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The Church of Scientology is an insult to our society and should no longer be practiced.
The fact that the Church of Scientology is claiming to be a religion is actually one reason why it needs to be abolished. It has been reported on several individual occasions that the founder of the Church, L.Ron Hubbard, claimed his system of beliefs to be a religion in order for his 'establishment' to be tax-free. This is tax fraud, and needs to be stopped immediately!

Not only is the Church taking advantage of our government, but it is also dangerous to its members. The Church requires that each member participates in an activity called the Purification Rundown which is done to supposedly cleanse the body from all drugs, medical and recreational. The Rundown involves receiving large doses of niacin. Large doses of niacin are known to cause liver damage and peptic ulcers. The Rundown also requires that member sit in a sauna for hours. This exposure to extreme heat leads to excessive perspiration. The large amount of perspiration can lead to dehydration, fainting and can even cause a sodium-imbalance in the body which can cause death. When you become a member, you must also sign a release form stating that the Church may hold you against your will for as long as they deem necessary and that you may not sue them for any harm brought upon you by them. This release form came after the death of Lisa McPherson who died in 1995 after being held against her will by the Church for seventeen days. Similar deaths have occurred before the death of McPherson, and it is a possibility that similar deaths have occurred after. A lot of other members, such as Patrice Vic and John Buchanan, committed suicide after becoming overwhelmed with the expensive payments that the Church requires.

The "Tone Scale" is one of the most controversial aspects of the "religion". The Tone Scale is basically a measurement of your worth, ranging from negative four to positive four, based on your problems as a human being. The Church brainwashes its members into believing that unless they are at the top of the Tone Scale, they are worthless. In fact, L. Ron Hubbard himself stated, "...any person from 2.0 down on the tone scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind." The only way to move up the Tone Scale is to undergo training and auditing sessions by the Church. However, the sessions are extremely expensive, and often times dangerous.

The Church is also extremely disrespectful to honorable professions, and everyday citizens. The Church of Scientology is highly against psychiatry and psychology, and claims they are responsible for inventing sex and pain millions of years ago. Outrageous? The Church also claims that sex is unnatural for humans to engage in and is a perversion. Basically, they believe that all humans who engage in sex are perverts and are less valuable than the celibate. The Church is also against homosexuality, and claim that it is a mental illness. They believe homosexuals should be imprisoned, or segregated from heterosexuals until they are "cured" of their supposed illness. The Church also believes that chemical imbalances do not exist, though it has been proven that they do, and that people should not take any prescribed medications for their mental illnesses, such as depression. They believe people who claim to have chemical imbalances are simply psychotic.

The Church of Scientology is not a church at all, but instead is a cult. Not only has it committed tax fraud for over fifty years, but it has also caused the deaths of several of it's members. The Church defames all people, and is an indignity to all religions. We mustn't let this destructive, perilous, and impertinent organization continue! We are demanding that this Church is abolished, investigated for tax fraud and obligated to compensate the families of the people that died in the hands of the Church.

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