cheating and fraud using fake Social organization name sign now

Dear sir

I am NRI holder of India,I am permanent Resistance of Singapore
This is my worst experience when I Come to India,
so I want giving as compliant
I am some time reader of Deccan Chlornicle (DC) and Times of India Chennai Edition, My fate I got into trouble by reading the classifieds section. There is a section called personals and Social Services ad event Organizer in the times of India classifieds, in that I see the ads
This is the ads .Chennai Entertainment Regd. 62 5, Maddipakam Main Road, Maddipakam, Chennai 60091 Enjoy Cultural & Social Get-together with goodtimes. Enjoy N Earn only for VVIPS Not for Students. Chennai 9940390958 /9283765716.
. I thought of joining in a club call For Social Services Calling the number 9940390958,
the person named MANOJ (Saying senior Executive) took the call and explained their services and club details. He mentioned they are running this club for 6 years and asked me to refer DC classifieds and Times of India for older edition. Myself believed the ad in the DC classifieds and I seen that ad for long time. I make a payment the following dates in to the IciciBank
account number - 037101504194 Name of payee Mohammad Mozaffar
I transfer the money from my ICICI Bank account to this ICICI BANK Account No.037101504194
The following dates
Payment Id Transaction Date Debit Account Beneficiary Name Amount (INR)
0164079571 06/07/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 24,000.00
0150856234 13/04/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 9,600.00
0150366230 09/04/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 9,400.00
0150364551 09/04/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 16,000.00
0149902347 07/04/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 15,000.00
0149792741 06/04/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 12,900.00
0149783182 06/04/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 8,500.00
0149773589 06/04/2010 602501200277 UZAFFAR 7,700.00
The above transactions I done for social networking , Chennai Entertainment, where they advertisement in the Times of India ,Chennai edition,
This Account no. given (sms to me)by the advertiser,
later I found that account No. person was cheating personal and also I suspect he doing criminal activities, black mail and cheating public using Fake Social cultural and entertainment organization ads
This account No. person i did not know him, I believe that , the ads running on leading news paper, I thought it is a genuine ,so I transferred the money to this account number - 037101504194 Name of payee Mohammad Mozaffar as per instruction by manoj by mobile phone(his phone no. is 9940390958)
They told me by phone, They have high profile members males/ Females with them, Like IG(inspector of general),AC(commissioners and inspector of police), IPS Family girls, IAS officers wifes and family girls, Doctors, advocates, lawyer family, high class business females models, actress, they told me if I pay more they arrange high profile female members I can take them for dating, and also they told me If I Dating and sex with them they will(females members) pay to me Rs.20000 to 50000Rs per season,
After that only I understand they Cheated me, they are not doing any Social services for good they are doing so many illegal activities
I am not interested this kind of activity, I asking to refund them, now manoj telling, they cant refund, and also he telling me you want complaint to police or where ever go, no problem for us , like that he telling,, and also he challenging, no one caught them,
I am suspected, they have a wide network In India, we assume every day how much money they cheating and collecting cheated just like me,
This money may be using illegal activities, money transfer to anti Social Activity group like Terrorist, or buy arms, weapons, gang activity, and against our country peaceful
So that I came to understand they cheated me, so I want to bring public to prevent from cheating furthermore, public get aware of this kind of ads.
We will assume how much money they making without hard work using simple ads, and how many persons cheated everyday (like me)
How much tax revenue cheating
Please consider my request to take action against them, they not to display any of this cheating advertisement in any newspaper and safe everyones life.
So I Requested to take action against the cheating and fraud, and false advertisement
Kindly I requested to recover my money from them
I requested to you give news to All media to publish this news to prevent fraud and cheating and big anti social problem before come
I am worry about this in future ,because this money may goes to wrong person it means illegal activity, Like Terrorist or any other banned organization or banned party,
I will get troubles also, I guess this person received lot of money form many person like me.
Please help me to recover the my money
Thanks for to take action
my contact No.
Phone +65 98926755

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