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If you have nothing to hold on to, and no one is standing by your side that really should be, how would you feel? I have been standing by an individual with disabilities, in fighting a fight for four years now. It is a fight that has been costly and very counterproductive to tax payers, and disheartening to ones of low income and disability status. Taxpayers that support the budgets of the involved agencies have paid more for these agencies to fight this one individual, than they would have paid if simple services were supplied upfront.

The issues involved are riddled with troubles and circumstances of human services kicking someone when they are down. It appears the struggles of the individual in need of the petition are of what no one should ever wish them to be ... an attempt to maintain power over the 'powerless'. Opposition and resistance to suppress her and concerned others to silence with abuse and retaliation are forefront and very rigid. I have been attempting to help this individual to successfully access eligible services with County and State organizations with little to no success.

So now I am coming to you. If we pool together, in effort to make even the smallest change towards people who have unfortunate disabilities, and who need services of agencies, our voices can be heard. Not only do I need your voice, this individual desperately needs your voice. Lock-out of services that has been tolerated by agencies for this one individual, and it is regardless that it isolates her already isolated life within the disabilities she faces.

The purpose of this petition is to initiate investigations into the County agencies involved (Adult SPOA and Legal Aid Society). This petition is to state strong concerns of abuse of the rights of this disabled and low income individual.

Please support the purpose of this petition by signing your first and last name. Please use a valid email address when signing this petition. I plead with you to please help me get resolution to my issues for this individual in need.

History of the situation from the words of the individual involved:

I am a person with disabilities, of which Agoraphobia with Panic Disorder and Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are of heavy impact. Because of these disabilities, home services are necessary when in times of need. I try to live quietly and privately, with no harm to anyone. I only ask for help when in time of need, and that request usually comes when I find I cannot manage my situations without asking for aid.

The issues I am within began when an agency individual threatened to put me in an institution because I did not act upon her personal wishes of my pursuit of my home, and thereafter she affected other agencies to not assist me in my personal endeavors. Services were abruptly closed. I filed a complaint, and I received swift retaliation and further abuses by this agency, it's funding source, as well as County agencies parallel and of exposure to it and it's employees. The Administrator of the agency stated, "I answer to no one, just like the President of the United States", and further stated he would not promise retaliation would not occur following the complaint. An employee of the agency came to my home for a home visit, after my struggling to regain services, to which she yelled at me and a guest and became quite verbally abusive. I was told I would never get the services of this agency.

I am denied services by Adult SPOA (Single Point of Access) when applying for services. A current application has five denials. An application once was set aside for over 4 months, and I was told I needed to withdraw my application. It was "discarded", and needed to be filled out again. After two years of struggling with SPOA to regain services, I received case management services by an individual involved in the complaint issues (the Adult SPOA Mental Health Services Coordinator). With her involvement, I went without heat for about a month and a half. I was not with any option of additional food aid, as she emailed me with the response of "I AM TIRED....". She ignored my needs, and closed case management services. The County Administrator, in a meeting forced in my home, told me, "I want you out of the system".

My identity was stolen within the filing of complaints, and I was told it was my fault due to making the complaints. I had approached many agencies, countless times, and received little to no responses. I have no advocacy nor legal representation. The Board of Legislators of my County have remained unresponsive. Simple requests of need have enlarged unnecessarily to become a mountain of displaced issues and forged hostilities against my favor. Investigating offices place accountabilities upon me, rather than focusing on the system flaws that are within these denials of services.

The services of need are to help me with leaving my home, and for advocacy and referral when in need. It is moderate, and I am eligible according to the SPOA application. I am having difficulty going into my own yard. Legal Aid Society and Adult SPOA, as well as CQCAPD and OMH, have decided the needs are not serious, "reasonable", nor "appropriate". Legal Aid Society has presented that I am not legally entitled to, nor eligible for, case management services. A staff attorney took it upon herself to echo words of agency workers involved in the complaints. The Deputy Director stated they do not find there are legal issues involved, and that even if I am eligible to receive services it does not mean I need to obtain them. He said their agency does not need to be accountable to all of the tax-paying public. Legal Aid Society representatives have written argumentative letters to me, and medical information that is not correct.

When calling a local crisis line in time of need, I was abruptly told to "do the County a favor". I was told to sell my home and move out of the County. I was told my complaints and issues are being thrown in the garbage upon receipt, and I will not get the resolution I am looking for. Though the call-lines obviously knew of the issues outside of my mention, I am falsely claimed to have abused call-lines by talking only of agency issues. The Director of Community Services has, reportedly, told another call-line to refuse my calls, and to direct me to her when I call. This call-line has done so. I cannot feel an ability to call the local crisis line in time of need at this point. Call-line services are suppose to be confidential, but this confidentiality is being violated. Medical and other information is shared without authorizations. I have no protection of HIPPAA laws, nor rights of the disabled.

Confidentiality has been violated at several points, which appears to be of no concern to agencies I have reported this to. It clearly appears there is no checks and balances in the system occurring, and agencies are free to behave as they wish, with funding used by them upon their personal discretions.

These issues were approached to the St. Lawrence County Community Services Board Director and the St. Lawrence County Community Services Mental Health Subcommittee, with no present offer or assistance to resolve these issues. In fact, these boards are in opposition of myself. Modified reasonable accommodation requests are denied, and the Deputy Director stated in a letter to me that Legal Aid Society does not need to accept such modified reasonable accommodations.

A friend has tried to obtain a list of services from the St. Lawrence County Community Services Board and the St. Lawrence County Community Services Mental Health Subcommittee during the three years, but had not been successful until filing FOIL requests. Upon filing FOIL requests to the Director of the Community Services Board and the Mental Health Services Coordinator, he was referred by the Director of the Community Services Board to counseling services.

I am denied all services of the mental health service field. I have no access for the "empathetic ear" of call-lines. I am having to self-advocate against agencies, lawyers, and advocates. Any functional individual would say there is something very wrong about the circumstances of these issues. These agency persons are in place to protect people of my status and disabilities, but they are freely, without application and eligibility, accessing such services to protect their own.

I was told to prove I am disabled, and to prove that I am not who these agencies claim I am. Violations of my personal being have remained consistent and unrelenting, and are appearing to be of malice and forethought.

Though education should be in place to know better, I was and am being treated in terms of separation, isolation, and discrimination from the average whole of the County service providers. I have become an exception and am singled-out, and I am being treated different than others applying for services who already endure less dignity and respect simply because they are applying. I cannot be satisfied with abuse, retaliation, and extreme resistance to assistance that has been fought tooth-and-nail for, and for eligible assistance I have not been given. I am grateful for any assistance I am given in times of need.

I am told that I cannot obtain some services, due to the inability to leave my home. Some services are held out of my reach, because the agencies were involved in the issues. Due to my inability to leave my home, I am considered non-compliant to resolutions. Thus, these agencies place me in a catch-22 situation, unfairly, unnecessarily, and unprofessionally.

The County is now with the protection of the County Attorney. CQCAPD had their legal staff respond to me upfront. I have no legal representation, nor have I been supplied with proof of legal action against me by the County. The County boards, committees, and agencies are suppose to refer me to the County Attorney if I ever contact them. This is a highly unusual method of procedures and behaviors of the County toward an individual in need, and it is an additional expense the taxpayers are paying for.

I have clearly noticed that there is a lack of education about Agoraphobia and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in this County. More so when I was told that PTSD is a "cry-baby's excuse to not live life". At one point, I was even asked to supply information to a County board member about PTSD and Agoraphobia, because of the lack of education of these disabilities.

Who and what I am versus who and what the views want me to be has developed into a blockage and resistance to meet my needs and address my concerns. I am to become who I am created to be before any contacted investigator or person deals with me. The agenda thus is not of protection of my basic human rights, nor as rights I hold as an American constituent with disabilities. Formed opinions and personal views by State and County employees have been communicated amongst each other freely, which has formed a solid base of resistance to deal with me in any manner. This method of operation has proven to be manipulative to oppose my positive efforts in the situations I am within.

The grand opinion manifested has therefore taken away my rights, regardless of who I am. Personal views and opinions appear to be misconstrued as professional opinions and/or pieces of information of my diagnoses. Such instances of further labeling by the State and County agencies are in terms of degradation. An individual of the Office of Mental Health had labeled me as a "disgruntled mentally ill individual", and alleged that my friend could be sued if he pressed forward to the public with these issues. Local County agencies have labeled me as "belligerent", "mentally unstable", "incompetent", "nasty", and "difficult". They report falsely that I am not able to be satisfied, regardless of history that states otherwise. These are their personal views, yet they are accepted as professional pieces of information. Because I am intelligent, it is used as a negative factor against my favor.

I have had need to defend myself, in my home and otherwise, with all I know and have learned. I am considered by others outside the issue to have been articulate, intelligent, and a very assertive and powerful advocate for myself. Yet, the negative views of State and County individuals in place are still resistant to my efforts of resolution. I have 8 binders, three and a half inches thick, with emails, notes, and letters to support all this information. However, I do not think there is consideration of possibility of whether or not State or County individuals may be supplying information in bias to protect themself or their own. More so, the negative views should not be in place to begin with. No matter how I am personally viewed, I should be able to receive any and all services I am eligible to receive, based on availability of funding.

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