CRACK DOWN ON The Global Covert Terror Attack Operation of The United States' Pentagon sign now

It is essentially & urgently warning the states & countries to sophisticated examine, pay attention to & seal off the total open vulnerability gaps of national air defence capabilities from which the Pentagon's global hit squads of the United States have been 24/7 aggressively, destructively & hostilely exploiting successfully all the time after 2001 as long as of today, to penetrate & deliver their act of terror attacks & en-damaging activities in human lost & property damaged.

[Transcontinental Stealth Striking: US Ground Through Space Mirror Vehicles into Any Territories on Human Factor Targets & Electronic, optical & Electric Equipments]
A top secret undisclosed special force of the Pentagon's, in the US ground bases, at their fingertips and freedom of their evil & hostile will, uses their space vehicles as mirroring complexes delivering their ground based photon laser beam aimed at striking through most foreign countries' territory.
For years from 2003 to present, those squads have covertly & freely assaulted many specific individuals & daily newly picked human targets in foreign countries (EU: Norway, Netherlands, so on; Asia: Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, so on); As matter of fact, its own territory - the United States were being tested first for the attack weapon system by the Pentagon for several years before 2001. It's proven it stealth in term of the useless of the air defence complexes' detection and none of awareness of the service personnel & equipments were attacked by the beams .

[The Pentagon Global Delivery of Terror Attack Activities]
The Pentagon's squads are freedom & still stealth on 24/7 delivering foreign territory deep penetrations & a wide range attack vector of covert terror attack activities at most country's territories & international territories. They have committed attack actions at differential consequence levels in last years under a tactical scatter way so well scrutiny in
disguise their trails so perfectly from detected. They can do it any time, in anywhere & on almost anyone. Here are some critical facts of their act in real world activities.
Transcontinental penetration & strike in global scope; Deep penetrating any-time most countries that undetected.
In real time of seconds, in Laser beams, taking down, degrading performance, malfunctioning, badly & deliberately interfering almost any human targets (& animals such as dogs,...) & electronic & electric equipments & hand-held devices.
Continent-wide projecting particular laser beams carrying wrapped-up stream of brainwaves aimed at directly injecting in separate targets' head to do on-the-fly induce almost human targets to do almost any kind of things & actions that the squads run through the targets. Their evil act is most induced.

[Most Countries Breached by The Pentagon's Attack Operation]
Most countries are wide open & vulnerable to this tactical & strategical back-stab & strike activities being 24/7 active by the Pentagon's. It is aimed at urgently warning International community of the fact of real threats that, for years as of today, those global hit squads of the Pentagon have been being 24/7 actively operative on through-outer-space laser beam assaulting Vietnam at human factor targets as the Pentagon's the US particular strategical & state enemy target; of course, other countries in this region in their targets as well; further more, other countries in other regions around the globe also such as Eastern EU, North EU & Asia (Norway, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, and so on) have been breached by this weapon system of the Pentagon's covert attack operation; it might have been in Central Asia & Middle East as well.
The Vietnam state should be urged to acknowledge the Pentagon's threat to the national security, individuals & society being breached by the 24/7 actively through-outer-space laser beam attacking of the Pentagon as of now. We are going to reveal the Pentagon's hit squads' hostile covert assault activities scattered committed in last years and might-be incoming.

You are breaking the Western Silence rule, we are going to silent it with our own rules. - that is what these hit squads of the Pentagon of the United States' transmitted their voices as their words of threatening at times; but it is being still until their final command order is issued to silent it. There are somebodies most likely may serve physical evidences on it of the Pentagon's have tried & intended to have official contacts with the Counter-Intelligence Agencies for evidence scrutiny & sophisticated examinations & collects; the Pentagon has been feared to be revealed in such manner and they have ordered those squads to suppress it as most as possible even to put a silence to it if any of the worse circumstance although it is not surely on it yet.

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