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dont give into muslim cultural terrorism

muslims cannot dictate the freedom of the people in denmark. the aim of muslims led by the al-qaeda and now iran is to destroy all other religions in the world and conquer the worlds using islam.

for this they have entered the developed world in EU and america as refugees and other means and then they start viloence on the natural inhabitants. like seen in france recently. in name of equality they will get all protection and after some time overrun the present governement and the whites who are predominantly christians.

they want to establish a new civilization like they had under the taliban in afghanisthan. in this respect they are moving under the garb of allah and mohammed.

the cartoons show the true picture of the world today , how islam is terrorising the world . as can be seen now in the reaction to the cartoons.

basically it must be understood that islam is a satanic religion and its origin today and practisied today by al qaeda is because they are satans children . there aim is to destroy the good in the world and take control of the worlds under satan .as u can see all the actions of al-qaeda and other terrrists is that of satan..there is no other way to explain there actions and thinking and is to destroy christianity and other religions from the world. and take the ppl of the earth under rule of satan.

it is very important that we stand up to these satanic forces lest we are overrun by them. as told in the bible we have to follow eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth. if they kill danes in middleeast , kill 2 muslims in denkmark for one dane killed in middleeast. if u dont react this way and continue to issue apolpgies, then all the danes will be overrun by the muslims staying there

after that all muslims in denmark , norway etc and all of EU whoa re protesting should be sent back to the countreies they came from middle eszt etc ie deported. the aim of these muslims is to study acquire technology , education and then use it agianst the same country, in US they came and studied pilot training and used that against US itself. they come acquire nuclear technolgy from EU, US etc and they will use it against EU and US itself.

. in that way the danes will be protected and i congratulate the danes for starting this war against satan and his children. many papers in EU had reposted them instead of respecting and apologising , its time u deal in the right manners with terrrists. if someone burns ur house u dont go and apologise ti him, u become powerful enough to cut his hands off the next time he tries to burn ur house or better have him killed. that is what u do . when terroruiists dont respect human rights how can u give him rights as a human . he kills innocent ppl and derive pleasure from it , he has to be treated in the same way for him to know what human rights id (he should undergo the pain that he put his victim to that he undrestands human rights ).

lookin into the history odf denmark and the vikings , it is not difficult for them to defeat these islamic terrorists who are satans children........anyw ay its good that the war has started. the war will spread into the EU FAST. and ALL PRAY FOR THE ANGELS OF CHRIST TO DEFEAT THIS SATAN

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