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In 2006, October 06th, we urgently warned international public communities, national counter-intelligence agencies, news agencies (Russia, Vietnam, China, French) live physical evidences & leads of through-space satellite hostile direct beaming bombarding attack penetrated the countries by the United States ground based C.I.A. global hit teams that we have discovered & followed up for several years, and urged to crack down on this global transcontinental covert terror & terrorist attack operation of CIA that secretly in the loose & in the wild conducting destruction sabotage & hostile terror attack activities targeting countries, aimed at attacking on human factor, including but not limit to individuals from distant localities to central areas, small groups, state & locality authorities officials, military officials, security force personnel, corporations,...with the support and the use of space satellites as stalking relays & transcontinental hostile attacking delivery vehicles for the specialized stealthily hostile attack weapon of direct beaming designated to attack specifically the human factor in mental and physical attack vector & damage in a specialized way that the US global hit teams can run through individuals in targets for them to implant & implement CIA (a part of NSA, after 2001) terror attack & sabotage activities in territory of the countries.

Additional, with this transcontinental attack weaponry system, the CIA global hit teams have been covertly & deliberately implementing freely electronics warfare attack & sabotage activities on electric & electronic equipment & infrastructure of other countries (flights, computer systems,...). For years from 2005 to 2009, they have been totally successful time by time through space penetrating national security defense of countries, and backstabbing covertly people and the state in politic, economy, culture & custom practices, society and military sphere, and not been detected so far. We keep you updated & informed on this CIA covert terror attack operation. Particularly, it can live detect its 24/24 operational & active existence in Vietnam for a fact that Vietnam has been constantly penetrated at the back secretly by CIA using this attack weapon system, for years from 2003 (or a few years earlier) to present. This direct beaming runs sharp & narrow like a laser beam, so it is out of awareness & detection of many countries. And, as a physical evidence, airports of the countries - Norway (2009+), Japan (2008+), Korea (2007+), Taiwan (2005+), Vietnam (2003+), Singapore (2005+), Malaysia (2005+) in years from 2005 to 2009 have been penetrated through by CIA attacks on flights, flight crews, flight on-board people, airport personnel, people & electronic equipment, that CIA hit team has used satellites & this weapon; it was stalking the flights all the courses. Tthe United States' can successfully implant & implement secretly those remote terror attacks inside most countries anytime at their fingertips in the U.S. bases.

And, let look into the following to get hand-on a brief of the purpose, attack vector & terror attack activity that CIA has constantly targeted & penetrated Vietnam for, from this one to another; Pham D Khanh, a Vietnamese in Vietnam, being stalked 24/24 by the United States ground based CIA hit team using space satellites in delivery of the direct beaming hostile attack on him. What the CIA's have been illegally driving him in opposing to the state, hating the state's and people? The CIA hit team has been running through him to covertly implant & implement CIA hostile attack 'vehicles' against Vietnam with being undetected. As to his offical public reports on his case of the tortures, terror attacks, repeated humiliation in phony 'prosecutions', threatening to physical damage to his body parts & his relatives & acquaintances, it is a part of torture & terror techniques of the global CIA hit teams has been implementing on covert attack with this weapon system for years so far, that is kind of 'a prisoner of CIA' as to his report of what their remote injected communications to his brain. Let check his reports he published at web addresses:

He is not the only one in Vietnam being stalked for terror attacks of CIA global hit teams implementing psyche attacks to covertly drive political & social disturbance & movement, to create up dissidents & opposition (both in each individual and gathering in small groups) in mistrusting & hating the authorities and the state, the business affair environment. From 2005 to present, CIA hit teams have implemented sort of attacks onto many individuals & groups of people in Vietnam without their consent & knowledge that reside scattering from South to North of Vietnam. We have known a number of individuals that one of CIA hit teams secretly has been running through their psyche in attacks aimed at secretly stirring them into some illegal forms of dissidence & opposition to the state, the authorities from state to localities, the business affair environment of Vietnam. Daily time by time, this CIA hit team runs 24/24 satellite direct beaming to implant & implement such hostile attack & sabotage activities on this one to that one, this one to another one in chain of acquaintance scattering from North to South, from this place to that place in Vietnam. Let see a short of list of their typical psyche attack implemented on each individuals with no consent such as forcing the targets in reading & spreading (to relatives, friends, acquaintance, and so on the chains) the illegal dissidence contents (websites, articles) host distorted & mis-formed information targeted the state, society, business environment; forcing individuals in random into negative distorted thoughts. Reminding that using this weapon system, the CIA hit teams has used satellites to inject streams of brainwaves holding CIA thoughts & commands to force the targets secretly in CIA's manipulation & behavior control. Here is a special note; to force thoughts & drive the targets in Vietnam not speaking English, the CIA hit teams have attack operators speaking Vietnamese language to wrap up their brain with thoughts in Vietnamese. That's how they have been doing psyche attacks on many individuals in Vietnam & outside Vietnam nowadays.

The CIA global hit teams secretly injected implants in a number of people when they were abroad in countries that CIA had the operatives. Then, anytime anywhere the implanted ones have traveled to, returned home, the CIA hit teams stalk them for torture, terror attack, putting them in silence and under control. They energize the implants with their satellite direct beaming, and let the implants to beam back to the satellites internal captured brainwaves of the implants so that they have thoughts of the implanted. A new deep search & sophisticated body scanners in airports should be in R&D & deployed for national security protection of states to this attack vector of the United States.

Discovery of the Truth: The United States government nowadays has most secret sophisticated hostile attack weapon to implement & implant sabotages in bringing damages to human life & property in Vietnam and other countries.

CIA can completely conceal the participation of them during the attack activities of the covert operation, while only whom the CIA covertly uses are pinpointed.

A watch:
- people are frequently targeted by CIA hit teams using this hostile weapon system in attacks would have their neck beamed frequently at least to lock up vents (acupuncture points pinpoint) to control brain blood circulation in down and high; and the beaming raises heat & scleroses to the neck you can feel as checking, that is painful they want to run over people.
- their beaming always aims at, at the point of on-the-fly attack of the beaming, locking down your vents at the neck to halt temporarily your brain processing so the remote thought & command brainwave stream injection to be in effect & forced with thoughts & remote commands.

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