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From: The Citizens of the United States of America and the World:

We, the undersigned, come together as a collective body of concerned citizens to Draft John Joseph Kennedy for President of the United States 2008 as a true Democrat and the Peoples President! We are coordinating an international grassroots movement to elect John Joseph Kennedy as President of the United States of America to help heal the International Relationships that have been critically compromised throughout the world.
Our request is based on the following:

Never before has the time been so important for the good people of this world to take action and to rise to the challenges that face us. Many of the challenges we are faced with are due to our errors in judgment selecting Presidents who were sworn in for the good of the people and have done quite the contrary. Yet there is something that can be done and each of us has an important role to play in bringing forth a person for President who can replace the empty-promised, self-serving leaders of this age. What we need is a person to run for office that is not owned by any powerful, rich corporation, nor obligated to any lobby group and someone who has no hidden agendas.

We call on the citizens of the USA and the world to draft John Joseph Kennedy for President of the United States as just the man for this time a candidate who is truly for the people.

John Joseph Kennedys merit for the office of President of the United States is evident in countless ways. In his multi-faceted, multi-dimensional personality that has captured the hearts of those he has touched with his love and compassion. A man of letters, literature and languages former journalist & author he is an International award-winning speaker, Justice of the Peace (International), entrepreneur, executive producer & environmentalist.

In 2005 John Joseph Kennedy was awarded the International Humanitarian Award, Knights of Conscious International by the All India Letter Writer's association (AILWA), Bombay, India, for his letters and speeches promoting world Peace. He was invited to be the keynote speaker at the International Conference on Peace in Jaipur, India where his profound speech: My Dream for The New Humanity was read. John's work and inspiring messages have reached more than 100 million people around the world.

Most importantly, his platform is a LIVING PLATFORM of action through his life where he has dedicated himself and taken responsibility for the good of the entire world, with brilliant projects of focused action to help the global state of economy and the serious environmental issues we are faced with today.

John Joseph Kennedy stepped up as a true Democrat and write-in candidate in the Presidential Election of 2004. Many people in the United States and elsewhere in the world were very excited and hopeful with his running for office, but not enough people heard his pure and strong message as they were distracted by the massive trash campaigns of both George W. Bush and John Kerry, who each spent $200 + million dollars in smearing commercials to defame their opposition. Close to a half billion dollars was spent to demoralize and assassinate the character of the opposition.

The solution cannot lie in allowing yet another candidate of poor moral fiber with the same obligations to powerful corporations and lobbyists, who will simply continue the streak of corruption, lies, and empty promises, jumping through the hoops of the Democratic and Republican Parties that have lost their purpose to govern fairly and honorably.

We, the citizens of the world and the United States, know and understand that it is time for a man of pure heart, totally dedicated to the Love and Peace that unites all people, to step up and be counted. We call for the draft of John Joseph Kennedy because he is just the man for the job, a person who understands all people, from all walks of life.

John Joseph Kennedy is a seventh generation American Democrat whose great grandfather, Congressman Michael Francis Kennedy from Charleston, South Carolina, served two terms as Congressman in South Carolina's House of Representatives from 1882-1886. He was the first of the Kennedys in American politics.

Unassociated with the Kennedys from Boston, John has the unique combination of having come from a well-established family of land-owners and public servants, who have naturally evolved with dignity, graciousness, and purpose, and also having inherited nothing freely. John Joseph Kennedy has known the brink of poverty and the hard work that it takes to earn an honest dollar.

He also knows first-hand how the current system stifles and entraps the disabled, disenfranchised and every-day man and woman from truly succeeding in this country, or at the very least, from rising above their difficult situation. Most Americans are bound in debt, impoverished, or near-poverty. And 45 million Americans do not have any health insurance. John feels this is disgraceful, immoral and a degradation of the human spirit. John says about that; It is time to turn the attention to the needs of the American people; ALL the people!

John has lived a difficult life and has had to work for every penny that he has earned. In that, he understands the struggles of the working class. He also is very well acquainted with the business world and has a very long and impressive list of clients and associates and business accomplishments such as serving as President of FaŠ·ade of New York, Ltd. from 1980-1983. In 1984, Mr. Kennedy created Richter Duck, a fun and educational cartoon character and earthquake preparedness program entitled "Richter Duck's Operation Quake-Quake". The objective of the project is to promote earthquake awareness and safety, especially for children, in a fun and non-threatening way. He served as Executive Director and public service spokesman. He is an expert on earthquake preparedness and disaster relief. In 1995, he created an educational model for children and adults with learning and developmental disabilities. In 2005 he produced a CD package and business model on entrepreneurship, Creativity & Entrepreneurship: The Creative Evolution of an Intellectual Property, which he plans on implementing in every high school and college in America.

He understands personal loss and suffering that comes about through violence and corruption at the very highest level of the U.S. government, the very sort of corruption that took the life of his younger sister, Cecilia Kennedy, a brave and heroic soul who made a huge impact on this world and gave her life so others could be free.

Cecilia freed many Americans, including her and Johns brother, Christopher, who was falsely imprisoned in Bangkok, Thailand. At only 26 of age, she began her mission of mercy and single-handedly put together a brilliant International legal defense, took her brothers case to the Supreme Court of Thailand and won; overturning his life sentence. She also lobbied for the Extradition Treaty between the United States and Thailand to be ratified, one of the few countries that did not have this in place. Once she accomplished all these heroic acts she was found murdered in the 5-star Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok in 1997, at the age of 32. Her mission on earth completed; an angel among us.

John also knows the feelings of discrimination and hatred and is brave enough to stand up for the freedom and rights of the marginalized groups of racial and religious minorities and gays who have suffered discrimination in the nation that is supposed to support freedom and equality for all. John offers all that he is through the promise of his living platform of universal peace, equality, honesty, transparency of government, respect, increased pay and benefits for the brave men and women in the military, a better quality of life for all, universal health care, global fight to end A.I.D.S. and other man-made diseases, environmental preservation and justice, better education and safety for our children, non-violence in children's media, for which he has been an advocate for these causes as a private citizen for many years.

He will also put an end to all Americans, especially harmless, innocent children, senior citizens and the disabled, being searched like common criminals at every airport in America, and the satellite stalking, cameras and secret black boxes in tens of millions of cars in America, which monitor and record our every movement. In his 11th hour campaign for President in 2004 he referred to his goals and mission as: The Campaign for The New Humanity. (www.JohnJosephKennedy.com)

Through John, the last will become the first, and the first will become last, finally stepping out of the way to allow the average person, you and I, to inherit the Earth, after having taken so much away from us in an abuse of power.

In his 2004 campaign, Right the Wrongs of America, John made it clear that he will not do it alone. He says we all have a shared destiny and knows that he is merely the spearhead for a movement which considers the well-being of all people. He wants none of the glory and power of office for himself. He is a true Peoples President, a rare gem with an even rarer special sign in the stars of his birth chart, who has determined that now is the time, more crucial than any other, to offer all of the gifts of his heart and mind, and his hard-working, impeccable integrity along with the well-rounded, multifaceted life he has lived.

John was born April 9th, 1954 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 3:20 AM to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Francis Kennedy, III. It is very rare for the planets to align in the skies so that they make sacred geometric shapes. John has a Star of David in the alignment of the planets in his chart. To have the Star of David in ones chart is very rare due to the enormous qualities of love that it brings. Jesus of Nazareth was said to have been born underneath a star in Bethlehem. That star was a Star of David. And it just so happens that the other sacred shape in Johns chart has the shape of the Pentagon, which surrounds the Star of David showing us both roles of his destiny here on Earth; unconditional love and leadership in Government.

In Johns heart of hearts, his goal is to unite all of humanity through love and compassion, creating a rippling effect that spreads out far and wide to touch the hearts and soul of all humankind. This is his dream for The New Humanity.

John is the Peoples Candidate, the People's President who is ready and able to help America heal the wrongs and the wounds of its past, so that this great nation can return to being great again and get back to the beautiful constitution that still stands as its foundation. About this, John says: "We must go into our past to find our future!"

It can only be one person who is the right one for the job. Only one person, a non-tainted, inspired and inspiring person who has dedicated his life to God and Truth that can stand on his own merit to be a leader of hope for the promise of a new and true beginning for our entire world. Anyone else as President is going to dig a deeper hole for the USA and the world that we may not recover from.

To bypass the corruption of the electoral system, it requires a collective effort, a grassroots movement, from all of us, from all classes, all races, all religions and all nations who believe in true democracy, Peace, and the return to the true dictums of the constitution of the United States of America to select John as the one and only leader for the good of all of humanity.

We ask that you add your name to draft John Kennedy for President of the United States of America 2008, and do all that you can, in generous offers of your time to gather as many under his banner as possible, through your heartfelt prayers, and through the giving of any resources you can offer to help make this a reality, for all people in the New Humanity.

Now let YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! Draft John Joseph Kennedy President 2008!

God Bless John and guide him to accept this draft!
May each of us be blessed with peace, good health, and love in our lives.

Draft John Joseph Kennedy For President 2008 Committee.

For more information on John's amazing work and accomplishments Google "John Joseph Kennedy".

The Author: Moshe Daniel Block, ND, is a citizen of Canada and Israel and an Ambassador of the New Humanity. His intentions are to create an international grassroots movement to elect John Joseph Kennedy as President of the United States 2008 which is in alignment with his life work and vision entitled, EveryNationLand.

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