Demand Max sentence for Puppy Murderer in Sasktachewan sign now

On Monday Morning I heard shocking news generated from Neudorf Saskatchewan.
A 10 Month old Female puppy was shot 4 times with a sawed off rifle, because her barking annoyed a neighbor.
This is unacceptable, and in order to see that the Gunman is charged to the fullest extent of the law we must ensure that the story of this horrifying situation is brought to the attention of the public.
Posted below is a witness statement :

"There is a dog to the west of the back lot of us that barked a bit. It was annoying no doubt, but usually just the time you thought to yourself "ok pup be quiet that's annoying" it would stop. Well sunday night I heard a gunshot, and another, so I went to see what was up, on my way out there was a 3rd shot, I got to the back of the garage to see The Gunman(cannot be named as part of an ongoing court case) (neighbour to the east of the back lot) fire one more shot at the dog. By then the other neighbor had come over and asked him what he was doing, and the gunman said he would shoot him too, so I ran over (yeah that was stupid looking back) and tried to separate them, the other (good) guy walked away but the gunman was still carrying on with another guy. He kept telling me he did what was right for the community. Anyway another guy came along told me to call 911, so I ran and did that. I guess while I was doing that one of the guys took him to the ground and got the gun away from him. The police took over an hour to come out.(from Melville SASK should take no more than 30 mins MAX) After 4 shots the gunman hadn't managed kill the pup, it suffered in agony until the police came and gave the orders to have her put down. I will never forget watching the fire come out of that gun, and the pup screaming. They heard that all the way to the west side of town. He used a sawed off riffle (big time illegal). He was arrested and held over night, but he is out of jail now. I'm scared. What if my kids make too much noise? How can someone who killed a dog, threatened to kill an other person be out the next day. I'm so angry.
-(witness wishes to remain anonymous)

We learned yesterday morning that The Gunman Has been charged with unlawful use of a firearm,mischief under $5000.00 (like she was a lawn ornament) additional weapons charges and causing unnecessary harm to an animal, We would like to see that this soulless creature be handed a max penalty for ANIMAL CRUELTY. He will be back in court August the 8th. Please Sign this petition so that we can present it on that date. Please sign and share with your friends.
With love peace and kindness to you all.

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 November 2015100. Melody W
    Horrendous,that's all I can say!!!!
  • 22 October 201599. Carla Dorsey
    this is absolutely disgusting. this man should be charged as if he killed a human.
  • 23 August 201598. Brandilee W
  • 30 May 201597. Phyllis An
    Heinous!!! Please hand down the maximum sentence to this psychotic criminal.
  • 23 November 201496. Lana C
    What a horrifying story! I hope this man is severely punished!!!
  • 01 November 201495. Caren P
    This story sickens me. A "slap on the wrist" for killing a dog? Completely unacceptable. I demand the Max sentence, for the puppy murderer in Sasktachewan.
  • 13 October 201494. Pat D
    This is not right
  • 04 October 201493. Serenity A
    i agree that the gunman should be prosecuted for taking the life of an animal.
  • 07 August 201492. Curtis C
    When will people ever understand that its not the Dogs fault. So Sad..
  • 02 August 201491. Julia D
    This is a very serious crime! Stiffer penalty is needed
  • 24 April 201490. Lindsey R
    Killing an innocent puppy should be punished with the max sentence. His actions were ridiculous.
  • 25 March 201489. Brandy S
    Disgusting, there is no possible way this should ever be okay.
  • 15 March 201488. Becky J
    I feel he should be charged with more.
  • 10 November 201387. Kathleen M is time the law recognizes that dogs are NOT property but companions as well as members of families.
  • 29 September 201386. Kenden D
    Speaking for our BFF :) My mom and step dad run Smokin Gun Dog Rescue :) Address Box 251
  • 27 September 201385. Holly Q
    What live being should have to suffer through that? I demand that the law hold this criminal accountable.
  • 17 June 201384. Cathy D
    Maximum sentence! Address 202 Heggie Cres.
  • 03 March 201383. Jean H
    unbelievable, and so sad...we need to find judges who will give out MAX sentences for this kind of cruelty. What about the kids in the town...will they be next, for making too much noise playing? Why is this person out of jail? Address Punnichy, Sask.
  • 04 December 201282. Evelyn R
    Are there no "No Hunting, No Shooting" bylaws? Address P.O. Box 2634
  • 12 November 201281. Diane R
    Animal cruelty should be severely punished Address Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
  • 24 October 201280. Terri G
    This made me physically I'll.
  • 07 October 201279. Glenda H
  • 21 August 201278. Kyrsti Nicolef
    I think this is cruel and un called for. This man should be put in jail. NO animal should be shot and have to suffer because it was to noisy.
  • 28 June 201277. Kim K
    it starts with animals and when they get away with it, they proceed to people. Stop this now! PLEASE!
  • 15 June 201276. Fay B
    This must be stopped. Address В
  • 26 May 201275. Margaret S
    lock this guy up and then let us torture him like he did to that poor dog.
  • 28 April 201274. Chet P

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Melville provincial courthouse


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