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Defeating Totalitarian Legislation

Please read the below information about Bill C-36 and the War Measures Act before signing the petition. The text below was taken from the Government of Canada's official website, at and from an online version of the War Measures Act at Bill C-36 and the War Measures Act are considered by many to be even more totalitarian and draconian that the infamous Patriot Act of the United States. The most offensive points of Bill C-36 include:
a) "preventative arrests", where "grounds" not factual evidence, are required to put Canadians in jail
b) the government's right to monitor all of its citizens international financial transactions
c) government plans to "improve and modernize 'spying'
d) the reclassification of protests or threats against private companies as terrorist activities that can be prosecuted under Bill C-36.

Text from Bill C-36
The investigatory powers currently in the Criminal Code and in Bill C-24 that make it easier to use electronic surveillance against criminal organizations will be applied to terrorist groups. This includes eliminating the need to demonstrate that electronic surveillance is a last resort in the investigation of terrorists. The proposed legislation will extend the period of validity of a wiretap authorization from the current 60 days to up to one year when police are investigating a terrorist group offence. A Superior Court judge will still have to approve the use of electronic surveillance to ensure that these powers are used appropriately. Further, the requirement to notify a target after surveillance has taken place can be delayed for up to three years.
The Criminal Code will be amended to require individuals with information relevant to an ongoing investigation of a terrorist crime to appear before a judge to provide that information. This will require the consent of the Attorney General. This measure will increase the ability of law enforcement to effectively investigate and obtain evidence about terrorist organizations, subject to legal safeguards to protect the witness. For example, information given by a witness cannot be used against the witness in any current or future criminal proceedings.
The Criminal Code will be amended to create a "preventive arrest" power to impose conditions of release where appropriate on suspected terrorists. This will prevent terrorist activity and protect the lives of Canadians. This will allow a peace officer to arrest and bring a person before a judge to impose reasonable supervisory conditions if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the person is about to commit a terrorism activity. A warrant will be required except where exigent circumstances exist, and the person will have to be brought before a judge within 24 hours of an arrest. This will require the consent of the Attorney General.
The Official Secrets Act will be amended to address national security concerns, including threats of espionage by foreign powers and terrorist groups, and the intimidation or coercion of ethnocultural communities in Canada. The Act will also have a new title, the Security of Information Act.
New offences will be created to improve and modernize the "spying" provisions of the Act, taking into account new realities, including new players and new threats. These offences will focus upon those situations in which it is appropriate for Canada to protect its institutions and citizenry from information-related conduct that is harmful or likely to be harmful to Canada.
New players other than the governments of traditional states include governments-in-waiting, governments in exile and other foreign powers, as well as terrorist groups.
New threats that are being recognized include threats against ethnocultural communities in Canada, threats to trade secrets and threats to essential infrastructures, both public and private.

Text from Canadas War Measures Act:

3. The Governor in Council may do and authorize such acts and things, and make from time to time such orders and regulations, as he may by reason of the existence of real or apprehended war, invasion or insurrection deem necessary or advisable for the security, defence, peace, order and welfare of Canada; and for greater certainty, but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing terms, it is hereby declared that the powers of the Governor in Council shall extend to all matters coming within the classes of subjects hereinafter enumerated, that is to say:-
(a) Censorship and the control and suppression of publications, writings, maps, plans, photographs, communications and means of communication;
(b) Arrest, detention, exclusion and deportation;
(c) Control of the harbours, ports and territorial waters of Canada and the movements of vessels;
(d) Transportation by land, air, or Water and the control of the transport of persons and things;
(e) Trading, exportation, importation, production and manufacture;
(f) Appropriation, control, forfeiture and disposition of property and of the use thereof.

Text from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Article 1: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
Under this article, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms can be temporarily suspended if the law agrees that reasonable limits have been exceeded for example, when Canada is engaged in war like we are now in Afghanistan.

The Petition:

Dear Prime Minister, and all Canadian Members of Parliament,

The Canadian government has acknowledged that some terrorist groups may attempt, or would like to, endanger Canadian lives and destroy Canada's democracy. To effectively combat the threat of terrorism, federal politicians should recognize that Canada must fight terrorism at home as well as abroad. Introducing legislation such as Bill C-36, which undermines the Chart of Rights and Freedoms, weakens Canadas democracy. Furthermore, curtailing Canadian civil liberties can only fuel terrorist activities as a destruction of western democratic ideals is what many terrorist groups strive for. Rather than an attempt to police the world and its own citizens to combat terrorism, the federal government should safeguard human rights and civil liberties the foundation and mortar of Canadian society and government. Safeguarding the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and eliminating bills that weaken it is the most effective way to defeat terrorism, as it ensures that terrorist goals, specifically those to destroy western democracy, are not met.
We, the undersigned, believe that the War Measures Act and Bill C-36 encourage, rather than impede, terrorist groups and activities. The two pieces of legislation should be changed significantly to strengthen the democratic ideals in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or be eliminated entirely.

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