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My name is Chris Rains. On July 30th,2008 in Highlands Ranch,Colorado (Douglas County),I was arrested for the charge of "Domestic Violence:Harassment". I am filing this petition with the intent to show that Douglas County and the residing court system does NOT give correct reason and correct punishment for an offense. The following occurred on the night of July 30th,2008:

I,Chris Rains, had been out drinking. I had a total of 3 drinks (2 mixed drinks and a beer) within a 2 hour period. I was not drunk yet more of a tipsy state of mind. I decided to come home and my girlfriend Heather Johnson and myself started to get into a small verbal argument. The argument issues were over very small subjects but with me being slightly intoxicated,I took offense to what was being said more harsh then I should have. I finally told Heather that I was going to go outside to our patio and "get away" for a little. As I was walking out the door, I was carrying a paper cup from "Chipotle". The cup was half full with only water. While exiting,I threw the cup behind me without looking and the paper cup hit Heather in the lower leg, Just getting her pant leg wet. As I was outside on the patio as well as a bit intoxicated and taking major offense to the small issues that we were arguing over, I called the Douglas County police with the intent just to file a complaint. No more then 5 minutes later, 2 police cars are at our townhouse and I have 2 officers questioning me about everything. I did not lie to them, said I have had a few drinks and that I was upset. As typical instances work, Heather and Myself were separated for questioning. The one officer brought up the fact that there was a paper cup on the floor and that the pant leg on Heather was wet. He asked me if there was any connection with the two. Once again, I did not lie to the officer and told him that while exiting our townhome, I had thrown the cup behind me and did not even know where it landed. As the 2 officers spoke with each other, I soon found myself being patted down, having everything taken out of my pockets and being placed in handcuffs. Heather pleaded with the officers that she was not injured and that it was non-intentional. She also stated that she DID NOT want any charges pressed against me. Yet,I was taken to the police station. Had my court hearing the next morning and a 2 week restraining order was put into effect against Heather and Myself. Once the "RO" had been lifted, I had my sentencing. I was charged with a Class:M Domestic Violence:Harassment, Given 2 years probation, $1500.00 in fines,36 "Domestic Violence Treatment" classes (at an additional $30.00/per class).

All I am asking is to present a petition the the courts of Douglas County in Colorado showing that throwing a paper cup should not be seen as "Domestic Violence" when no one was hurt and that the according punishment for doing so has been treated with a punishment that is totally not needed. I understand I was slightly intoxicated yet I would NEVER hurt my girlfriend who since this offense has given birth to our son. Heather and our new Son are my life and I would like to show that Douglas County (Colorado) does NOT take each case based on the events that occurred, rather just throwing any punishment to anyone just based on what they feel they can do.

Thanks for reading and I hope to get your support.

Chris Rains

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