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TFL Guidance States that:

" In most cases, drivers should allow a passenger with a small dog to board. If the driver feels that the bus is too busy and the presence of a dog would make some passengers feel upset then they can use their discretion and ensure that the dog is carried upstairs or refuse entry. "

I have a small dog - a Jack Russell. Because of being sent upstairs on buses I have been verbally abused by passengers, my friend has recieved an injury and I was sexually assaulted. All of this because the driver could not bear the sight of the dog downstairs. A small dog who is harmless should be allowed to sit wherever it wants on a bus. Passengers upstairs are often as offended as those downstairs, and there is a lot more room downstairs for a dog to lie and not both anyone. People who are drunk or high on drugs are allowed to sit wherever they want and cause a threat to customers, however a harmless dog is not.

Sign this petition to change the ruling so that dog owners are not penalised on London Transport.
Sign the petition to help us question why a dog being upstairs makes any difference to the passengers?
Sign the petition to get justice for those who have been injured or caused emptional distress unnecessarily all because a bus driver sent them upstairs with their dog.
Sign this petition to make Transport for London acknowledge that they are jeapordising their passengers' safety by asking them to take a dog upstairs, for example, in the middle of the night.

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Latest Signatures

  • 20 December 201550. Aimee P
  • 08 December 201549. Kate S
    I'm tired of being harassed because of my dog. I have been on buses and witnessed fights, screaming expletive rants, body odours so bad they made your eyes smart,. Yet, these are rarely if ever deemed disruptive enough by the bus drivers 'discretion' to r
  • 14 October 201548. Ellie H
    its not always possible to get a dog up the very steep stairs of the bus plus the bus drivers NEVER stop long enough for you to safely get up or down the stairs with the dog
  • 16 September 201547. Rob G
    get a life transport managers and get this nationwide problem sorted once and for all. your disregard for basic service provision and complete lack of clarity when allowing your employees to use their discretion is poor and needs fixing now. after all you
  • 12 May 201546. David L
    The rule is absurd
  • 08 April 201545. Gavin M
    I totally agree with changing these terrible rules.
  • 13 December 201444. Alexandra B
    Here here!!
  • 10 December 201443. Rosemary G
    providing the owner acts responsibly - I am a pensioner and my dog does not like being left on her own at home - why should she, I don't either!
  • 04 December 201442. Hayley Wilcox
    As a dog owner, I find it hard to get around London, Rules need to be changed!
  • 21 October 201441. Erik H
    Dogs should be allowed on buses!
  • 30 June 201440. Kevin E
    as long as dogs are under control, whats the problem
  • 19 May 201439. Jessica M
    allow small dogs on buses without exception!
  • 06 May 201438. Jerome B
    Dogs should be allowed in buses
  • 01 May 201437. Rachell H
    Its a joke drivers do not let non dangerous dogs on board, they need to get a life and have some heart.
  • 21 March 201436. Laura E
    The current rulings on transport and dogs are ridiculous and should be reviewed.
  • 19 January 201435. Roseina Garner
  • 07 December 201334. Rene V
    i hope you change the rulling for dogs on buses!
  • 01 November 201333. Sarah B
  • 08 April 201332. Ruby D
    This is the best petition I have seen for a while! I have a registered P.A.T. Dog to walk every week, and she certainly won't do anyone any harm!
  • 23 February 201331. Nikki Monroe
    Dogs are less offensive that most people using the buses!!
  • 12 January 201330. Caroline F
    Yay, dogs should be allowed on buses!
  • 22 December 201229. Kerryanne L
    i totally agree that dogs should be allowed on buses whenever and wherever, aslong as they are safe and its obvious that they have no intentions of eating anyone (:
  • 21 December 201228. Craig D
    Dogs are part of UK culture, they must be accepted.
  • 25 October 201227. Lucas W
    Change the ruling
  • 18 September 201226. Kim R
    Normally I have no issues staying downstairs but there is one bus driver who is so rude and always yells at me to go upstairs instead of just asking.
  • 25 February 201225. Emma J
    Totally agree
  • 10 August 201124. Cherie P
    I have a small chihuahua that travels in a bag when we're out and about but we are still subject to scutiny when travelling. I think if your dog is in a bag or on a lead they should be allowed to go anywhere with their owner.

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Transport for London


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