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As you know, according to the new rule, students who
pass B.Tech after May 2004 will get separate marklists
for S8 and other semesters. The S8 Exam date is also
written on top of the degree certificate. Both these
measures will affect the future and career of these

Some authorities have explained this as a measure to
separate between supplementary and non-supplementary
candidates and prevention of negligence by students.
But this is not true and the new rule is clearly
unfair and unnecessary as shown by the following

1. The new rule will cause the following inequalities
among students

- Example 1:Inequality between new and old
supplementary students
A Student who pass B.Tech by passing one or two S6/S7
supplementary exams conducted in June '04 or any other
exam conducted after May '04 will not get the
consolidated marklist,
while students who had higher number of supplementary
exams and took higher number of chances to clear other
semesters, but managed to clear the final semesters
(S6, S7 & S8) in the first chance will get the
consolidated marklist.

The chances for each semesters before May '04 are
shown below.

S1-S2 - 3
S3 - 3
S4 - 3
S5 - 2
S6 - 1
S7 - 1
S8 - 1

-Example 2:Inequality between supplementary students
who took equal number of chances.
Student 1 clears his S1-S2 in the 2nd chance, but
clears S3 in the 4th chance (after May'04). (Total
Student 2 clears both his S1-S2 and S3 in the 3rd
chance (before May'04).(Total chances=3+3=6).
Hence both students have took equal number of chances.
Student 2 will get the consolidated marklist but
Student 1 though equally deserving will not get the
consolidated marklist,
even if Student 1 had lesser number of supplementary
exams than Student 2 and both cleared other semesters
before May '04.
Generally, students with lower no of semester
marklists(hence took less chances) may not get
consolidated marklist while others with higher number
of marklists, but completed their B.Tech before May
'04 will get consolidated marklist.

-Example 3:Students with high marks also penalised.
Student 1 clears B.Tech with an aggregate of 70\%, but
could clear S6 only in 2 chances or S3 in 4 chances.
Student 2 clears B.Tech barely with an aggregate of
60\% before May '04 (with or without backlogs)
Student 1 will not get the consolidated marklist while
Student 2 will.
This means even students who are weak in one out of
the 55 subjects of B.Tech will get penalised severely.

More examples can be provided, but are avoided to keep
the issue simple.
All examples show, how unfair it is to design a rule
for the eligibility of receiving consolidated marklist
based on either of the following criteria is clearly
1) time of clearing B.Tech (In the present case:
before/after May '04) or the
2) number of chances taken to clear a subject or
3) number of supplementary examinations written. or
4) the percentage of marks scored.

Because a student who is better than another one in
any of the above areas may be weaker in another area.
With the new rule a student who happens to be weak in
say, criteria 1 will not get the consolidated marklist
even if he is good in the other three areas.

So, if some supplementary students are issued
consolidated marklists(as already done for candidates
before May '04), then it is only fair to issue
consolidated marklists to other supplementary
candidates also(Those who passed after May '04)

2. The rule should have been communicated to the
student in time

Whether fair or unfair any change in rules regarding
such extremely important issues should be communicated
to the student before the start of the course so that
students would be able to plan. (eg. whether to clear
arrears or to get high percentage)

3. The new rule has cheated many students

Many students have concentrated on their S8 exams,
even while giving less importance to supplementary
exams in hope of getting the consolidated marklist in
accordance with the old rule. These students
sacrificed their arrear exams and due to this, 6
months to 1 year after the course. So, as indicated in
point 2, such rules should not be changed unfavorably
towards the students, since they affect the planning
of the entire course.

4. Supplementary students already pay the penalty
(even before the implementation of the new rule)

It should be considered that to clear B.Tech, a
student has to clear 55 different subjects related to
engineering fundamentals, the area of specialisation
and management.
It's not always negligence of studies that is the
reason for failing in subjects. Disease is common
reason. Many students specialise in some subjects and
that makes them skilled in those subjects, but may
lead to failure in other subjects. In this era of
specialization such skilled students should not be
discouraged by giving them a separated final year
marklist. Such students are totally different from
totally negligent students. Please understand that
when rules such as year-outs and the new rules are
implemented to prevent negligence of studies, such
hard-working and skilled students are also punished.
Supplementary(or improvement) exams are also an
opportunity to encourage students to sharpen their
skills in the subject rather than passing with a
partial knowledge.

It's widely known that exams are only one way of
testing skills and performance and it's not the last
word to that. After all, the ultimate aim of education
is acquisition of knowledge and skills. We believe
those aims should not be hindered by the new rule. Of
course, negligence should be punished, but rules
already exist for that. Students already get separate
marklists for each supplementary exam they have in the
semester. (This is so, even while some premier
institutions provide slightly modified single
marklists for all semesters, even for S8.). Students
are already punished for negligence in each semester
and rewarded for performance. This will be clarified
by the following points.

-Students who pass all semesters in the first attempt
are rewarded.
-Students who clear all subjects in first chance with
75\% in aggregate are rewarded with distinction or
'honours certificate'.
-Others who clear all subjects in first attempt get
single marklists for all their semesters. They can
the marklists as a proof of passing all subjects in a
single chance.
So, non-supplementary students are already at an

-How supplementary students are already penalised
Students are already repelled from failing exams by
the following prospects.
-Loss of 'honours' and distinction.
-Mental Suffering and Loss of confidence increasing
more than proportionally to the number of arrears.
-Long periods of wait between time of writing regular
exams and results of supplementary examinations. (For
2000 admissions and before. 1st Supplementary -22
months, 2nd Supplementary -34 months)
-Effort required for clearing supplementary
examinations is much more because they come in between
the regular examinations. The effort increases more
than proportionally with the number of arrears.
-This will create possibilities for even more arrears.
-Separation of marklist for the semesters
-Possibility of leaving out arrears to save regular
exams causing pending arrears.
-Lose of opportunities in campus placement since
arrear exam marks are also counted.
Those students who are still not afraid of the above
concerns, are not going to be possibly concerned by
any new rules such as year-outs or loss of
consolidated marklists. They are the totally negligent
students. So it is unnecessary to impose additional
penalty on supplementary candidates.

5. Other problems

Point 4 is not a justification of arrear exams and it
may seem absurd in case of many other universities,
but CUSAT conditions and rules were very harsh and
unfair and still are in some aspects.

-None of the revaluation results came before the
corresponding supplementary exams resulting in writing
of unnecessary arrears.
-On a positive revaluation result, the arrear exam is
cancelled resulting in waste of time, effort and money
of the students.
-Due to this fact, motivation to perform well
decreases in the arrear exam which whose regular paper
was given for revaluation.
-Unnecessary arrears coming in between the schedule of
regular exams cause additional arrears. This was a
very irresponsible action from the part of the
-There were no six-month supplementary chances before
May '04 as implemented in other universities.
-The new improvements made to the system are no
justification to the new rule since most students who
are affected by the new rule haven't got these
-Other unstable rules like the new rule.
-Irrelevant subjects of 1st year for modern branches
as CSE, IT & ECE.
-Low percentage of marks in external exams compared to
other universities, especially outside universities(
Reason maybe only essay type questions that put stress
on handwriting).
-High percentage of other universities have resulted
in increase of cut-off marks by companies resulting in
students of outside universities getting shortlisted
for selection.
-Students of CUSAT are already therefore, losing
opportunities. The new rule only decrease their
chances of surviving in the today's increasingly
competitive job market. It is the 'last straw'.

Considering all the above facts we hope that you will
sympathetically consider that if the new rule is
implemented, future of many students of CUSAT will be
harmed since the final year marklist is of much
importance even in admission to jobs where experience
is stressed. Should the authorities find that this new
rule is absolutely necessary, please apply it to the
new admissions only, since they have not yet given
their first year exams and that too with prior and
explicit notice, since this is a very critical rule
which students have to be careful through all 4 years
of B.Tech.

On behalf of the
Students Of CUSAT and affiliated colleges.

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