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January 16, 2005

The International Criminal Court at the Hague


Connie Brauer and Victor Harris
1061 Mines Rd. Falmouth
NS B0P 1L0 Canada
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On behalf of all Canadians, Parents and Children


Federal and Provincial Governments of Canada and
All Canadian Law Societies of Canada and their members.

Crimes Against Humanity

Official Charge of Crimes Against Humanity committed by Canada
and every other country in the world that enforces sole custody of Children
and discourages Equal Shared Parenting.

We are submitting these charges on behalf of 30 million people in Canada, parents and Children in all the so called democratic countries, worldwide. The torture and terrorism committed against upstanding citizens in our country, as well as the US, UK, Australia, NZ and many more, is a raging, unstoppable epidemic. This systematic torture and terrorism has created a devastating effect upon families that is equivalent to world wide tsunamis.

Canada has committed Crimes Against Humanity since 1979, when the Divorce Act was implemented in Canada by Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. The Divorce Act was enforced upon every single Canadian citizen but not the Prime Minister who implemented it. The additional implementation of the Federal Child Support Guidelines in 1997 escalates the violation of all human and parental rights of Canadians.

The Divorce Act violates all: Human Rights, Civil Rights, Parents Rights, Childrens Rights, Legal Rights, Democratic Rights, Privacy Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Divorce Act and its implementation is unconstitutional and violates our very basic civil rights.

April 17, 1982 was significant date in Canadian history and one of great importance to every Canadian. It was on that day that the many freedoms Canadians had long enjoyed became enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, an integral part of our countrys Constitution.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is one of the most important laws we have in Canada. All other laws must conform to it, and this guarantees that all individuals are treated equally, regardless of their race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. ....Sheila Copps, MP. Prelude to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Divorce Act of 1979 and the Federal Child Support Guidelines of 1997, have never complied with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as per law.

The Canadian Government allows the Department of Justice to inflict the most cruel and unusual punishment upon Children and their parents. It has appointed judges, who are accountable to no one and can not be fired or charged, to interfere in families lives. Divorce is a most difficult and emotional time, already. Instead of creating an Equal Divorce with Equal Shared Parenting, it has instituted mass destruction, despair and apartheid.

Couples go to Divorce courts to end their relationship with each other and manage their Children and their assets in an equitable fashion. Instead, the courts Criminalize Divorce. They implement a punitive, adversarial system, that takes a lifetime to heal and correct, if ever. They choose a victim, usually the mother and a perpetrator, usually the father.

They systematically seize everything from both spouses and redistribute everything to one, usually the mother and nothing to the other spouse, usually the father. Children, home, money, income, child support and spousal support are extorted from one spouse and given to the other spouse.

Children and the non custodial parent are now at the mercy of the custodial parent. The non custodial parent will NEVER be allowed to make another parenting decision again. In fact all parental decisions are now and forever made by the judges. The expenses are downloaded to the parents. Child support is garnisheed and charged to the non custodial parent. Any variations must be applied for in court. The continuous recycling of parents through the punitive, court system would bankrupt any business and it most certainly does that to the family. No family can sustain such attacks and thrive. They can barely survive.

Even if joint custody is approved, one spouse will still be forced to pay child support to the other. Often unlimited spousal support is also applied. Child support is further extorted, by allowing any and all extra ordinary expenses. No documents are required. No consultation is necessary. There is no choice.

Child support or spousal support is the most insidious form of slavery and extortion in the 21 st century.
No other parent is legally forced to pay child support to another spouse except the non custodial parent. No other parent is forced by the court to pay additional child care expenses except the non custodial parent. No other parent is legally forced to pay for University expenses except the non custodial parent.

All Canadian Provinces and Territories have conspired to strip parents of their Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They all are complicit in depriving people of their rights and freedoms. They have a big piece of the action. They seize our matrimonial property. They jail parents who cant or wont pay the extortion money that is ordered by the courts. They also rescind drivers licenses at will. A drivers license is essential to the employment and livelihood of Canadians.

The Provincial Governments turn a blind eye to the unconstitutional seizure of Children by Family and Childrens Services. Many of these Children are never returned to the parents and their was no reason to seize them in the first place. Family and Children Services have even more power than the judge. They can make an apprehension order without evidence of child endangerment and the judge rubber stamps the order. Police are called in to seize the child.
Parents who complain, revolt or demonstrate are jailed, beaten and treated as criminals.
And the cycle continues. The Premiers and the Ministers of Community Services are never held accountable. They are inaccessible.

Oh, Canada, What have you done?

The Divorce Act and its implementation is so complicated that it is hard to establish were one level of government starts and the other one ends. This makes it impossible to get Divorce Reform. No one in government will take responsibility. There is no mechanism to hold anyone accountable for anything.

There is not one lawyer, not one law firm, not one politician, not one political party, not one resource and not one Federal Court that is willing to uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for Canadians.

Make no mistake about it. The Divorce /DV Industry, which is a multi-billion dollar, profit sharing industry, based on greed, that has violated the constitutional rights of all parents and their children. This industry spreads the wealth to all at the expense of the family.

We now have lawyers, judges, politicians, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, police, mediators, schools, special interest schools, CCRA ( income tax) and the custodial parent who are all encouraged and implicit in taking control of our lives and our children. These people all profit from the Divorce Industry. Taxpayers and non custodial parent, must pay.

The Canadian Government has consistently violated the Democratic Rights of Canadians by implementing such powerful and all consuming, interfering legislation.

It has even more consistently avoided any and all responsibility, reform, or equalization of this outdated, outlandish and punitive legislation. It sucks the life out of all families and laughs all the way to the bank. Family Law is such a lucrative and powerful industry. No other industry has ever had the unrestricted and complicit approval of the Canadian Government.

The Federal and Provincial politicians are impossible to reach. They are inaccessible. Not one politician who was elected as our representative, has taken any steps to reform the Divorce Industry. Not one Prime Minster has commanded reform. Not one Minister of Justice has stepped up to the plate. Despite thousands of individual complaints from parents in Canada, not one MP has taken any steps to reform the Divorce Act and the Legal System.

Canada is a wasteland when it comes to legal help. The family law lawyers have priced themselves out of reach to the average couple. Legal aid doesnt help anyone with a job. A divorce and the continuous court variation battles necessary, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, for one family. The lawyers that are available are too expensive, too lazy and too adversarial. It is a glaring conflict of interest and should be banned.. The more adversarial and complicated the system, the more money they make. Why pay money, when the decision is already fixed? There is no alternative except self representation and that is always difficult. Most parents are becoming self representers but it puts us at the mercy of the courts. The courts are a secretive and confusing institution. Even an educated self representer is no match for the unknown legalities. No person should have to spend their life in court, over and over again, just to manage their own finances and their own children.

All the Provincial Barristers Associations and the Canadian Bar Association is responsible for ensuring adequate legal counsel to Canadians. They have all failed to provide this. Canada has failed to ensure proper legal counsel for every citizen. This is not an option. Canada imposes these legal monstrosities upon us and then forces us to fend for ourselves.

Yes, we have a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but they are unenforceable! No Canadian court is willing to uphold our (Canadians) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

We have gone to the Supreme Court of NS at least 22 times, in the past 12 years, searching for equal rights, equal parenting and justice. Not once did we receive a fair outcome. We have applied for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be upheld in the Federal Court of Canada. It was denied. We appealed and it was denied also. We applied for financial resources and legal counsel to uphold our constitutional rights. Denied. We filed a Crimes Against Humanity charge against the government. It was returned. The Federal Court of Appeal has the unilateral right to deny anything it wants. This is Unconstitutional. We have applied to every Government Dept and resource available. Denied. We have called the Prime Ministers Office. No answer. We have called our own elected MP. No answer. We keep trying, knowing full well we will be denied. There is not one single Civil Rights lawyer in Canada. They hide. Why? Because they dont want us to ruin their government approved, parasitic legal practices. Family law is the most profitable industry in Canadas legal system.

There is no use in continuous court challenges in Canada. Canada has made it abundantly clear that no one is entitled to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in this country.

It is astounding and hypocritical of Prime Minister Martin to go to other countries and demand human rights and we have the worlds worst record of human rights, right here, in Canada.

It is inhumane and unconstitutional, that Canada can spend billions of dollars depriving us of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and not one cent in upholding our rights and freedoms.

Canada is a nation of discrimination. It has implemented a vast network of funding and resources for women but absolutely nothing for men.
With a 2002-2003 grants & contributions budget of $10.750 million, and 50.25 FTEs involved in its direct delivery and management, the Women's Program (WP) is the largest single component of Status of Women Canada's (SWC) operations. The Program contributes to the department's mandate to promote gender equality through the more than 200 community-based initiatives funded annually in the areas of violence elimination, economic autonomy and social justice.

Not one dollar is spent on male gender equality, elimination of violence for men or male resources of any kind.It discriminates against men, boys and fathers every single day. It discriminates against parents. This discrimination of men, parents, Children and families has resulted in Crimes Against Humanity. When a country discriminates against men, it discriminates against everybody.

When our rights are violated, nothing else matters. It has created a system that systematically tortures and terrorizes Canadian families. What does this teach our children?

Canadas Federal and the Provincial governments invade every aspect of our lives and destroys all individual parenting choices. It leaves our Children with poor skills and values and massive Parental Alienation. It has destroyed successive generations of families. Our Children will repeat what they learn. The next generation is already destroyed. Canada is practicing a form of genocide. No person will ever want to willingly become parents.
No couple ever voluntarily gave up control of their most precious possessions to the courts to distribute at their will.

Unless something is done right away, our country will continue to torture and terrorize our most vulnerable of citizens. Families! In fact, Canada is working to violate our rights even more.

Our country, both Federally and Provincially, systematically destroys, parenting values, parents, children, men, women, lives, incomes, careers, schools, education, health and welfare, dreams, goals, a lifetime of achievements, business, economy, relationships, generations of families and basic common sense, daily. It has caused thousands of bankruptcies, poverty and suicides. It causes ill will, ill health and despair, every single day.

All this destruction is caused by unequal divorce and unequal, non shared parenting of our children. Never before have so many people been harmed by so few. No other person has their rights violated so systematically, repeatedly and so pervasely as the non custodial parent. No other person has their privacy so raped and pillaged.

Our country and all the countries around the world engaged in this madness, are unconstitutional.
Even the Hague Conference on International Law is1. Working draft of a Convention on the international recovery of child support and other forms of family maintenance (Work. Doc. No 34 of 17 June 2004)

They want to extort child support but not provide access to the child. How can they? If its International then the two parents are in separate countries! How can the Hague even consider condoning this?

Canada has had 7 Prime Ministers and multiple Ministers of Justice since the implementation of the Unconstitutional Divorce Act. Not one of these politicians have upheld the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
The Canadian Government does not keep statistics on the gross inhumanities it implements upon families. They should.
Canada is unconstitutional and guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

We must stop the torture and terrorism of Canadian families. Now.

Restitution Requested.

1. Declare the Canadian Government Unconstitutional and Dissolve it.
2. Rescind the Divorce Act immediately.
3. Terminate the Federal Child Support Guidelines immediately.
4. Terminate all family court orders as being unconstitutional.
5. Implement Equal Divorce and Equal Shared Parenting Immediately.
6. Return control of our Children, our income, our finances and our assets to the parents.
7. No child support and no spousal support.
8. Each parent to be responsible for their own parenting expenses.
9. Once a divorce is final, the matrimonial property equally distributed, the Children equally shared, there should be no further financial obligation by either spouse to the other ex spouse.
10. Each parent to provide unlimited, reasonable equal access to their children.
11. No excuses. Remove the money and people will work together.
12. No parental move-a-ways unless both parents approve the move in writing.
13. No out of country move -a -ways allowed.
14. Apply financial compensation to ALL victims.
15. All non custodial parents to receive a full refund of all money garnisheed since the Divorce, times ten.
16. All Children who have been deprived of their parents to receive financial compensation.
17. All parents who have had their Children unconstitutionally seized by Provincial Family and Children Services to receive financial compensation.
18. We are asking for $900 Billion Dollars to be paid by the governments and shared by the victims of mass destruction.
19. Both Federal and Provincial governments must be held accountable.
20. This expense not to be born by the taxpayers.
21. We are asking for a Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Divorced Families worldwide, to be upheld in all courts.
22. We are asking for the immediate establishment of a Civil Rights Tribunal for all countries at the expense of each country. Each country to have their own, accessible, civil rights court.
23. Each and every citizen must have their rights upheld in court, provided free by the government.
24. All Legal Societies of Canada and all its members to contribute to the compensation program to compensate the victims of mass destruction.
25. The establishment of an honest, accountable, affordable Legal Society in Canada that is dedicated to the clients and not to the lawyers. Affordable flat fees. Currently they are only there for their members, only.
26. The overhaul of the Federal and Provincial Court Systems to be honest, accountable, accessible, economical, non discriminating and equal to all citizens.
27. A user friendly, alternative solution, to aid and assist Divorcing couples and their families.
28. Make the police accountable to serve and protect the people and not for the benefit of the government.
29. To establish a Justice Department accountable to the citizens and not the Government as they currently are.
30. To uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Evidence List:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


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