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We believe that all Australian crocodile hunters be allowed to refer to themselves as "Crocodile Hunters" and specifically, that Crocodile Mick Pitman be able to refer to himself as "The Crocodile Hunter", as the public have been referring to him as "The Crocodile Hunter" for his 20 years in the crocodile hunting industry.

Crocodile Hunters such as Mick Pitman are hunters, and not trappers or professional crocodile documentary makers as such. There is a big difference between one who hunts crocs, and one who watches, teasers and films crocodiles.

This petition will assist authentic crocodile hunters to be acknowledge for what they do.

We urge you to sign this petition for the integrity of the Australian crocodile hunting industry.

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 November 2015200. Steve P
    Name steve peckman Suburb Birkdale, Qld, Australia as every one has said crock hunters are crock hunters steve irwin is a conservationist not a hunter good luck!!
  • 21 November 2015199. Russell G
  • 18 November 2015198. David G
    Suburb Miles Steve Irwin can go and get stuffed. He is no more a hunter than any other brain dead fool from Hollywood. I would like to see him try and justify in Court how he can call himself a "Hunter". Maybe he is "hunting" for a brain.
  • 13 November 2015197. Bennyboy Wells
    Name Bennyboy Suburb something I think that you should just call yourself something else, I mean Steve is known throughout the world, but I wont deny that what you do is actually a croc hunter but I dont think you'll win mate, just call yourself somethin
  • 01 November 2015196. Tony M
    Name tony munro Suburb bellevue heights i agree with crocodile mick
  • 29 October 2015195. Grant Shannon
    Suburb W stuart you rock & roll man
  • 24 October 2015194. Rowan Sloan
    Name В Suburb Rowville If he hunts crocs then he is a crocodile hunter. Simple isn't it?
  • 23 October 2015193. Clint K
    Suburb cabramatta Steve Irwin is an embarrisment to the country
  • 15 October 2015192. Dick Headmickp
    Name Dickhead mick Suburb bumhole your a joke mick
  • 10 October 2015191. Katie Charles
    Name Katie Suburb Weipa Surely the term 'crocodile hunter' describes the job that Mick does. What else could he call himself?
  • 01 October 2015190. Gail F
    Name Gail Suburb Niddrie Vic I watched you on sunrise 12/10/04 & thought to myself you are THE REAL DEAL, I've read your stories.Yes you ARE THE Croc Hunter. Not Irwin, Good Luck to you.
  • 22 September 2015189. Jim S
    Suburb Townsville you're the best Mick
  • 21 September 2015188. Dylan B
    Name Joanne Baird Suburb Avonsleigh how ya goin mick Jo from Weipa
  • 08 September 2015187. Leeanne D
    Name lee-anne Suburb Nanango good on u Mick it's good 2 c u doing so well
  • 03 September 2015186. Kate Y
    Name kate Suburb white gum valley wa want real crocodile hunters to be recognised
  • 31 August 2015185. Tamara Mueller
    Suburb Qld yes I agree that all crocodile hunter out there have this right and ont only one person.
  • 02 August 2015184. Jacqui Clayton
    Suburb beatrice hill darwin i work on one of the jumping croc cruises in the nt we have 3 six metre crocs up here that would like to meet steve
  • 29 July 2015183. Victor E
    Suburb Carter's Ridge Steve Erwin in it for money an should not be doing anymore to promote his helicopter flights ......he is a wanker even all this advertrisment is giving him money he is a wanker
  • 29 July 2015182. Tammy Shepard
    Name tammy Suburb ravenswood i like winning
  • 17 July 2015181. Megan Moore
    Suburb CA , Temecula The real Croc hunter, the one & only croc hunter is Steve Irwin
  • 09 June 2015180. Jim G
    Name Jim Griffin Suburb Scullin ACT 2614 Good luck "Blow em out the water"
  • 02 June 2015179. Ben F
    Name Ben Suburb Gold Coast Stevie Erwin is a gimp anyway. Good to see he leaves the actual hunting to someone who is actually capable. On ya Micko!
  • 16 May 2015178. Emma Skinner
    Suburb bris if you are an actual crocodile hunter , how else can you describe yourself but as a "crocodile hunter " . The whole thing is reminiscent of the UGG debacle earlier this year
  • 30 April 2015177. Brynn English
    Name Brynn Suburb USA I dont see why anyone in the business of hunting crocodiles should not be able to use that name. More power to ya dude!!!
  • 04 April 2015176. Barry Warner
    Suburb Wepia Mick is well known in the Top End of Australia and he is a true croc hunter so Irwin fans can F\%^$& Off
  • 31 March 2015175. Not N
    Suburb Brisbane Mike, you have no chance of winning this battle. The use of the title 'Croc Hunter' is copyrited. Up until a couple years ago you illegally killed and skinned crocodiles! Steve Irwin deserves the title 'Crocodile Hunter' as he raises awar
  • 23 March 2015174. Tony R
    Suburb pialba Mick rules the croc world

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