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Honorable President of the United States
Mr. Barack H. Obama:

In first place, I want to congratulate you with all my heart, joy and sincerity for being our president. I feel really happy because, although I was not able to vote, I know God and the universe obtained what I and a lot of people wished for. Change!!!
I know that it isn't an easy task. Specially with the actual financial crisis increasing but, you are taking steps to help solving it. Thanks!
You have a lot of things to work on, but I have the need to point to a matter that could be fixed faster and easily than others. You said during your campaign that you were going to give driver licenses to all the people who live in this country, no matter what their migratory status is, because it is better to know who and where everyone is. And I'm writing to you asking to comply with this promise as soon as possible, hopefully within the first 90 days of your government. A lot of people is paying the price of not having driver licenses, and therefore, of not carrying car insurance. And I am not talking only about the undocumented persons who do not have an SSN to get or renew their driver licenses. I am talking about the resident or citizen who is involved in a car accident with someone who does not have a valid driver license and car insurance. That is a nightmare for everyone involved.
People who are against giving driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants usually mentions the terrorist threat it may represent. But, let me tell you something. There are a few states where is possible to get a driver's license, even without a SSN. Some of them are Washington and Maryland. They never stopped issuing driver's licenses to everyone. Now, where in this country were terrorist attacks since 9/11 with people using driver's licenses from those states? If giving driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants will jeopardize this country's security, we all could be in great trouble already, don't you think?
Undocumented immigrants are not terrorists. They just want to have an opportunity at life! And, what I can tell you is that distances are often very large here, one can not count on public transportation. Driving is a necessity! And a privilege, off course, that everyone maintain by having a clean driving record. Which most of the undocumented migrants, who live and drive here and get a ticket for not having or renewing their licenses, have.

These are my ideas about the matter:
* Make driver's licenses available to everyone through a federal law.
* Begin with the expired licenses each states has and give those persons the possibility of renewing first. I am sure there are millions of people who couldn't renew their driver's licenses because of their status. Those will be easier to issue than the new ones.
* Ask for more documentation to be brought to the driver's license office (as they do in the states where is possible to get it now)
* Use the Tax Id number (better known as ITIN) as one of the documents (a lot of people who are here undocumented, are paying taxes every year, so that and their addresses could be easily checked with the IRS))
* Charge more for this "Out of Country" driver's licenses (that's how they name it in Maryland). Just $1 more for each license could get more than $10 millions extra to do whatever this country needs right now. (Or you can give more employment to people at the DMV)
* Give these driver's licenses for smaller periods. For example, here in Florida, they are valid for eight years. You can give them for 4 years. That's a way of getting more money too, because of the need of renewing them more frequently. And, another way to be checking on the people more often.

I know you have your hands full. But, please, don't forget about this! Thanks!

Life is done with the things we actually do, and not with those things we wanted to do or those that we thought we could do. For that reason, I'm sending this letter to you. Because in this life, only counts what we do. And I am doing this for all the people affected by the same problem, those people who came to this country in the search of a better future, to find the way to make their dreams become true. To be able to reach the American dream that you have showed us is possible to get. We know that we can count with your support to obtain a solution in this subject that we are concerned about!
God always be with you, guiding you and illuminating your steps!

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