicating the root causes of these tragedies, rather than continuing to attend to their manifestations.

There are many things we can all do to reclaim, restore and rehabilitate our rivers, wetlands and forests. These include:

1. Raising Awareness about the campaign by forwarding this petition to friends, family and co-workers.

2. Raising Awareness about the campaign by displaying an Enough is Enough Bumper sticker on your vehicle.

3. Joining the Green Belt Movement in delivering the 1 million petition signatures to the Right Hon. Prime Ministers office to send a clear message to government that we will not tolerate environmental mismanagement anymore.

4. Demanding from your Member of Parliament that, there be no human settlements, cultivation, grazing and charcoal burning in forests. Demand the immediate cessation of all deforestation, degradation and occupation of forests, rivers and wetlands. Demand that in all wetlands, construction must cease.

5. Practicing soil conservation and water harvesting techniques like digging trenches, terraces, cutoff drains, and dams and also saving vegetation especially along road reserves.

6. Planting trees wherever you can and protect those still standing. Nurture and ensure they survive. Protect other vegetation and wilderness areas. They all provide environmental services.

7. Joining the Green Belt Movement to protect the Spring Valley Wetland, along Lower Kabete rd. This wetland is our rallying call and the symbol of corruption at its highest. Honk when you drive along that wetland, and send the message that we have had enough of greed, selfishness and corruption.

This site has been visited by Hon. James Orengo, Minister of Lands, as well as Hon Charity Ngilu, Minister of Water and Irrigation. Both Ministers declared that no buildings should be erected at that wetland. When Hon. Ngilu visited the site as a concerned Minister, hired armed militia threw stones at her and her team.

Recently when the Green Belt Movement members tried to plant trees at the site in the presence of Hon. Ngilu, they were disrupted by armed militia who threw stones and people with bows and arrows menacingly threatened them from the rooftops. A violent outburst ensued and the tree planting exercise was halted.

Currently, construction at Spring Valley has continued both day and night under full protection of armed policemen and hundreds of private paramilitary. This is despite statements from the two Ministers assuring the public that no construction would be erected at that wetland. Minister Michuki had also assured us that no building will be allowed on wetlands.

Corruption and arrogance that ignores Government officials and the Law of Kenya is a threat to national security. It is time to stop digging our own graves. Rise up!

We the undersigned are calling on all Kenyans of goodwill to step out of their comfort zones and take positive action towards protecting the environment. We all have a responsibility to act. We owe it to ourselves and our children. Do something.

Public lands and utility plots allocated illegally or irregularly still belong to the public. No corruption in government offices can change that. We, the undersigned state Enough is enough!

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