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Do you believe in aliens? I'm not joking, really ask yourself that question. Do you believe in aliens? I'm sure you have seen videos, read stories and seen pictures of ufo's and aliens. The majority of those were most likely fake or altered in some way. Have you ever heard of the disclosure project? If so, than you already know everything I am going to tell you. If not, you are most likely about to close this window, and look for something relevant by your terms. Go ahead if you don't want your world shattered. Go. But if you want to know what the US government is hiding (one of the many things), than read on. Maybe you will have a new perception, or maybe you will think I am full of it. Regardless, there are a lot of unanswered questions out there. If you don't want to know, or get answers, it's not too late for you to turn around and go back to your "save the whales" world. I understand, I really do. If you are ready, read on.
Now I am going to start this petition in a rather odd way, with God. God created us, He created animals well He created everything you see right now. (Some of you may not believe this. Don't worry, I'm not going to "push" Him down your throat. You are not mine to save.) Anyway, if He created everything, including us. Well isn't it possible that he created another "race" of people. Aliens? I think so. I have always wanted to know the truth, and I realize that I may not get all the answers that I want. Maybe I have already made my mind up, and don't want the answers that I will get. I don't know. All I do know is that I have information that may help you. If we all come together we can petition to get the government to give more information on ufo's. Maybe. Most likely they will not, but I am willing to try. Are you?
On with the Disclosure Project. The disclosure project was started by Steven M. Greer in 1993, which alleges a US government cover up information relating to ufo's. They claim that ufo's are spacecraft piloted by intelligent extraterrestrial life, and that the US government has kept this a secret. They also claim that the US government has concealed advanced energy technologies obtained from the aliens that are being suppressed and hidden in top secret "black projects" in order not to upset the world geopolitical power and energy sector financial status quo and it's oil industry "special interests".
The Project's goal is for 'free and open' Congressional hearings of all data regarding UFOs, including the large amount of information they claim is being hidden, and for release of the technology they claim is being suppressed, particularly free energy sources. The group follows a conspiracy theory developed by Greer and others.
The project has been well received by ufo enthusiast. Greer and others with the knowledge of the project have given several speeches, and they will all testify that what they know is true.
The Disclosure Project selected most of its witnesses from within military/governmental departments.

Below is a partial list of some of the more notable people involved in the Project:[4]

* Nick Pope: British Ministry of Defense Official
* Dr. Roberto Pinotti: Italian UFO expert
* Astronaut Gordon Cooper
* Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
* Monsignor Corrado Balducci (deceased)
* Dr. Carol Rosin
* Dan Willis: US Navy, Communications
* Admiral Lord Hill-Norton: Five-Star Admiral, Former Head of the British Ministry of Defense (deceased)
* Gordon Creighton: Former British Foreign Service official
* Dr. Robert Wood: McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Engineer
* Dr. Alfred Webre: Former Senior Policy Analyst, Stanford Research Institute
* Denise McKenzie: Former SAIC employee
* Colonel Philip J. Corso: US Army (deceased)
* Colonel Ross Dedrickson: US Air Force/AEC (ret.)
* Lieutenant Walter Haut: US Navy
* Dr. Hal Puthoff
* Dr. Eugene Mallove
* Lieutenant Colonel Thomas E. Bearden: US Army (ret.)
* John Callahan: FAA Head of Accidents and Investigations
* Larry Warren: Security Officer, RAF Bentwaters Woodbridge, NATO
* Major George A. Filer III: US Air Force (ret.)
* John Maynard: Defense Intelligence Agency (ret.)
* Captain Robert Salas: US Air Force, SAC Launch Controller
* Don Phillips: US Air Force, Lockheed Skunkworks, design engineer/CIA contractor, worked with Kelly Johnson
* Lieutenant Colonel Charles Brown: US Air Force (ret.) Office of Special Investigations, Project Grudge
* Mark McCandlish: US Air Force, conceptual artist for Rockwell X-30 and HYSTP programs
* James Kopf: US Navy/NSA Crypto Communications
* Major General Vasily Alexeyev: Russian Air Force

The complete list of people supporting the Project as well as a summary of transcripts of witness testimony is available in the "Executive Summary and Briefing Document" section on the Project's homepage.
They claim that the government has had the resources for quite sometime to rid us of the fight over oil. They have the technology, but why will they not use it? Look at it this way: Hey, we can get rid of oil and gas, and people can have better cars, jobs and money!. (Well, how much money would I make doing this? You are already rich, you would not make as much, but you are rich. Um, no. I want more money. Why? I like money.)Now that is a poor description, but I think you get the point.
I know the government is a powerful entity, but if we come together, maybe we can get the truth out of them and have some changes. If we get enough signatures, maybe they will listen. I doubt it, but just maybe it will work.
If you want answers, sign it. If not, thanks for reading.
(Information was found on wiki, disclosureproject.com and of course youtube)

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