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This is something that I have been upset about for a while now. I called Cox Communications a while ago and I learned that when my parents signed onto the Cox contract Servers. You may not operate, or allow others to operate, servers of any type or any other device, equipment, and/or software providing server-like functionality in connection with the Service, unless expressly authorized by Cox. ( I was talking to Cox and they said that that includes making game host servers for playing games such as Unreal Tournament 2004. They said to me on the phone that It takes up to much bandwidth and slows down the neighborhood and then we start to get phone calls from people saying that there service is going slow (Cox Communications phone call) I then said You mean to tell me that I pay all this money to surf the Internet and check my mail? (Cox Communications phone call). I then asked Why are some of the ports open then? Cox said I do not know why some of the ports are open but I do know that the port 21 is open so that you can ftp to your web space that we provide. They said that I would have to get a different account, a business account with static ip addresses. Knowing from one of my friends that has that service agrees that that price is an awful price they said that for there particular business package that it is $150.00! This is not something that I am willing to pay. We have our cable, telephone and Internet from Cox. In the times that we are in only more and more people are going to want to run there own server on there residential account, this coming from interest. If Cox made there service better and cheaper they could have so many customers there would be almost no dial-up customers left and that is what Cox wants in my vision. I have seen many Cox commercials about Cox fiber optics lines. But guess what... I sure don't see fiber optics coming into my house, I see a stiff coax copper cable that is slow and bulky. It can only handle so much. Look up on google how much bandwidth can coax cable handle. If you have fiber optics coming into the house you could have a much higher speed for a smaller cost and the network would not slow down much even under the most stressful situations. There are fiber optics in the telephone poles as far as I know but they converted to Coax at a junction box where they meet. This is going to have to happen eventually so why not now. I want to see all this money I am paying for the Internet go towards some kind on new innovation. Even though On 22 April, 1977, General Telephone and Electronics sent the first live telephone traffic through fiber optics, at 6 Mbit/s, in Long Beach, California. ( This is something that should have been done by now. The end of my conversation with Cox ended like this. He started out saying You get three strikes, letters will be sent to your primary email address. Your first strike it gets shut off and you have to call to have it turned back on second strike works the same way, third strike and you are blacklisted from Cox network (Cox Communications phone conversation) In conclusion the excuses given by Cox do not fulfill any logical explanation. All the ports that I want to use are open except for port 80 which of coarse is web hosting. If you have any questions on this please contact me at [email protected]


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