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My purpose is to raise awareness about the power of collective action in the marketplace. Please sign this petition to demand affordable housing:
That fits the budgets of the Working poor and the Middle-class
That has 100\% financing from lenders, with no down payment and minimum qualifications to purchase
That has tax relief and closing cost assistance from the local government

Just like a petition holds some weight in the political realm, a petition can represent willing customers to housing developers, lenders, and local governments. We are tired of being left out of the housing market. We are tired of being overcharged in the housing market!

The facts are that $30,000 is the median income of Coloradans and most households need two incomes to sustain their lifestyle. Most people live above their means by necessity. Now because most people live above their means, inflation keeps the middle class and working poor out of the housing market and it ensures that they never see affordable housing. Now they may see UN-affordable housing, but purchasing such housing is set up for financial disaster because it forces you to live beyond your means.

If you have good credit, you can get a home, with a large mortgage payment, and you wont be able to save for emergencies. If you cant save for an emergency fund, and you need both incomes to maintain, then losing of a job puts your family three paychecks from homelessness!

We need affordable housing that allows the middle-class and working poor to live within their means and still be able to enter the housing market!

Even if your job is stable and your credit is poor, and you dont make more than $65,000 a year, then housing costs will out pace your ability to save. No matter how much you save, the prices will continue to go up faster than you can save enough to qualify for a conventional loan, which is 20\% of the cost of a home. If you live in apartments today, the cost of rent keeps you paying so much that you cannot save up fast enough for a home. Homes in Colorado now average between $200,000 and $250,000. Who can save up $40,000 before prices go up again?!

The market should correct itself and come back down to current wage levels (which are still slipping), but because we truly cant afford the 20\% down payment for a conventional loan, we must use government programs, which prop up housing prices. This keeps affordable housing just out of reach for those who make less than $65,000 a year. And that is a whole lot of us!

So if you want a home, but you want to live within your means, you have to speak out! You have to tell the mortgage companies that a high mortgage payments are ridiculous to people making less than $65,000 a year, even with good credit.

You have to tell them, that with poor credit, saving up 20\% down would take too long and inflation would out pace you. You have to demand that your local government stop helping businesses to profit while you get left out! You have to demand that they build homes that are affordable to you and within your means to pay!

Our market is based upon supply and demand. If we demand affordable housing at terms that fit our budgets and our ability to pay, then the industry will see our signatures as willing customers who will act under certain conditions.

We have to demand practical homes that give you a start at property ownership, not these huge monstrosities that line up contractors to get a piece of you. So please, dont miss your opportunity to stand up against the inflated housing market! The American dream is for hardworking people of all income levels, not just the well off and the rich. Thank You.

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