The Situation. The cheating and bribery in the 2004 Presidential elections were never resolved. The minions and partners of Garcillano were rewarded or promoted and they are all in crucial places in the Comelec today. The officers who used the armed might of the military to ensure Gloria Arroyos illegitimate presidency are in key positions. Together with other top bureaucrats they are also behind the extrajudicial killings. Those killed, tortured, injured, arrested or missing are nearing the thousand mark. Martial law is undeclared but it exists as soldiers swoop down on helpless barangays while they warn citizens against certain party list organizations and stealthily campaign for Gloria Arroyo-Bert Gonzales-Ronnie Puno backed candidates. Even lawyers and judges defending victims against the abuse of constitutional rights have been liquidated or are under serious threat at this very moment. Penultimately, the advent of the Anti-Terrorism Law will not only squelch post election protests but all forms of dissent against the evils and crimes of Gloria and her administration .

Meanwhile the scam of Jocjoc Bolante is being repeated and is ongoing at the DA. Billions more in the DND budget have been siphoned off to ensure the administrations victory. Information that the Bangko Sentral has been heavily tasked to produce funds for election purposes using securities paper and plates for printing unauthorized money has not been investigated. The sourcing of funds from our government agencies for the administrations electoral victory and the unabated plunder of the nations resources go on to maintain Glorias power. Congress which will proclaim the winning candidates still remains in the pocket of Gloria Arroyo. Under this situation the right of suffrage which is an expression of democracy cannot prevail or flourish, it is doomed to wither, if it has not yet died.

The Players. Candidates for honorable and high positions with certainty of victory assured by the administration include smugglers, grafters, murderers, pornographers, adulterers, cheats and thieves, etc. The contender for the Senate Presidency with his eyes on 2010 is known to have killed his opponents and installed his cohorts in top positions especially in the DND to maintain his power, influence and wealth. Even some candidates of the opposition have secretly talked with Malacanang and act as moles within their ranks to ensure their win and give credence to an administration landslide victory. The surveys have lulled the opposition into a false sense of victory but they have no funds with prospective funders being warned by Malacanang and their machineries are disorganized. The full force of the state machinery will be used against those who have fought Gloria and her cronies or refused to compromise with her and they will be crushed with humiliating defeat or arrested to prevent their candidacy. Party list positions are being bought by ISAFP representatives or Malacanang agents at P10M per seat to prevent impeachment and ensure an administration dominated Congress. This kind of players will only legitimize the stolen presidency of Gloria in 2004.

The Results. Neither the Team Unity nor the Genuine Opposition has any coherent program to comprehensively and concretely address the widespread poverty and hunger being experienced presently. Today 20\% of Filipinos or 16M 18M of our people go to bed hungry at night but candidates in this 2007 elections do not care nor do they have the heart and will to respond to this grave crisis in our midst. Our candidates in this election are not ready to repudiate the national debt, and review the WTO commitments which have wrought havoc on our economy and which is the only proper response to the gargantuan problems confronting us. Winning candidates will not conform to a change in the system that will result in a transformation in the status quo that is currently against the welfare of majority of our people. Instead they are planning a re-hash of Con Ass after the elections and the ascendancy of PDSP-Kampi against Lakas. Thus after the elections we cannot expect any positive result for our countrymen that will bring about genuine transformation and usher peace and prosperity for ourselves and our children. It will be the same trapos dominating the political landscape and plundering the economy with their backers and minions..

The Challenge. The above-stated situation with its corresponding players and results are clear messages to all of us that Elections 2007 is not the answer. Instead we reiterate what we have previously said - that it is time for a change and that change will be genuine only if it is the nationalist alternative. The time for the re-establishment of an authentic democratic government that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people has come. We commit ourselves to undertake this task of transformation until a new system and a new set of leaders are in place. We will not rest until this new governance that will indisputably address the root causes of our poverty and hunger through the repudiation of our debt and destructive WTO policies has come about. Thus we heed the Marian messages calling for the rejection of the One World Government which promotes globalization. We also urge the immediate completion of the unfinished revolution of Bonifacio and call on our patriotic military to fulfill their mandate under Article II Section 3 of our Constitution: The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the protector of the people and the State. In so doing we also affirm our readiness to end the treason, corruption and immorality of our leaders whatever it takes and whatever the costang mamatay ( o pumatay) ng dahil sa Iyo (Inang Bayan)!


Movement Against the Domination of the Ilustrados
Warring Against Nationalist Groups

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