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Dear Producers and Writers of Degrassi:The Next Generation:

While we absolutely love and support Degrassi: The Next Generation, we find that some characters have managed to remain in the dark for the past 4 seasons. One character in particular that fits this bill is J.T. Yorke. Even though his family and home life has been mentioned, we have yet to SEE this family and home life. As avid fans of the show we find it simply disappointing that J.T. has not received the same attention and focus that many of the characters have been given following their later or early arrivals to the story of Degrassi.

Even though we think a main plot would be most beneficial in exploring the quality and depths of his family situation, therefore finally receiving the much deserved depth that he needs as a character, we would be more than willing to take a sub-plot or even just a quick scene with anyone of the members of his family that have been mentioned in the last 4 seasons.

So this is why we have started this petition. We hope that you take this as a distress call from your loyal fans and strongly consider our suggestion.

We from the Degrassi:TNG Fan Community thank you for your time and attention.

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Latest Signatures

  • 01 December 2015100. Kyle P
    it would really open his character up...
  • 22 November 201599. Amelie F
  • 11 October 201598. Ashlea Roach
    I think if JT has a family it will add more depth to his character.
  • 23 September 201597. Colleen H
    Everyone needs a family and that includes JT!!!... lol
  • 21 June 201596. Cj Price
    I know more about Chester then I know about JT and he's been on since day 1! I wanna know more about him!
  • 02 June 201595. David Harmon
    Give JT a family. Short, simple, and to the point.
  • 01 April 201594. Kayla Gay
    I support this petition
  • 30 March 201593. Dominique Stephenson
    I support this petition
  • 14 February 201592. Sam Galloway
    I agree, JT (Ryan Cooley) is awesome. Show him some love and give him a family!!
  • 14 January 201591. Vala C
    I agree very much with this petition however Degrassi rocks and is my favorite show
  • 20 October 201490. Kourtney Rodgers
    I support this petition
  • 06 October 201489. Britt Dyer
    it would be interesting to see his drug dealing cousin (the one who gave him ecstasy and porn sites
  • 17 August 201488. Andrew L
    Woo hoo! J.T's parents!
  • 04 August 201487. Jasmine Brennan
    I support this petition
  • 22 July 201486. E Rinn
    he needs a family. i read on this one site that his parents were acloholics, but i dont think its true because they have two people on the show already with acloholic parents.
  • 09 February 201485. Skbxhfv Reeves
    Osi5rY <a href="">xahvxviieytf</a>, [url=]krfmrrmnrgec[/url], [link=]usexksjmehdu[/link],
  • 16 December 201384. Lindsey Eaton
    Yess! JT needs a family and more storylines! We need JT/Liberty! I want to know more about Hazel and Hazel/Jimmy too...
  • 26 November 201383. Eroc Ewing
    he doesnt live alone... show his family
  • 09 November 201382. Jessicagirl Stout
    On what maybe the last season of D:TNG, we want every blank filled. One of the biggests is that J.T. needs himself a family!! Please!!!
  • 05 November 201381. Mary Braun
    I support this petition
  • 18 October 201380. Bri Gay
    Lol, JT's awesome! But he NEEDS a family
  • 05 September 201379. Aj K
    yeaa he should have a familia!!! -lilpleaser AkA lilceaser-
  • 09 August 201378. Angel Francis
    Let him have the spotlight for once.
  • 05 August 201377. Adam C
    Give jt a family
  • 15 July 201376. Ryan R
    JTS an orphan pweese give him a family
  • 03 July 201375. Xxblahxx Orf
    Yeah.....uhm JT needs a family! LOL go 'stack of dimes'
  • 16 January 201374. Amanda Chaney
    I support this petition

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Stephen Stohn, Linda Schuler, Raja Khanna, Brendon Yorke, and the Degrassi: TNG team


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