Condemn the suspicious deaths of political prisoners in Islamic Republic jails! Release Behrooz Javid Tehrani sign now

Release Behrooz Javid Tehrani

Condemn the suspicious deaths of political prisoners
in Islamic Republic of iran's jails!

Just imagine ten years, twenty years, and a lifetime of flogging, torture and solitary confinement instead of kind, gentle and heartfelt touch of your beloved ones.
Having been deprived of familys and friends loving and caring is a psychological torture in itself and yet, imagine adding physical torture to it. This would make life unbearable even for one day.
It would be unimaginable to even contemplate such destiny for a human being and yet, this is the fate of all those locked up in Islamic Republic of Irans medieval jails as Political Prisoners.

Inside the Islamic Republics state controlled jails, prisoners are subjected to the most barbaric and inhumane maltreatments; Amputation of parts of body, gauging of the eyes, flogging, stoning to death and finally, execution. Human life is basically worthless through the eyes of the rulers of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Recently, this inhumane and barbaric regime has found the audacity to embark on inflicting suspicious crimes on the defenceless political prisoners, particularly those held in the horrific and notorious Evin and Gohardasht prisons.
In the recent months, two political prisoners were murdered inconspicuously at these prisons. No prison authority has yet been held responsible for either of these crimes.
Amir Heshmat Saran, a political prisoner, and Omidreza Mir Sayaffi, a weblog author are two of such recent victims who lost their lives under extremely suspicious circumstances in Islamic Republics jails.

Behrooz Javid Tehrani is a young Iranian student Human Rights activist whos been held captive in Islamic Republics prisons for over ten years, while enduring daily psychological and physical torture. Nevertheless, he has remained defiant and has not given up resistance.
Behrooz has spent many months in solitary confinement and has endured the most brutal forms of medieval torture at the notorious Evin prison. Two years ago he was transferred to Gohardasht which according to some political inmates, is reputed for being The end of the ROAD!
Here at Gohardasht he has been held in Section 1 which is designated for solitary confinements and inflicting brutal torture.

Below, we read his last letter to the Outside World which was smuggled out covertly. In his letter, he states that hes been receiving death threats by his captors and that his life is in danger.
Here, the ghastly executioners have exceeded all inhumane boundaries. I have no other alternative but to resort to hunger strike and seek your support to find a safe haven for me.
Today, 6 April 2009, when my sister came to visit me, the barbaric behaviour of my jailers towards me and my sister in the visitors hall annihilated my patience. They not only subjected me to the most disgraceful and humiliating type of body search and inspection, and even confiscated the smallest piece of paper and a phone number I was carrying, but they also did worse than that to my sister. The visitors halls wardens, Misters Islamic, Ahmadi and Khosravi, and Mrs. Shahbazi behaved most callously towards me and my family who had only come to visit me. They only granted us 3 minutes just to be awkward with us. My sister had tried for a month to be given the chance to visit me and had travelled from Tehran to Karaj. And yet they only gave us 3 minutes to talk. Our objections to their behaviour only caused more violence towards us. This kind of behaviour was of course contrived by the management and higher authorities of Gohardasht prison.
The day Amir Heshmat Saran died (Murdered) under extremely suspicious circumstances, the prison authorities instructed us to keep quiet about it and not to mention anything to anyone. As everyone knows, we did quite the opposite and exposed the circumstances under which Amir Heshmat lost his life.
For sometime now, no one in this prison has been following up my ill health. My health has been deteriorating due to the inflicted tortures by the Ministry for Security. The prison clinic at Rajayee Shahr prison refuses to refer me to a civilian hospital as I need to have a M.R.I. scan done to diagnose my illnesses. I have been suffering from the loss of 50\% of my vision due to blows to the back of my head which has partially damaged the rear side of my brain.
Today, in my familys presence, the head warden threatened me: You counter revolutionary idiot, you will soon join your friend Saran!
Dear compatriots, I have been captive for over ten years as a political prisoner; since the students uprising on 9 July 1998. Have I any option other than starting a hunger strike?

Behrooz Javid Tehrani
The last survivor of 9 July students uprising in Rajayee Shahr prison
6 April 2009

Remembering the Serial murders of the political prisoners within Irans jails, we the undersigned hereby express our deepest concerns regarding Behrooz Javid Tehranis situation and demand his immediate unconditional release. Behrooz is in desperate need of medical attention and needs to return to his family.
Torture and execution should not be the reward for a Human Rights activist.
By signing this petition, we show our sincere appreciation of what he has endured for the past ten years and show our solidarity with him until the moment he is released.
We also demand the inspection of Irans prisons by an international envoy under the supervision of the United Nations and the Human Rights Watch. In particular, the situation at Section 1 of Gohardasht and Section 209 of Evin prisons need a close and thorough investigation by meeting the prisoners whose names shall be disclosed by us. We demand a one to one and private interview with these prisoners by the delegation.
The violation of Human Rights has been practised in Iran for over 30 years and we hereby express our deepest concerns regarding this, in particular the recent life threatening situation which all political prisoners in Iran are faced with.
The responsibility for any criminal act against the honourable political prisoners in Iran lies with the Clero-Fascist regime of the Islamic Republic.

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