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Dear Horseland,
We would appreciate it if you would allow us to retire our horses to the pasture,but still be able to keep them listed in our lines.This would end the problem of horseland running slower and having so many broken lines.

We also think you should remove the health bar.It is alot more challenging and fun to try training a million pointed horse than just training for a 100ker.
The health bar also causes the horses to be sent to the humane association when it gets too low,causing people to loose their best horses.The health bars have been causing more trouble,because when your horse's health drops to 25\% you can no longer enter your horses in classes and even if your horse was already entered,your money is just wasted because the classes run and your horse doesn't gain any points,and your money isn't refunded.

We would also like to petition about how the horses age.We think a horse should age a year a month.This would solve the problem of too many old horses being on horseland and all the low pointers.The people who play horseland would have longer to train their horses and wouldn't have to worry about breeding their mares and stallions every week on time for fear of not getting a exact number of foals.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 November 201550. Amanda Lucero
    It would be really nice !!! Player Name HorseshoeGirl5 Player Number 1954060
  • 18 October 201549. Amanda Kent
    this should be done Player Name Wasted Player Number 1818370
  • 20 March 201548. Derrick Lynch
    this is a great idea Player Name Red_Hot_Arabians Player Number 1920193
  • 12 February 201547. Kevin Hansen
    Really, it hink the health bar is stupid Player Name *~MirrorLakeFarm~* Player Number 1917957
  • 31 December 201446. Riley Hall
    I support this petition
  • 29 November 201445. Victoria Travis
    errm.. yeah! Player Name pasha Player Number 1550244
  • 16 October 201444. Natalie Neal
    I support this petition
  • 11 October 201443. Jenn Cook
    its great that you want it to be 'more realistic' or whatever with that health bar, but no one really cares about the realisticness of a game. Player Name Greeley Estates Player Number :P
  • 30 September 201442. Monica Wiley
    I support this petition
  • 23 August 201441. Derrick Richardson
    This should really be done! Player Name Someday Farm Player Number 1972367
  • 08 July 201440. Heidy Collins
    i agree? hehe Player Name cowgirlsayyes Player Number 1267995
  • 22 June 201439. Elena Mcintyre
    I agree with everyone here.I think all these ideas are great :) Player Name Mingo Arabians Player Number 2027744
  • 27 May 201438. Cline Richard
    It would ne alot better if we get to be able to train our horses and still be able to keep them if we do retire them Player Name c a s c a t a Player Number 1814191
  • 02 May 201437. Malachite Espinoza
    This is correct, why don't you acctually listen to US the PLAYERS of your game for once. We have asked and asked for there to be no health bar, you never email us back. Why am I angry about this? It is poor costumre service and I was taught by my family y
  • 29 April 201436. Valerie Decker
    make put sum games on 4 hl money Player Name 25valerie25 Player Number 1884392
  • 07 March 201435. Mxpx Odom
    ive had to retire several horses that i worked hard on because of broken lines. its discouraging.and dont say there is nothing you can do about it, because we could still see the horses breed and name even when they were retired before you guys changed it
  • 31 January 201434. Treelast N
    I think this is a great idea.I also think we should have the shows have more points for your horses!! Player Name ~*Christian girl*~ Player Number 1680400
  • 23 January 201433. Rebecca V
    YES! I totally agree. This retired thing is a problem in my partnered account. Our 50k mare's grandsire was retired so now she's useless. Please change this HL! Player Name S.torm of T.ime. Player Number 1032461
  • 05 November 201332. Alex Ayers
    I support this petition, I also think mares and stalions shouldn't have to wait so long to breed again. Player Name Easy Steps to Grow Great Horses Player Number 1578093
  • 29 August 201331. Stormy Wade
    I totally agree with this. Once I was hacked and my best horses grew 2 old and the hacker retired them. All of their lines were linked to all of my horses and so now they're basically worthless. Also, I don't have enough time for training all of my horses
  • 05 July 201330. Kate M
    I support this petition
  • 07 June 201329. Ashley C
    AWesome Player Name Domino Player Number 1546885* not 1546142! lol
  • 26 January 201328. Ragdolls F
    Good idea... Horseland needs to get into shape. Chop. Chop! Player Name //Ragdoll's Fells// Player Number 1659121
  • 16 November 201227. Mia T
    It gets annoying when I am trying to trace back my horses lines but I can't because the grandparents (or so on) are dead Player Name shadowfire35 Player Number Don't know
  • 13 November 201226. Silke Green
    I support this petition
  • 24 August 201225. Rebeljubilee Grimes
    I don't agree with the healthbar stuff, but I like everything else. I also think that dogs should have a seperate website Player Name RebelJubilee Player Number 1954953
  • 22 March 201224. Siobhan Wheeler
    I agree, the health bar should be taken away!!! Player Name Arabians & Bearded Collies Galore Player Number 1697356

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