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This petition is for anyone who is tired of perverted morons. Are you tired of people who talk about nothing but sex? Are you tired of people who act like animals in heat instead of like a person with self control? Do you agree that perversion is a mental illness? Do you want to smack horny dipshits who snicker at words like penis? Do these people make you feel homocidal? Then this petition is for you. I have met many perverts in my life, and I think I speak for many when I say how tired I am of them.

(If you DONT like this petition, then youll look like an asshat if you sign it.)

What to look out for in identifying a pervert:

1) Constant mention of sex to make themselves look cool when nobody really gives a damn.
2) They have an alter ego with a dumbass name.
3) They date promiscuous people.
4) They are promiscuous.
5) If it talks like a *whore, walks like a *whore, and acts like a *whore... Guess what it is?
(*The word whore is NOT limited to females.)
6) They try very hard to pretend that they are not ashamed of themselves.
7) They put their ugly mugs in rating communities and make excuses to why the picture looks bad or their whole face isnt visible.
8) They recite dumbass poems like Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want to insert my penis into you.
9) No matter how ugly they are, they post themselves on the internet.
10) Scream at them and beat them with your purse. Stun guns help.
11) Save evidence. Save text on your computer and report it to whoever may care... Or just use it to prove to people that the person is an ass.
12) They can make a perverted joke out of anything.
13) They do stupid things for money, like forging one-dollar tickets and attempting to sell them.
14) They have sex with people they barely know. Ever heard of STDs dumbass? And no, condoms dont protect you.
15) They read petitions like this, get upset, and try to find a way to argue with everything said here, confront you, or start their own petition.

Check the Facts

+ If someone constantly talks about how much sex they get, they automatically means they get about 90\% less than that.
+ Perversion is about 90\% of the equation it takes to make a rapist or a child molester.
+ They put sex before the love in relationships.
+ They want bisexual girlfriends (or boyfriends) for the sake of entertainment and bragging rights. This is exploitation, and is WRONG.
+ Perverts are promiscuous and contribute to fatherless babies.
+ Perverts make bad parents.
+ Despite making wedlock children, they are too dumb to make high enough wages to care for them, so the children end up suffering.
+ Perverts do not know how to turn down sex. They have no sense of common sense, morality, or judgement.
+ They think sex is life.
+ Perverts spread diseases and contribute to STD epidemics
+ Sex has been occurring for millions of years, yet, perverts cannot get over it already and think its the best thing since sliced bread.
+ Ugly people are more prone to becoming perverts.
+ They will only contribute to a discussion if it takes minimal thought.

What you can do if you think you have spotted a pervert:

+ You could always make a petition, but I have done this for you.
+ Post their name and contact info all over your blog or livejournal so they are easy to spot, ensuring the safety of your fellow humans by exposing them.
+ Insult them as often as possible.
+ Advertise this petition with banners and links on any internet community you go to.
+ Advertise your hatred for perverts in your email and forum signatures, your webpage, and AIM profile.
+ Complain about them as often as possible to make others take notice.
+ Wait for them to die, then give them the Darwin Award. (I do not advise taking their life yourself, but if it happens...)
+ Tell people they have STDs. Chances are, if they are perverts, they already have, or will soon have diseases anyway.
+ Hope that they DO get diseases. =)
+ Try endlessly to shame them.
+ Make it obvious you are on to them.
+ If they approach you, run in a zigzagged motion until you have reached a safehaven. This is not retreat, it is advancing in the opposite direction. The war wages on.
+ Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT attempt to approach the pervert. If you find a pervert at large do some of the above mentioned options.

We want rules for people who are perverts. I dont care if the pervert in question is a teen or an elderly person.

1) Perverts must be spayed and neutered. We cannot allow further bad genetics to carry throughout the generations. Sterilization is the only option.
2) There must be a national database of perverts that is available for viewing on the internet. Hopefully, a comment option can be added to each perverts profile with a rating system.
3) If the above two options to do not work, we want a law passed that separates them from intelligent humans, ensuring our protection as superior beings.

Q. How will I know the difference between a whore and a pervert?!
A. There is no difference. They are two parts of the same whole.
Q. You are talking about me and I hate you.
A. Go masturbate, whore. You know you want to. The fact that you're a dumbass justifies me ignoring your feelings.
Q. You suck.
A. You perverts are just mad because Im not SUCKING YOU.
Q. Why is being a pervert wrong?
A. Consider the effect of promiscuous sex on society and you shall know. If you even had to look up the effects to see why its wrong, this makes you an automatic dumbass.
Q. This petition is biased.
A. Yes.
Q. Dont you think that hoping that people get diseases is mean?
A. Not as mean as being a whore.
Q. I have a right to be a whore!
A. Then I have a right to insult you!
Q. I think you are an ass and I want to contact you.
A. Thats too bad. I get enough mail from advertisement whores. I dont want perverts talking to me.
Q. Im not even a whore and this petition upsets me. You sound so mean!
A. Im not a pervert and they upset me. They sound so trashy! (You also cant fool me. I know you are a pervert in disguise.)

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