We, the undersigned, demand serious reform of the Military justice system. The senseless prosecution of our military forces, will lead to lower enlistment, and eventually the draft. This will destroy the support for the war on terror. We must not let this happen!

On September 11, 2001, the United States of America saw the need for a war on terror. Since this time we have seen our troops treated in the most despicable manner. Our troops are sometimes forced to make decisions in a matter of seconds. The military justice system is too harsh on how these situations were handled by many of our soldiers. I was not there, and neither were you. There is no way to know how these troops felt at those exact moments.

If Capt Roger Maynulet believed that the right thing to do to a combatant, because of the horrible extent of his fatal injuries, was to take his life to end his suffering, then I stand behind him. The killing of a terrorist with part of his skull blown away is not murder. The terrorist was going to die. He no longer suffered after his life was ended. The taking of his life was the compassionate thing to do. Thank God we have people who are able to muster the courage to do it. It is not easy to take a life. If someone who was with him thought his actions were wrong, then they should report it to their chain of command. If the chain of command thinks it needs to be addressed then it needs to be handled in the unit of the soldier accused. The men who fight with these soldiers are the only ones that can really judge whether the soldiers actions were appropriate. This picture was sent to me by Capt. Roger Maynulet. He does not look like a murderer to me.

If Lt. Eric Anderson gives an order to end the suffering of a mortally wounded enemy combatant, then he probably knows best. How many mortally wounded terrorists do you suppose he has seen in that country? He probably knows what he's doing. I give him my full support.

If a marine, who is patrolling an area in the middle of the largest urban warfare since Vietnam, thinks that killing a known enemy combatant, will make the Marine safer, I say kill him. Don't take chances with the lives of our soldiers. We are not there. We don't have dead terrorists throwing grenades at us. He does. How many grenades were thrown at him before Kevin Sites shot that footage and released it to the world? I have seen footage of our soldiers inside buildings when grenades have gone off. Shoot first and ask questions later should be the motto of the United States armed forces. This will save lives of our military, and these are the only lives I am concerned with. Please watch this file . This will show you how dangerous it is in Fallujah.

Let's support this war, and take it to the enemy. We have to start by dropping the ridiculous charges on our soldiers, and by releasing soldiers that have been imprisoned for trying to protect their lives on the battlefield. Stripping the armor off one abandoned vehicle to make another vehicle safer is NOT an offense that EVER deserves even one night in prison!! This is ridiculous and MUST be corrected at once. These soldiers MUST be returned to their unit! Their rank, record, and pay must be returned to what it was before the incident. Any pay they lost as result MUST be returned to them. These soldiers have families who need that money to live. Their families are already afraid that their loved one might be killed in action, and now they don't have money to keep their lights turned on. This is ridiculous and must be fixed.

These sentences that are being handed out to our troops are going to lead to the end of the war on terror. What then? These men are living day after day in a world that few of us could imagine. We want them all to come home. Not to a jail cell, but to their family that loves them, and a country that supports them. A country that appreciates what they have done for us. They are making us safer, and they are dying to do it.

We are watching the Senate Armed Services Committee to see how you resolve these issues. If you do not take action to stop these travesties, we will relieve you of your duties, and put in your place someone that will. The American people can fix this problem if you won't. You are either with the American people, and our troops, or you are against us.

John Warner (Virginia)

John McCain (Arizona)
James M. Inhofe (Oklahoma)
Pat Roberts (Kansas)
Wayne Allard (Colorado)
Jeff Sessions (Alabama)
Susan M. Collins (Maine)
John Ensign (Nevada)
James M. Talent (Missouri)
Saxby Chambliss (Georgia)
Lindsey O. Graham (South Carolina)
Elizabeth Dole (North Carolina)
John Cornyn (Texas)

Carl Levin (Michigan)
Ranking Member

Edward M. Kennedy (Massachusetts)
Robert C. Byrd (West Virginia)
Joseph I. Lieberman (Connecticut)
Jack Reed (Rhode Island)
Daniel K. Akaka (Hawaii)
Bill Nelson (Florida)
E. Benjamin Nelson (Nebraska)
Mark Dayton (Minnesota)
Evan Bayh (Indiana)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (New York)
Mark Pryor (Arkansas)

I say to John Cornyn Republican from Texas. I am a Republican from Texas. Party means nothing to me when it comes to our troops. If you will not help to stop the injustice that is happening to our soldiers, I WILL NOT SUPPORT YOU. My vote will be cast for anyone who will stop the senseless prosecution of our military men and women in time of war. Stand behind our troops, and we will stand behind you. The world can judge us when we are finished with this war.


Stop the senseless prosecution of American forces fighting terrorism. We want these Soldiers to be tried by Soldiers in their unit ONLY. They are the only ones who can really know what is going on. We don't want them tried by an officer in Washington, the media, or the rest of the world. Yes we know that the Arab world wants them punished. That's because they are the ones we are fighting. We want the media to have to show their footage to military commanders before they release it to the world. If this footage could cause harm to our fighting forces it should not be released ever. This footage is used to recruit other terrorists to fight and kill our soldiers. Americans understand that war is not pretty and we don't want to see everything that goes on in combat, and we don't want the rest of the world to see it either.


We need to influence the Senate Armed Services Committee. As much as Americans would like to think that the military takes care of it's own, military commanders do what Congress tells them to do. We can't vote a general out of office. We need to cut out the "middle man", and make the Senate Armed Services Committee take steps to protect our soldiers from mistreatment.

Please visit this link to find many easy ways to contact the Senate Armed Services Committee and tell them your thoughts.


This petition will continue to circulate and receive signatures until something is done about this problem that our combat troops are facing.


We have to realize that we are at war. We have soldiers dying everyday. We need to understand that there are people in this world that want to see as many Americans dead as possible. We need to realize that a nuclear weapon detonated in a large American city is not an unrealistic scenario. We can not allow Muslim Fanatics to influence Governments with terror. Get involved, and tell your leaders what you think about how we should handle the war. We should all get involved in something supporting the war effort. Pick a cause and raise money for it. Show your support on your vehicles. Donate money or time to something that helps our troops. If you are military age, and you want to help our troops fight for our freedom, sign up. We will be here to make sure you aren't prosecuted for killing the enemy for us.


If you have questions or comments about the petition please direct them to this website . There are many people in the group that can answer your questions. You can also find out other ways you can help Defend our Troops. There are military moms, spouses, prior service, and active duty military inside.

You can contact me by email [email protected]

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    To send our solders into harm's way and punish them for protecting their lives is hypocrytical and unforgiveable. We should be more concerned with how GOD judges us rather than Europe or CNN.
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    Don't send our soldiers to fight these wars and then prosecute them for making their best judgements under extremely tense and difficult circumstances. Address 7409 Dogwood Lane Parma Ohio 44130
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