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The object of this petition is to show the demand for a release of this film.The director has reported that over 40mn was cut out by the studio & thus really hurt the film & made it rather incoherent.

Hopefully a restored uncut version of the film can finnaly happen since this has been planned by Warner Bros for release quite a few times on laserdisc & now dvd. Yet still nothing has happened. Maybe the studio's afraid it'll start up a storm of controversy again like upon it's release?

So even if you don't like his film,sign the petition anyway since after all controversial films make the best special editions!..& maybe we can get this on DVD alot quicker if the studio see's the demand.

To better explain the are two reviews from
"Cruising" is a lost film. In this I mean it is a forgotten film. That is a
shame because its probaly William Friedkin's best effort after
"The French Connection" and "The Exorcist". The film looks grubby and it recalls a dirty New York like Abel Ferrarra's "Driller Killer". What is an interesting fact is that the film was butchered on release and Friedkin said
"It was butchery on the the scale of what RKO did to the Magnificent Amberson's". This is probably true because some area's of the film do not add up. The death of Pacino's neighbour and several othert elements seem brief and not fully devoloped, even the killers motive seems to have been rushed. Why all of a sudden are we allowed into his pyschosis, which reveals
his problems. The film is very flawed but extremely fascinating.Pacino gives
a great understated performance and his slow descent into the gay underworld
is sometimes very funny. The scene in which he dances is wonderfully camp. But the film is very dark in places the ending is frustrating because it seems not to end just stop. Is Steve Burns/John Forbes the real killer? Is Friedkin really a homophobe that people made him out to be? who knows maybe
a DVD release or dirctors cut would settle some nagging points. Friedkin's DVD releases so far have been exellent.
Summary: Daring, brutal, and a welcome smack in the face to what people
perceive of others.
I LOVED THIS FILM. Come along with me as I explain why Cruising has been unjustifiably hated for silly reasons.
If you've learned all you think you know about the behavior of gay men and lesbians by watching Howard Stern, Jerry Springer and The Man Show, then obviously you'd freak by the revelations in this film. Two things why:
1)Cruising's murder story was not the real reason people got all in a tizzy over this film, it's because they saw all these MASCULINE gay men dancing and kissing and enjoying s&m activities. Let's face it, masculine gay men are considered a threat to heterosexual men. They want non-threatening, weak, effeminite gay characters to keep them in "their" place. Cruising had to have a disclaimer in front of the credits explaining that this film did not represent the gay community as a whole. DUH. That was to calm down all
the gays who were protesting saying "we are not all leather s&m freaks!!" okay, then I say films like The Birdcage and TV's Will & Grace must have a disclaimer that says that the gay community are NOT all drag queens and weak
and effeminite (besides, it's a fact that the largest percentage of cross dressers are heterosexual!) Cruising dared to break ground by showing that gay men, especially the leather subculture, are real and an ever-growing influence. All these kids running around now with piercings and tattoos should realize who was doing that first --the gay leather community in the '70s and '80s.
2)The locations, the activity in the bars, it was as it acutally was (and still is) in many cities (New York, for the film). The characters and extras
were "real" for this story--bearded leathermen enjoying what they do, instead of buffed party circiut boys dancing to the latest Cher tune. This film also dared to show that gay men could listen to music other than Cher and Donna Summer --the bar scenes were blasting with serious hard-driven songs by Willy DeVille, John Hiatt, Rough Trade, The Germs, and The Cripples. THESE are rough, cool, rock songs that put today's pathetic "bands" like Limp Biskit, Korn, Kid Rock, and Saliva to shame!
Find a copy of the soundtrack and look at the photos on the back cover, and you'll see this was some serious, "we're gonna open your eyes" kind of film!
Yes, this film was brutal. It will leave an impression on you. THAT'S A GOOD
THING! It's what film is supposed to do! Amidst all this the journey of Al Pacino's "out of his element" slip into a different mindset was a great touch. It affected his whole being, his treatment of his girlfriend, his whole outlook. And it wasn't just because he got to dance with some leathermen, it was because the murder investigation he was dong was so horrifying. What, you were expecting a sweet ending?
Think of it like this: if this were a film about a lesbian leather culture,
it would be hailed as an erotic masterpiece and after a night out at Hooter's, guys would gather 'round the tv to watch it on a nightly basis. Hmmm,,,,but when it's about MASCULINE gay leathermen, they can't handle it. People, wake up and realize that these gay men are not a threat and jeez, you straight guys need to realize you're not all they want to chase after.
So, Cruising is a successful combination of murder mystery, sex, alternative
lifestyles and subcultures within that, and how getting into something too out of your element could affect you. After all these years, it still packs
a punch and does what it sets out to do: unnerve you. It's a taught thriller
and a mindblower in it's complexities. It brought such controversy that even SCTV did a spoof with a sketch called "The Cruising Gourmet" in which a
leather-clad chef had a turkey on a table with legs held up to posts by chains!
Now, according to a mention in Video Watchdog magazine, back in the '80s
an unrated version of Cruising was available on VHS (possibly Magnetic Video
label?)....does anyone know of where any of these copies are? I'd allow myself to go through some of those scenes in the bars just to have a copy of
Folks, stop giving this film such a rough time! It's an important film and deserves to be recognized since it still can have an effect after all these years. That's pretty darn good.

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    Release the directors cut on DVD now!
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    25 years after its release, it's time to have a DVD version...
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    do it to it!
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    Please release this film in it's original version. It deserves to be re-evaluated.
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    I love this movie and demand the directors cut to be released.
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    Please release Crusisng on DVD
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    I'd like to see this on DVD, so would a lot of other people. It would make you money.
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    That this film isn't ALREADY on DVD is a travesty.
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    this movie is a must for any dvd collection.

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