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The institution known as JUGENDAMT of the Federal Republic of Germany is to be declared an illegal institution by the United Nations.

Parents who are obliged to conduct legal proceedings in the Federal Republic of Germany regarding custody and access issues, in regards to children born out of relationships with a German national, call for the United Nations to take measures in order to declare the German public authority "JUGENDAMT" an undesirable authority within the world and to declare it forbidden.

The JUGENDAMT commands boundless might. Officially it serves to protect the youth. In reality it subjects children of single parent mothers under the control of the State, so as to bring them up in the ways of the German administration.

The institution known as JUGENDAMT exists in no other democratic nation. It functions as Waechteramt (literally: guardian administration protector of German values ) to implement the administrative order in the German families and watches over their compliance therewith.

The employees of the JUGENDAMT are by German law, above parents. They are subordinate to local politicians and have the position of third parent. They are involved in ALL family law proceedings. They possess more rights than the biological parents. Those employees propose protective measures to the judge. They see themselves as protectors of the German Kindeswohl (literally: well-being of the child), where the well-being of the child is to be interpreted in terms of the German nation, and protection in terms of security (to protect German nationalist values)

To stand up against the employees of that German institution is futile. It may even be dangerous. They threaten parents subliminally and permanently, with the withdrawal of rights of access or parental custody. They have the power to carry those threats with, or without, a court decision.

In cases of bi-national couples, the JUGENDAMT is empowered with specific objectives :
1. Every effort is to made in order to prevent the children leaving German territory.
2. Sole custody of the child(ren) is to be transferred immediately, parental guardianship in the medium term, to the parent who is the German national.
3. Children are to be prevented from having any contact to their second culture and language. Access to the non-German parent are to be hindered by means of humiliating measures. National cleansing is to be achieved by means of numerous court proceedings. If the foreign parent refuses to accept German rules, measures are implemented to threaten and criminalise that parent.
4. To ensure that maintenance/alimony payments are paid in Germany. Outstanding payments are tallied year after year and demanded from the foreign parent, when the legal rights to the children have expired, because they have become adults. (these amounts are demanded by the JUGENDAMT)
5. Access of foreign parents to all records and data, which the JUGENDAMT gathers in secret against them, is to be denied in accordance with the German data protection law.

The JUGENDAMT is a political institution. Its uncontrolled, arbitrary might and close integration and linkage with the justice authorities, is not compatible with the fundamental rules of universal justice and principles of human rights.

The JUGENDAMT is the judgeGrundrichter (The JUGENDAMT makes recommendation to the judge in regards to the terms of his final judgement, the judge is obliged to follow the recommendation of the JUGENDAMT). Its working principles are based on unilateralism and nationalism, which are not compatible with the spirit of the United Nations.

The JUGENDAMT was structured by the National Socialist Regime to establish the Reichsjugendwohl-fahrtgesetz (literally: law of youths welfare in the Reich). This law from 1939 has been carried over into todays Sozialgesetzbuches Buch VIII (Code of social law, book VIII) as Jugendschutzgesetz (law for the protection of the youth). It serves todays JUGENDAMT as the legal basis, to dissimulate
its real political function, under cover of the same kind of pseudo-legal proceedings.

The JUGENDAMT sets fathers against mothers, Germans against non-Germans, children against parents. It foments conflict, animosity and xenophobia within the family. It shows children, at an early stage, that not complying with the behaviour which is expected of them by German officials, inevitably leads to unending family strife, even the withdrawal of parental love.

These children, due to feelings of lost self-worth, later withdraw back into an "ersatz-family" (replacement family, the right wing radicals) that provides them with the law and order, that they were deprived of during their childhood. The greater the power of the JUGENDAMT, the greater the attraction of the ersatz-family to them. That family is already represented democratically in three German regional parliaments. ( Saxony, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

We the people who care about parents who have lost our children to the German State as its property for ever, call upon the United Nations, to recognise the significant potential for danger that the JUGENDAMT represents for the future in the International Relations. The modern JUGENDAMT is a national-socialist-like state organisation, that brings up children - on behalf of the German Volk - our European children to hate and to conflict. The JUGENDAMT is to be declared an illegal organisation in Europe.

Note: The JUGENDAMT cannot be translated as ' youth welfare authority '. Its official face presented to the world is the protection of children. Its true face is loyalty to the German State. It is the protector of German Nationalism.

Below this line is my personal case of child abduction by the jugendamt and why they should be declared illegal.
----------------------------case -----------------------------

I had my son, M, in Germany in Feb. 27, 2008. I took care of him with my husband, A.A., for two months then I took him with me to hospital to get help for depression around April 20, 2008.

I was taking care of him perfectly in hospital but the doctor, Dr. Hoehnel, took him from for disagreeing with her about being allowed to take him for a walk outside, and she isolated me from my child then gave him to german social services without my consent or even telling me she was going to do that.

I didn`t get the baby back when I left the hospital because my husband and I were divorcing and couldn`t agree on custody (initially). I agreed shortly after, around october 2008 that my son can go to his fathers residence in Germany. I returned to Canada because the social worker assigned to my case, told me that the german government did not wish to support me in germany any longer and she could not find a residence for me to stay in germany and visit my son. I could not find a job because I didn`t have work permission to work fulltime. so I had to come to Canada and I did not choose to leave my son in Germany but I was not given a chance to stay there.

A Jugendamt worker visited me at at the hospital sometime around july-august 2008 before I left for canada to get information about my intentions for M. I told him my intention at that time was to bring M to Canada as soon as possible, not to leave him Germany indefinitely, and he implied that this was possible to do even when I lived in Canada by not saying anything about whats required to take him out of german foster care and not disagreeing with me that I have a chance to get Muhammad in my care when I live in CAnada.
AA visited Muhammad regularly for at least one hour each time while he lived in Braunschweig, germany. After he moved to Erlangen, he took a train every week to Braunschweig and stay for a whole day with Muhammad. The foster family from Braunschweig, Germany (german citizens), lied to the Braunschweig Jugendamt and told them that AA only visited M for 30 minutes each time. That foster family wanted custody of M for their daughter and they told these lies and things to prevent AA from access and a fair chance at getting custody and the jugendamt worked with them to persuade the court to give her custody. The jugendamt would not let us talk to M in non German languages and we had no chance to talk to him because we are not german.

I had many conversations with my exhusband and agreed after the divorce that he can have custody I called the jugendamt around October 2009 to tell him I want M moved to AAs residence. They used complicated legal jargon to fool me into signing a paper that gave the jugendamt the right to take my son, he told me on the phone and in a email that I was to apply for "german welfare" for Muhammad and that this " was necessary to provide care for Muhammad", this is lie, he really wanted to take my rights to my son away. He said I had too sign this paper or he can`t help me with my son. He didn`t tell me that this paper was really to allow the jugendamt to take custody of my son which AA discovered later when he took the paper to a lawyer.

However, the Jugendamt has actively tried to prevent any of us from gettting our son back. The Jugendamt ordered my exhusband not to speak his first or second language (arabic and english) to the baby ever and only to speak german (which he knew very little while Muhammad was learning to speak but knows a lot now).

The Jugendamt takes all my exhusbands salary as maintainence for the baby. And he has to eat spoiled food sometimes to survive. The Jugendamt workers get pay increases for keeping children in german social services and they large sums of money as maintenance but the child still needs clothes and toys provided by the parents.

They let the foster family celebrate christmas and birthdays (christian holidays) with M and teach him to learn German from the bible. They don`t let anyone teach him any other beliefs or celebrate other non Christian holidays. The Jugendamt told my AA that the child must be religiously neutral but he was not neutral and clearly learn christian ideas.

The german social services has restricted my exhusband from visiting him more then two times a month since july 2010, but they insist that he bond more with the baby before taking him to his residence. They told him he must visit the M more but they tell him he is not allowed to visit M until he gets comfortable with the foster family.
His father has a job at a university and cut his hours to half a day so he can be there for the baby and he has access to free daycare at the university where he works. If M was in his care then he would only have to go in daycare for maximum 4 hours a day during weekdays. And the rest of the time AA could supervise him. AA became competant in German and can communicate with the M. As well he has a nice home and furniture for M

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