Community of perverts who urinate in our drinks, beds, and cars- Lets wipe them off the 'net sign now

I cannot take credit for discovering this, but I believe an intervention is in order.
Please read the following Letter to the Editor (at the end of this petition) submitted by Ms. L. Newville to my town's local paper.
Let us flush these perverts and their support group from the net.

I urge you to call, write, or email the two companies and also the individuals who provide this vile site its presence online.
Give them the link to this petition and the name of the site ( and let them know what kind of behavior they are enabling.
Please be firm but courteous- these companies serve a large number of customers and are probably unaware of this one individual site.

Sincerely, Misti Haun.

==Hosting Provider: This is the company that operates the computer servers that store and transmit the web pages that make up the site.
100 Delawanna Ave
Clifton NJ
United States

[email protected]

==Domain Registrar: This is the company that provides the lease for the site's domain name,
Tucows International
96 Mowat Avenue
Toronto ON

Gray, Edward William; Network Operations Center
[email protected]

==Registrant: This is the individual(s) to whom the site is leased to. This may be the operator of the site or the web developer who designed it.
Rooker, Al
3 Newton Downs Farm
Newton Ferrers
Plymouth, Devon PL8 1JA
United Kingdom

[email protected]
Pang, Dave
53 Trender Rd
Plymouth, Devon PL2 4dr
United Kingdom

[email protected]

==Letter to the Editor
Heres a story with a rather large shock value-

Ever wonder why low-end hotel/motel rooms tend to smell like urine all the time?
It turns out theres a group of "pee fetishists" who take delight in this sort of abhorrent vandalism as part of a perverse sexual ritual.

And it doesn't end there either. (If you don't wish to become a shut-in, you may want to reconsider reading this post.)
Ever eat out and have some guy kept staring at you, as if waiting for you to eat? Or maybe not, but it tasted just a wee bit "off"? Stories abound of run-of-the-mill creeps spitting in food, but if you were particularly unlucky, you may have been a victim of group member redguard1 himself.

One of his numerous posts recounts tales of his stint at Burger King, where he befouled a customer's drink order with his genitalia, before urinating in it and proceeding to serve it. What unrighteous act begat such retaliation? The customer, having a bad day and annoyed with redguard's appearance, simply called him a "geek". Redguard retorts "I may have been a geek but he is a geeks piss drinker."

Other posts range from promoting and glamorizing his nefarious lifestyle as form of vengeance, to giving tips on how to conceal soiling of furniture and bedding so that others foot the bill for its cleaning.

He bombastically flaunts it all in one of his most recent postings:
"I have pissed in so many places and in so many nasty ways that it would take forever to mention them all.
I have pissed all over hotels, schools, churches, in peoples drinks, in just about every nasty place you can imagine.
I have pissed in hundreds of model homes and homes being constructed.
I have pissed in more places than a thousand fantasies could fill."

See it for yourself, I couldn't dream up something like this:
This single post is clean of any explicit images, but I should warn you: if you follow any further links, the main part of of the site- particularly its advertisements- are quite graphic.
Worse, its not just a lone disgruntled West-coast traveler whose doing it.
You may click, if you so dare, the thread name "The most daring place you have peed" in the top-right corner of that post to view the entire thread in which a HUNDRED others proudly share their escapades, vowing that no place private nor sacred is safe from their rampant defilement.
From there, the list of "Similar Threads" at the very bottom of the forum foreshadows us that this is just the tip of the ice-burg- or tip of the piss-laden ice-cube, if you will. Though limited to four, each of the listed Similar Threads themselves link to more of these large personal trophies of depravity.

The forum statistics reveal an endless abyss of malevolence, a grand total of over 35,000 threads containing 300,000 posts made by 120,000 members.

I don't know about you, but I'm never leaving the house again!

--Loreta W.S. Newville

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