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I am Kaevmon Aenok (only alius currently).

I made this petition because I was bored. If you are a fan of Death Note this may be interesting and it may be started without use of the petition; we would just need a host, time, place, and proper preparations. This is to have Shonen Jump construct a sort of competition, an online site for an online version, or to get people interested in forming a sort of game on Death Note.

I believe a larger number of people may want to try this out if it's succesful. My opinions on how it should be run are below.

It would be proper, to make it interesting, if this was more widespread through the nation and if it was supported through Shonen Jump and you can get prizes/money. Either way there would have to be a judge or constant meets to ensure the 'deaths' from the note were with the proper name and face. There can be traitors and no one may know who it is. It would be sufficient to have the Kira have a Death Note and the judges aren't allowed to know who it is because they may leak information so who gets it would have to be anonimous and random. I already know about the Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments not being available for the moment due to legal issues, plus the head judge in Boxborough stole a card from me and gave it to some chick with a cast, and anyways Death Note would be an interesting competition. The Death Note should have each page marked officially to prove you didn't just buy one or cheat. Pages can be torn off, but will need at least half the seal or mark on it to prove it's real.

There should be a second and third way to see if it's the true tournament Death Note, because, like in the story, they may create a fake with the same signatures/names. If you accidentally write your name in it you will 'die' on the officially marked time, and if you forgot the time you would have officially 'died' in 40-45 seconds (whatever the time is, I am currently uncertain). Each page and piece of page will have to turn up to a judge to ensure the deaths are proper, and in the end to prove seeing the faces you will have to explain how you imagined the right face, because one of the rules is you have to imagine their face while writing down their real name.

You must obey all the rules in the Death Note. Including that if others are to be directly killed by controlling a person, as written, the person will die of a heart attack instead and the others won't die. There are other official rules as well in the Death Note. If the Death Note is relinquished (in real life you will remember either way though) so you should keep a page on you to officially ensure that you will technically remember the time with the Death Note. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, look up the Death Note official real rules, which can be found in purchasing one as well. The owner, if seen by shinigami eyes, would technically be found out. That will be hard to do in real life, unless they get a device that detects a certain item on you instead, so everyone who owns a Death Note would need the following detectable item on them at all times to technically be able to be detected, it should only be unattachable if you relinquish the Death Note. So, technically you would have a key except the Kira to unlock it when it's relinquished, then give your key to them after locking the item yourself. If you have the shinigami eyes you technically lose half your lifespan each deal with a Shinigami, you would have to do another eye deal if you want if you relinquished it before, so technically you'd lose half again. To officially prove how many days left, you need a timeline including if, when, and how you killed, got the shinigami eyes, or found information.

There would have to be a set time to end the Kira investigation, because you technically wouldn't want to play this game for years. You would also have to decide what team you will start on and know your intentions. Intentions of either helping, catching, or becoming Kira.

If you were a Kira you may have a vision. Is it to be like Light Yagami? Is it to end the world? Is it to get money or objects?

If you are like L you may have no doubt where your allegiances lie. If you start on the F.B.I. or police force then you may direct contact information to the L-type. If you were the the L-person you may want someone else to receive and send information for you. Maybe it will be a team of L-people along with fakes or traitors that may or may not want to be with Kira. Either way, if you are Kira, they would be expendable. Someone may even claim to be the host of Kira or speak under him.

Kira can share pieces of the Official Death Note, but would have to be turned in with the rest of the pages and a journal (at the end of the Death Note Competition). Everyone best have a journal to keep true statements and prove other's false. Chances are everyone will have an alius and hide their face. They may even pretend to be someone else to find info or a traitor. There should be a known number of people starting and 'dying' off, but if you want a chance to go to heaven then don't use the Death Note, if you want to play an accurate character role, or not if you just want to have fun.

I have ranted on and on, but it may have led to more ideas. Will you participate, or be a judge type person, or not go along with this after all?
It may be smarter to have it as an internet game on one website and research perhaps off on other sites. Maybe we will just have online games, or maybe someone already started it. Either way it would be entertaining if Shonen Jump decided to do this as well.

I will let you know if they do something or if someone else starts something, if I remember. And my favorite character on Death Note is L Lawliet. I found out his name on online that they had a card with it in the explanation book. It must have been known in Japan because Misa once looked at his real name and just didn't say it after.

I am Kaevmon Aenok, my E-Mail is [email protected]

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