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Dear Realtime World,

I wish to congratulate you on a job well done on your latest game release, Crackdown. With the mind of GTA creator David Jones at the helm and the technology of the Xbox 360, Crackdown has become one of the best games of early 2007.

However, despite the great features and financial success of Crackdown, they are some traits of Crackdown that make an acute gamer, such as myself, ponder on how they got past the QA testing.

One such trait is the lack of restart. With only save slot in the Xbox 360 hard drive, it makes no sense whatsoever to force the player to delete their own file to start a game. The ability to restart gangs but keeping your character progress shouldve been the one of the key topics mentioned the development cycle, but this seems to be ignored with the commercial release of Crackdown.

Continuing further, the major flaw within the game is lack of difficulty and endgame. Once your character is maxed out, there isnt much else to do in the game. Even on psychotic difficulty, the game can be still be defeated without as much of a challenge when compared to other games like Ninja Gaiden Black, Doom, or Halo; games that have been legends in their own right due to their extreme difficulty that only a few gamers can overcome.

As such, this petition is for a Marketplace download for an increased difficulty setting and the option to restart gangs, which may be unlocked by defeating the game first in any difficulty.

Here are some suggestions for the increased difficulty, and the reasons behind the suggestions in brackets.

- Increased Healthbars for the common thugs (Some of the more memorable battles are always with the leader. This is mainly due to the fact that they take more punishment and have multitudes of enemies swarming at the player. With an increased healthbar, it would make the enemies take a few more beatings before going down, even if they are hit by a rocket launcher. As the player advances through the gangs, the healthbars increase)

- Better weapons for the common thugs (As above, the gang bodyguards also tend to be better armed. They have machine guns, rocket launchers, and other kill-or-miss weapons. Imagine a difficulty where almost every thug has machine guns, heat seeking rocket launchers, and other powerful items at their disposal. Agents playing at this difficulty will already have the best weapons and maxed out abilities, so using heat seeking rockets or a powerful sniper is no longer an option, but a requirement.)

- Bigger groups (Increasing the number of enemies means more fire power on the gang side and a bigger problem for the agent. For every bullet the agent fires, the gang can fire six or eight. This alone will present a challenge to the player)

- Ironman Mode (In Diablo 2, there was a setting for Multiplayer called hardcore, where you make a character and if he/she were to ever die, that character would be lost forever. Crackdown should have an option for simply restarting the gangs if the player were to ever die, and he can only save on Supply Points. Ironman mode would be solo-only and on psychotic difficulty.)

- Bigger explosions (Increase the explosion radius of all explosives from all gangs, somewhere along the lines of 2 stars of an agent. Grenades and rocket launchers will be something to be feared by the player now; especially if its on Ironman mode)

- Increased Hit Squad chance (Hit Squads is perhaps one of the most dangerous things to happen to an Agent. But to initiate a hit squad takes a lot of killing and patience. By simply increasing the rate to get a Hit Squad, players will need to learn how to cover or watch their aggression, especially if they have more health and better weapons)

The co-op community will also greatly benefit for this, because since this difficulty is for maxed out agents only, it would mean that players can easily jump into another maxed out agents game and still expect a great challenge from the game.

With these increased difficulty settings, the ability to restart gangs, and the Ironman mode, there will be much replayability for the player due to more options and challenges given to him. While Time Trials is a great idea, it is not something Crackdown should rely upon to get players to continue playing.


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