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This petition has been created by me (Mike West) for and on behalf of my friend.

Mike West

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On Sunday 18th June 2006, I (along with a friend) travelled on the 9:07am First Not-So-Great Western train out of London Paddington, heading towards Weston-Super-Mare to go see T4 On The Beach 2006 (with my Golden Circle wristbands -- none the less).

The outward journey was perfect and I cannot complain one little bit about it, however it was the return journey that caused a problem.

After the music was all over and everyone was leaving, we both left the event to go and get some food. We looked around at the various locations and then decided to eat in some cafe somewhere, not to far from Weston-Super-Mare station.

Had our food and headed off towards the station for the 8:10pm return journey back to London Paddington.

A special queue system was in place that arranged people in a particular way and slowly the train was loaded up (like cattle being loaded into trucks).

At 8:10pm (according to my watch) the train left the station...without me nor my friend on it!!

By 9:00pm, another train had arrived in the platform and we were again (like cattle) loaded on-board in 'spurts' from each queue.

This train was only going to Bristol Temple Meads where we all had to change platform to catch another train so as to go further along and eventually home.

By now the time was 9:30pm when we were EVENTUALLY aboard the train. Some clearly local teenagers (aka: "Yobs" / "Chavs") were in the same place that me and my friend were (in the area between the two exit door either side of the train at the ends of the carriages). They were only going to Bath Spa (the next station) but during this time they were loud, abusive, annoying, some of them were sticking their heads out of the other window (the same side as the opposite line, even when a train went past) and they were even smoking drugs!! I'm not a spoil sport and I don't want to cause trouble but seriously, some people are not considerate enough around others!

Anyway, this train EVENTUALLY arrived at London Paddington after 11:30pm which is over 1 hour after the 8:10pm train should have arrived.

To add to the problems, this was a Sunday so London Underground was running a very minimal service.

Eventually we managed to get to Kings Cross and we were meant to catch a Northern Line train to go home to North London, however we were told (by someone else, not Underground staff) to head to Kings Cross Mainline station and catch an overground train (oh guess's First Capital Connect, another First train) instead.

We probably got home at gone 1am which is of course meant that we were seriously tired since we had actually gotten up at 7am!

Anyway, I've complained about this diabolicalness to First Not-So-Great Western and I asked for 50\% compensation on the total cost of the tickets.

Both tickets cost 51.00GBP each, which makes 102.00GBP in total, however I only want 50.00GBP as compensation, not 51.00GBP!

First-Not-So-Great-Western have refused to provide me with this refund (which is really going to cripple their company if they loose 50.00GBP, isn't it?) so I've started this Petition.

PLEASE just sign this petition and show your support for me and this problem so that I can get what I rightfully deserve!


- A long long long long long long delay.
- Stuck standing next to loud, annoying yobs who were smoking illegal drugs!
- Compensation sought is only 50.00GBP, not 102.00GBP or even 500.00GBP!
- First Great Western to be renamed as "First-Not-So-Great-Western"!

Their website is -- why not complain to them too.

Thank-you once again,
Mike West (for and on behalf of a friend)

N.B: First Not-So-Great Western is a made up name for the company, although I hear they're really considering using the "First Not-So-Great Western" name soon! Their current name is First Great Western, although they're not so 'Great' after all (and yes that is probably false advertising)!

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