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To: Her Excellency, the President of India


The Honble Prime Minister of India
The Honble Chief Justice of India
The Honble Principal Secretary, Government of India
The Chief Minister, State of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.
The Chief Minister, State of Haryana, Chandigarh.
The Chief Minister, Delhi, New Delhi.

Subject: Cleansing, Preservation and Rejuvenation of the Yamuna River

Declaring the Yamuna River, a river of National Importance
We humbly submit our state of distress and misery over the gravely deteriorating condition of the sacred Yamuna River. Its a matter of serious concern that the Yamuna, which is considered an eternal consort of Lord Shri Krishna in Hindu scriptures, and has been an essential source of water for hundreds of millions of people through ages has alas, been declared a dead river by ecological agencies.

Millions of Litres per Day (mld) of human and factory wastes is being dumped into the river. The river has crossed the sewage dissolving capacity hundreds of times over (Latest Central Pollution Control Board state a coli form level of 1200000 MPN in Delhi versus an acceptable figure of 5000 MPN in a C category river).

The levels of BOD ( 42 ), DO (0) are drastically dangerous.
The action by relevant government authorities, agencies, NGOs and individuals until now has been too little too late.

This has been evident and also accepted by all, including the bureaucracy, polity, judiciary and every common individual The pathetic state of River Yamuna worries all individuals.

In fact, one does not need many technical figures for water quality, or to rehash the successes or failures of Yamuna Action Plans 1 & 2. A mere travel along Yamuna's banks from where it enters Delhi to where it exits will amplify its present horrific story. This 22 kilometers represents only 2\% of the total river distance, and contributes to 70\% of its pollution.

Unfortunately, after Yamunaji, the esteemed landmark of Braj Bhoomi leaves Delhi, rather than calling it a dead river the government could declare it a Killer river.

As leaders of this country, we are sure that you understand its sacred importance of this river for all Hindus. It is said that once a revered saint was asked to assess superiority between Gangaji and Yamunaji. He stated that he could not even begin to describe the great virtues of Ganga, pray, how he could even speak of Shri Yamunaji.

The landscape of Braj cannot, be visualized without the beautiful Yamunaji flowing through its dense groves. Up to 7 Crore pilgrims frequent the Land of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna every year. Devotees, charged with religious feelings still bathe and drink the holy waters of Yamunaji, which are toxic.

Are we to let ourselves suffer? Are the very relics, the very symbols of the Indian way of life, culture and heritage to meager to revive?
Yatha Rajah, thatha praja(The way of life of the king is followed by its subjects)

History proves that all great infrastructural tasks have been initiated and executed only by administrators and governments. Kindly, take a bold stand. The dormant individuals of this country shall awaken.

The loss to and by the River Yamuna is almost irreparable. The religious and spiritual sentiment attachment is fading. What are we passing on as our heritage to our next generations? What of Misr yunan mit gaye jahan par, kuch baat hai ki hasti mit ti nahi hamari :

We respectfully remind you to act swiftly and prudently towards the clear and present danger to the sacred river of Yamuna.

The terrorist attack a few years back on Indian Parliament was deemed as an assault on the very fabric of the nations democracy. The terrorist attacks in Mumbai were considered a hit on the nations economic development. The gross negligence and failure to clean, protect and preserve Yamuna River should be considered an attack on the sustenance to the Indian way of life.

Do clean our River.

Do declare it a National River.

We, the under signed, ask you to act in earnest.

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  • 05 January 2016500. Dinesh K
    I support this petition
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  • 03 January 2016498. Sanjay M
    Country USA "There is only one Karma and that is sevice to Krishna."
  • 25 December 2015497. Laxmi P
    Country UK В
  • 21 December 2015496. Matt H
    Country usa thank you
  • 19 December 2015495. Vijay L
    Country hong kong please take urgent action
  • 18 December 2015494. Ramesh Sg
    Country USA Manmohan Sahib Tusi Kuch Karo Mohan De Vaste
  • 07 December 2015493. Raghavendra R
    Country USA I fully support the cause
  • 06 December 2015492. Shruti Long
    I support this petition
  • 04 December 2015491. Sanjai S
    Country india Yamuna ji is not the river only, but this holy river has seen playing Lord Krishna, and has seen the entire civilisation in front of her, it's our national pride, and it's our out most duty to save Shri yamuna ji
  • 18 November 2015490. Kimali A
    I support this petition
  • 11 November 2015489. Jyotin P
    I support this petition
  • 02 November 2015488. Bhakti B
    Country USA look at the rivers, seas, oceans in USA, we should be working tohave the same in India!
  • 31 October 2015487. A S
    I support this petition
  • 27 October 2015486. Lila M
    I support this petition
  • 22 October 2015485. Vivian F
    Country u.s.a please save the holy river yamuna
  • 16 October 2015484. Jai N
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  • 30 September 2015478. Mahesh M
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  • 28 September 2015477. Kamlesh Conley
    Country US Seed sow by first generation is reaped by next generation, lets get assemble and do something for the next generation
  • 19 September 2015476. Harikirtana Dasah
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  • 17 September 2015475. Rajavidya H
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  • 12 September 2015474. Jaswant Mp
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