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As a subscriber to Comcast Corporation's services in the city of Oakland, CA (but this applies to any other city & state where Comcast operates & to whichever Comcast subscriber this petition's issues apply) in the past & present, I am hoping to collect as many signatories as possible to start a campaign to force Comcast corporation (a corporation with mega-millions of dollars in revenues )to CHANGE its following below-listed practices for the reasons listed further down:

A) the format/layout of its monthly service bill statement mailed to its subscribers to where it's user-friendly (clear & easily-understood)!

B) the broadcast of its local-community channel program (in S.F., CA's Bay Area-Oakland, Berkeley, etc..., called: Comcast Local Edition, airing TWICE AN HOUR, at 24 & 54 past the hour on the NATIONAL CNN Headline News channel...(locally, in Oakland-Ch. 57).

This program invariably features interviews with local "officials" in the community (from all walks of life: representatives of organizations, individuals; lawyers, artists, etc... etc...).

This program also aires by Comcast in other cities & states (perhaps, on a different channel & under a different name, although Mr. Cusack, the program's producer, in a response e-mail to me claims that it airs in many other cities/states on the same CNN channel & under the same name)!

However, prospective signatories (outside of the above-mentioned area where I live) are urged to check on it with their local Comcast cable channels & programming!

C) The online advertising


A-1) Subscribers to the Complete/Full Comcast Package (Cable T.V.; Internet Connectivity & Telephone Services) such as myself, are billed in one bill. There are TWO major flaws with its current format:

(i) cable-T.V portion of the bill indicates "mysterious" amounts; amount billed for package, then, inexplicable credit back amount to account & (if applicable)- a promotional discounts.

***) This is what my bill (month of October, 2006) looks like (just to illustrate):

Premiere Bundle 2 outlets (for 2 T.V.s in our apartment): $201.00

Promo 12-month Discount : $ 5.50

Promo 12-month Discount :-$ 38.48


Package Service Monthly Charges $157.02

Starter Bundle

(billed for a period of 53 days or, close to 2 months) -$234.73

Premier Bundle 2 outlets (same time period as above) $294.36

Promo 12-month Discount -$ 4.75


$ 54.88

Then, following, the above are additional charges:

Cable Video: $ 10.51

Enhanced Cable (for a period of one month minus one day):$ 3.80


Cable Video Monthly Charegs :$ 3.80

Enhanced Cable (for same 53-day period) :$ 6.71


Partial Month Services :$ 6.71

+) WHY I am billed one hundred-something dollars & then issued a credit for two hundred-something then, charged again a greater amount of close to three hundred dollars is BEYOND my comprehension (but apparently, also BEYOND the Customer Service Representatives' of Comcast's Call Center-those whom I have spoken to...!!! Either those are hired incompetently or Comcast has some fishy billing practices...!!!!!!

ii) the telephone portion of the bill listes ONLY charges!!! NO call log/specification is provided AT ALL (date of calls, number dialed, length of calls ,etc...)!!!

Don't subscribers have the RIGHT to know what they are paying for??? We are all prone-to-maistakes humans-why not be provided with the option to check what we are billed for???


B-1) in my opinion, Comcast is using its monopoly leverage to broadcast the above-mentioned "Local" Program with various unacceptable IRREGULARITIES

(possibley unlawfully-I'll have to look into it-if anyone can provide legal help/tips, they'd be most essential & appreciated! So please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail! Thank you)!!! This, for the following reasons:

(i)Comcast decided to air its program on its own WITHOUT consulting ANY one of its subscribers-its business/money providers, via surveys, questionnairs, etc... as to their preferances

(ii) Comcast INTERFERES with smooth viewing of a NATIONAL T.V. Programming, by INTERRUPTING it TWICE PER HOUR, EVERY DAY!

(iii) Comcast has not conducted itself with the minimally-expected courtesy/consideration to its subscribers (not only for selfishly behaving as specified in item i above but also bacause) it airs its Local Edition Program on a national channel rather than on a local (community-based) channel (something which would require AUTHORIZATION)!!!

(iv) At the end of its above-mentioned program, Comcast listes that program's E-Mail address as: [email protected] INOPERATIONAL address (my e-mail messages to it bounced...)!

I have contacted Comcast in this matter, seeking their comment. In their reply to me, Comcast is claiming that they broadcast the Local Edition program as a service back to the community-something that they have the obligation of doing...(obligation to whom I wonder?!?) as well as that in line with that, they have agreements with each city in which they operate, respectively (a past comment which I've gotten from them).

in his response e-mail to me, Mr. Tom Cusack (Local Edition's producer)

is saying:

"Comcast Local Edition is committed to providing locally focused

programming that helps to inform and educate viewers on the issues

affecting our region".

"committed" by whom/whose request/need???? Thus far, from the looks of it, it seems that this practice was mandated by Comcast itself...!!!!!!

programming that helps to inform & educate"- Gee, I feel as if I live in a COMMUNIST regime (where others were deciding for individuals what to hear/watch (as part of a propaganda/agenda-whether political, financial both or any other)...! WHO gives Cmcast permission/the moral "high ground" to decide such things for us, its subscribers (who pay them gazillions of our money) WITHOUT CONSULTING WITH US???


I've contacted CNN-they had no idea no knowledge about what I was talking, adding that not only did they have NO knowledge about any such locally-broadcast program but that they had NO control over what's broadcast locally.

Oakland City Hall's Cable Franchise Management Division (as well as the City Clerk's Office) have issued the following e-mail to me:

"The situation described by (name) below is still the same:

The City of Oakland, at this time, has no input or control over any channel except for channel 10 KOTP Government channel. The City has no programming control over CNN/Comcast Local Edition.

(Name) handles all Comcast complaints. I asked (name) today to file a formal complaint on your behalf with Comcast ru and best regards

(Name, title & contact information)"

OF COURSE (IT'S A KNOWN & GIVEN) that Comcast is required by law, to obtain any city it is operating in, a permit to operate in (broadcast)-through "franchising". Yet, Comcast has decided about WHICH PORGRAM to create; WHEN & WHERE to air it & has determined ON ITS OWN what the community needs are!!!!

Again (to sum it up):

As a dough"-provider to Comcast, I think it is my subscriber, consumer & viewer right to decide WHAT I want to watch (based on what I monthly pay for the agreed-upon package)! NOWHERE in the package is Comcast Local Edition program indicated, mentioned or listed (neither in the programming brochure nor in T.V. Guide/Menu browsing features, etc...)!!!!!

I feel that "someone" has ARBITRARILY decided for me WHAT, WHEN & WHERE to watch; without any consultation, consideration or consent given/asked for!

Plus, WHO decided for me that I like to watch/am interested in watching "interviews" with people I hardly know or want to know...? For that (to obtain such information-if I so chose), I could go, I suppose, online, read newspapers, go to the local public library, etc... ON MY OWN, without any outside INTERVENTION in my (living room's T.V. viewing) life!!!

Comcast: Just DON'T "shove" anything down our (subscribers') throats, with NO "warning" & consent!!!!!!


C-1) Comcast occasionally sends online SPAM-its product & services informational advertisements WITHOUT leaving/allowing its cable subscribers the option to OPT OUT (REMOVE)!

Concurrently, I have filed a complaint with the FCC ( Federal Communication Commission)!!! I urge all of this petitions signatories to follow suit!

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