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AND SO it came to pass that at the turn of the millennium there was created a video entertainment format known as DVD. And it was good. It offered the common people of the world unparalleled digital sound and video, plus the availability of many hours of supplementary content on a single disc of silver or golden hue. The people, quick to rejoice in their newfound bounty, snapped up DVD players and discs in record numbers, sparking the eventual death of the evil format known as VHS.

The greater evil, however, did not die with VHS. It spread to the DVD format like a virus, giving consumers subpar DVD product in the name of quick money and the possibility of selling first one version, then another of the same product - with the revised version containing all the wonders that should have come with the first version. The greatest evil came from DVDs that were never revised - discs that were simply left to fester on the shelves of electronic stores and home theatres while the dedicated wept for justice to be done, for their beloved motion pictures to be treated the way they deserved.


This petition is an effort of Daria fans across the world to encourage MTV and its parent company, Viacom, to release a high-quality DVD of the animated television series Daria. MTV, along with many other television companies, tend to release their shows, if at all, in the previously described inferior editions. We hope that MTV, not having released any of the Daria series on DVD yet, will take our requests seriously and make any eventual Daria DVD release everything we, the fans, want.

First, we ask that MTV take a long, hard look at three television series released on DVD in the U.S. so far: The X-Files, from Fox, Clerks: Uncensored, from Miramax and The Sopranos, from HBO. All three are examples of TV-on-DVD done right - not like the Beavis and Butthead DVDs MTV has released so far - episodes out of chronological order, grouped together by themes, with practically no supplemental material - versus the Clerks: Uncensored disc, which contains a television series that wasn't ever even completely broadcast, but still has a fantastic amount of supplemental content.

Second, these are the features we, the fans, are asking for:

The entire 5 seasons and two movies of the series, grouped by chronological order (i.e. all of Season One together, all of Season Two together, etc. and so forth)
The unaired black-and-white test pilot featured on the first Daria VHS release
Uncut episodes, including opening and closing credits for each episode and commercial break interstitials left intact (or included in the episode at the discretion of the viewer via DVD's seamless branching capabilities)
Original music as broadcast in the episodes and closing credits
The Behind The Scenes With Daria special
Various MTV animations featuring Daria, such as the interstitials from the Dariathons and the Sarcastathon that were originally used as intros and outros between episodes during Daria marathons
The history of Daria from Beavis and Butthead to the end of the series
Behind-the-scenes production information - how each episode is conceived and produced
Bios of the main people involved in the production of Daria - the producers, the writers and the voice actors
Complete bios of the characters themselves, with information that has long escaped Daria aficionados (such as last names)
A gallery of the "alter-ego" drawings shown during the end credits of the show
Deleted scenes, if any are available
Original scripts - via a script-to-screen DVD-ROM feature, if possible
DVD-ROM supplements including the various incarnations of MTV's Daria web site and links to the Daria Internet community, where hundreds of fan-written scripts and stories based on Daria are available to read for free
DVDs sold individually or, optionally, in a deluxe box set
Worldwide availability - this is an international petition, and there are plenty of Daria fans overseas that would love to have this product either as a disc coded for their region or one unified region-free release

Of course, if the good folks at MTV can come up with anything else to add, they're welcome to. However, we are aware that some of these requests may just not be feasible. We understand that and hope that those at MTV do as much as they can and use the ideas we are putting forth as a jumping-off point to start production.

Third, this is why MTV should listen to this petition:

This petition indicates that there is, in fact, a market for a Daria DVD set - we want to give MTV our money for Daria on DVD, but we're hoping that it's done right
This project gives MTV a chance to become a respected name in the TV-on-DVD arena - not many studios have done the format justice when releasing television shows and MTV could set a precedent for future TV-on-DVD with this release
After this season and one more movie, the Daria series will end. MTV has a chance to celebrate the end of this critically-acclaimed and beloved television series with the presentation on DVD it deserves

If you support us in this petition, please sign below. Feel free to leave constructive comments and answer the questions. Thanks very much.

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