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United States Joint Chiefs of Staff;
All members of Office of the United States of America;
All Governors of the united States of America;
All Adjutant Generals of the united States of America;
All Senators and Members of the House of Representatives;
All members of the Executive Branch of the United States of America
All Supreme Court Justices


We, the Ground Commanders of the Galactic Federation, in concord with the Forces of Light and the People of Earth, find it incumbent upon ourselves to declare an immediate and perpetual cease-fire of all hostilities and subsequent withdrawal of all occupying forces in the Middle East commencing December 15th, 2004 and continuing until such time that planet-wide recognition of this declaration may take effect and all provisions fully implemented.

Any individuals, regardless of rank or stature, found in violation of this Declaration of Cease-Fire will be held in violation of a Galactic Federation Field Order and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Galactic Law and the laws of the land.

Basis in Fact

Whereupon finding irrefutable prima facie evidence indicating:

Execution of Iraqi invasion was based upon fabricated evidence;

Ongoing occupation is in violation of local, domestic, and international law;

Unconscionable and egregious human rights violations fulfill definition of crimes against humanity;

Elections goal for Iraq to be superfluous;

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to be nominally nonexistent;

No imminent or immediate threat by Iraq existent to justify a self-defense preemptive strike;

Al Qaeda to be an extension of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA);

War on terrorism is predicated on events of 911 not fully investigated and true terrorists are not openly identified;


To the Joint Chiefs, Generals, Admirals, Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and soldiers

With the orders given to you to carry out this war being adjudicated as illegal orders, you are hereby ordered to stand down. Recognizing that the orders issued to you for execution of this war were fraudulent on their face, you have a moral and legal obligation to cease and desist carrying out the fraudulent orders and to comply with a stand down in this matter. A well-established principle of law states that fraud has no statute of limitations, and its presence vitiates any and every contract, agreement, or order from its very inception. Those orders for aggressive military action in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East are hereby revoked, rescinded, and repudiated. The original orders were fraudulent on their face, as has now become apparent, as full disclosure was not provided.

Continued execution of an illegal order is a dereliction of duty. You have a responsibility to yourself, your troops, and to the American people via their bona fide elected representatives. Given that the election of November, 2000 and the subsequent election of 2004 were fraudulent, those continuing to issue you orders are not true representatives of the American people and their direction has no basis in fact. This document, by those undersigned as direct representatives, gives greater cause for validity to this order.

We make demand upon you to terminate aggressive actions. We will invoke the doctrine of estoppel by acquiescence, because we can prove that your fiduciary responsibility to your soldiers to not unnecessarily put them in harms way imposes upon you a legal and a moral duty to answer, and your silence or lack of compliance can hence be construed as a fraud. By now being given due notice, you have no choice but to respond with an immediate cease-fire and subsequent withdrawal. "Silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading." See U. S. v. Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 299 (1977), emphasis added, quoting U.S. v. Prudden, 424 F.2d 1021, 1032 (1970). See also Carmine v. Bowen, 64 A. 932 (1906).

This Stand-Down Order is pertinent and applicable to all American and Allied military forces. All occupation forces are required to disengage and begin the implementation of a timetable for complete withdrawal from occupied territories of the Middle East and simultaneous handover and transition of all duties and responsibilities to the humanitarian aid organizations.

A peace treaty for all countries of the Middle East will be forthcoming.

Do not test the resolve of the Galactic Federation.


Whereupon, we find that the above actions violate domestic and international laws not excluding:

Constitution of the united States of America
United Nations Charter Article 2(4)
Geneva Conventions I, II, III, IV
Protocol I
U.S. War Crimes Act
Posse Comitatus Act
Nonproliferation Treaty
Nuremberg Charter, Judgment and Principles
Intl Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Intl Convention Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
Vienna Convention on Consular Relations
Convention against Torture
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Hague Regulations on Land warfare
Hague Rules of Air Warfare
Kellogg-Brand Pact
Genocide Convention
Uniform Commercial Code
National Security Act of 1947
U.S. Army Field Manual 27-10 (1956)
Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

And whereupon finding the united States governing bodieslegislative, executive, and judicial branches to be ineffectually compromised with no recourse to petition a higher authority, we, the undersigned, having determined standing and cause of action, take it upon ourselves, in due course, to issue this declaration, in absentia, to those executing said activities around the world.

Concurrent with this declaration is the demand for an immediate investigation, motion for conviction, and move for deliberate prosecution of individuals who contributed to, undertook, participated in, and perpetrated these crimes for violations, stare decisis, res judicata, not excluding:

Conflicts of Interest
Obstructions of Justice
Breach of Faith
Breach of Trust
Breach of Contract
Breach of Fiduciary Responsibility
High Crimes and Misdemeanors
Violation of Oath of Office
Dereliction of Duty
Planning a war of aggression
Preparing a war of aggression
Initiating a war of aggression
Waging and committing a war of aggression
Violations of Human Rights
Violations of Civil Rights
Crimes against Humanity
Crimes against peace
War Crimes
Insider Trading
Actual Fraud and/or Constructive Fraud
Mail Fraud
Election Fraud
Fraud in the Contract
Fraud in the Factum
Fraudulent Concealment and Execution
Non-Disclosure of Material Facts
Criminal negligence
Criminal facilitation
Criminal conspiracy
Conspiracy to subvert
Wrongful incarceration
Accessorial abetment of murder


To the People of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East

All of the people of planet Earth are victims of this senseless war. When one of us loses, we all lose. A true investigation of 911 never occurred. We are sorry and we apologize for these devastating activities which you have experienced. We, your fellow brothers and sisters of light, will do everything we can to repair the damage and right the wrongs which have been committed. Those responsible for these illegal crimes will be held accountable.


We, the undersigned, in support of this endeavor and to add strength and validity to its cause, affix our full name,city, state and zip to this declaration. We now call upon the United States of America Joint Chiefs of Staff, Military, Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch to abide by these demands, the provisions of this declaration, and the petition for judicial proceedings with open hearings before the people of the United States of America and the world.

We intend to circulate this to the entire globe and continue to acquire signatures until this matter is completely resolved, even if it requires 6 billion signers. Please circulate this far and wide. Do not worry about duplicates. We want as many signers as possible. This will serve as a petition to World Court, the U.N., and all legal bodies on planet earth giving the Galactic Federation the legal means to participate in these proceedings.

[Please feel free to cut and paste and forward this with a link to everyone you know. If outside of the United States, please put your country and related info in the Comments section. Permission is hereby granted for translations to all other languages and we welcome signatures from all countries of the world. We all have cause for standing and we are all on this planet together!]

In granting all people the opportunity to sign for world peace, werecognize that some persons will, instead, choose to ridicule orinvalidate this most serious endeavor. We hope that they will come tolook deep within their souls and discover who they truly are. In themeantime, please overlook them and sign this petition with the sacredintent befitting those whose lives are being sacrificed and whosefamilies are being torn asunder. Thank you.

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