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The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan
New Delhi


As concerned Indian citizens, we invite your attention to the reports in the media about the Mitrokhin archives and the Benediktov diary. If the revelations reported therein are correct, then we believe very grave issues have arisen in regard to our national security.

It appears that from the time of Shri JL Nehru, many amongst our leaders (especially from the Congress and communist parties) as well as a leading section of the media, have been on the KGB payroll - and there is reason to believe the KGB continues to maintain its links with our leadership. Indeed, during Smt Indira Gandhi's prime ministership, it is alleged that, in KGB words, "it seemed like the entire country was for sale" (quoted In India Today, Oct 3, 2005) and the Soviets "virtually ran India's foreign, economic and defence policies" (\%2Fsiddharth136\%2Etxt&writer=siddharth ).

There is also the report that Dr Yevgenia Albats, a Russian scholar at Harvard University, in her book "The State Within A State - The KGB and Its Hold on Russia", revealed that Soviet trading companies were making payments to a firm controlled by Shri Rajiv Gandhi as far back as 1982, and that the Swiss newsmagazine Schweizer Illustrierte, citing KGB archives, reported in November 1991 that Smt Sonia Gandhi was controlling in her son's name a secret account worth 2.5 billion Swiss francs.

Moreover, Shri Rahul Gandhi, in 2001 on a private visit to the USA, reportedly was detained by the FBI at Boston airport for not being able to explain the USD 200,000 he was carrying with him into their country. He was released on the intervention of our country's national security advisor ( and ). Why our country's national security advisor should intervene to rescue from the American police someone apparently smuggling into the USA the current equivalent of about a crore of rupees itself demands an enquiry.
Smt Sonia Gandhi heads the National Advisory Council and has access to all government records. Her son Shri Rahul Gandhi is an MP and publicly stated he could have been prime minister had he wanted to be (Tehelka, Sept 24, 2005).

The Mitrokhin/Benediktov/Albats/Schweizer Illustrierte reports are so specific, the circumstantial evidence prima facie so persuasive and the implications for our country so explosive that we join the demand already publicly raised in regard especially to the following issues:

1. The Mitrokhin Archives Volume II (Vol. I had revealed KGB agents in the
West, who were later tried and convicted by courts of law) vindicates a demand for investigation of KGB links of Smt Sonia Gandhi and her son Shri Rahul Gandhi, and also of the KGB nexus with the Congress and communist parties in general.

2. Smt Sonia Gandhis Italian family reportedly has a long-term connection with the KGB. Smt Gandhis father Stefano Maino was recruited by the KGB while he was a prisoner in Vladimir, near St. Petersburg, Russia. He had earlier been a soldier in Hitlers Nazi Army which had invaded Russia in 1941, and had surrendered to Soviet troops.

3. The present Russian Ambassador in India was the KGB Station Chief in Delhi during the 1970s and since Smt Sonia Gandhi is the NAC Chairperson, therefore this has serious national security implications.

4. Besides the treachery to our country through being on the KGB payroll, there is also the serious national security question of whether policies were being altered at KGB behest. The following, therefore, are questions before our country:

(i) Was Netaji in the USSR, and was he killed by the KGB to alter Indian politics?

(ii) Was Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri killed in Tashkent to enable a more pro-Soviet Smt Indira Gandhi to power?

(iii) Was Smt Indira Gandhi prevented by KGB blackmail from allowing the Indian Army to smash West Pakistan?

(iv) Did the KGB finance the 1979 Janata Party split?

(v) Did the KGB induce Operation Bluestar?

(vi) Did the KGB finance LTTE ideologue Balasingham, and hence is there a KGB link in Shri Rajiv Gandhis assassination since Smt Sonia Gandhi is the beneficiary?

The Mitrokhin/Benediktov revelations are of post-Independence leaders and describe widespread treachery on a national scale. If true, they are of the utmost consequence to our national security.

As Indian citizens, we demand the highest-level inquiry into the veracity of these allegations.

Given the apparent spread of the poison, we want that the investigation should be under the direct, open and independent supervision of the Chief Justice of India, and any government employee the CJI associates with the investigation should be guaranteed full security of service or, in the alternative, the option of voluntary retirement but with full pension benefits.

The CJI should report his findings directly to you who then, without referring it to the central government (that is itself now suspect), must place it before the citizens of India with such prescription that you, as our President, consider appropriate.

This is a situation that was never envisaged by those who created our Constitution. A drastic problem clamours for a drastic remedy and we request you, as our President, to initiate the inquiry process as promptly as possible.


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11. KGB Documents

a ) Request from COMMUNIST PARTY of India for money exchange.

b) Publishing equipment for COMMUNIST PARTY of India.

c) KGB assistance to organising Demonstration before American Embassy in India in 1969

d) Payment of $500,000 in 1980 . Communist party of India in 1980; P230/34 , December 29, 1980;

12. KGB Active Measures in India

Report into the Security and Intelligence Agencies' handling of the information provided by Mr Mitrokhin

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