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In a world where not much is happening to gladden our hearts, the media seem to feel the need to take away the little pleasure ordinary people find in life.
When we turn on our televisions or pick up our newspapers, we read about the earthquake in LAquilla, the mass murder in Alabama, the terrorist attack in Baghdad, collapse of big corporations worldwide, super-swindler Maddoff and of course police brutality in London.
But that is not enough; the media has to kill the little joy we experience in our daily life.
Why this sudden massive media gang-up against Roger Federer? Does the world hate a winner? Not so long ago, the media hailed him as the best, most talented tennis player the world had ever seen. They named him the maestro. Now they mock him. They analyse and brutalise him. They call him arrogant when in the past he was humble and accommodating. They say he criticises other players and yet he wins the players award again for the fifth straight year.
When he had glandular fever in 2008, he knew there was the likelihood he could lose matches and was prepared for that, believing the fastest way to get back to full fitness was by playing, but then the media frenzy truly started.
It became intense before Wimbledon and cruel after the Championships. The world knew what that defeat must have meant and we cried with him. The losses he suffered in the summer were received with such enthusiasm that you wonder whether the media had ever liked Roger Federer.
Their disappointment when he won the US Open was clear for all to see.
His back injury in the autumn was met with cynicism.
And now; now they are having a field day because he has not won a title since Basel in October!
Why do the men of the press want to kill the spirit of this man who has given the world so much pleasure with his champagne tennis, won the Fan Favourite Award for six years, is voted the Most Popular Player by his fellow pros for five consecutive years and is considered the best sportsman in all sports winning the Laureaus Award the last four years?
Is it unrealistic for this fine athlete to have the ambition to regain his Number 1 ranking? Surely if he has no such desire there would be no need for him to pick up a racket and play tennis again.
I ask - Is the world of tennis ready to lose Roger Federer? I think not. Tennis is not the same without him and will never again be the same should he hang up his racket.
The media should take note. The fans of Roger Federer have risen in protest and would counter any more negative and sneering remark of our favourite star both from commentators and the media.
A note of warning to other players.
What happens when you lose a few matches? I think you know what to expect. Djokovic last year is a case in point.

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    I support this petition
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    I support this petition
  • 08 November 201548. Monkey F
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  • 28 October 201547. Lizzie K
    Respect for a lovely guy and a true champion always
  • 28 September 201546. Maxine A
    I support this petition
  • 02 September 201545. Shruti K
    I support this petition
  • 23 August 201544. Grace D
    Chris Fowler & Brad Gilbert not only dis players but chat loudly during the point about personal stuff unrelated to the match. They make me miserable. I love tennis & would like to enjoy watching it..
  • 15 May 201543. Pat U
    I support this petition
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  • 25 June 201436. Jollean B
    I wish the media would get off Roger Federer's back and leave him be.
  • 11 May 201435. Maria V
    I support this petition
  • 14 April 201434. Chris S
    Please TRY to reserve some credentials for journalism as a profession.
  • 04 November 201333. Avantika Wilkins
    I support this petition
  • 01 September 201332. Deborah T
    A great champion deserves a fair tennis media.
  • 27 May 201331. Rabia R
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  • 21 May 201330. Salina C
    I like it..
  • 19 May 201329. Emil J
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