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The Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Education is one of the basic rights of people of a country. Government has to ensure that every person of the country gets his/her basic rights. Thats why people vote to a political party to run the country. In Bangladesh, government is not able to provide higher education to all people. That is why private universities are providing higher education to a big number of people. These students of private universities are paying a large amount and getting updated and almost world class education from these private universities. Students do not need to go foreign countries, and Bangladesh is saving foreign currency. These students from private universities are the skilled workers of the economy. Imposing 4.5\% VAT on the education is against the right of the people. Universities are earning money, they can provide tax, but not the general students. They are already paying high tuition fees, which a government cant control.

Dear, Prime Minister, please do not let business men play with our basic rights. More the people will get education, more they can help the country. If you can not make it free, atleast you do not impose VAT on the rights.

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Latest Signatures

  • 05 December 201550. Ashraful I
    Education is not a commercial thing. Expanding the scope of education doesn't mean that you have to impose VAT on educational institutions.
  • 30 November 201549. Amit Kumark
    i also dis agree about 4.5\% vat
  • 22 November 201548. Rifat Bina
    education is not a luxury item
  • 17 August 201547. Tanbeen A
    should have got the COMMON SENSE
  • 17 June 201546. Sohel Anderson
    Please cancel the VAT. Pls
  • 28 April 201545. Sadman S
    Education is basic human rights.Its not a product.
  • 10 April 201544. Max S
    Withdraw the VAT on Private Universities tuition fees to build a educated and Digital Bangladesh. Don't do business with Educational institutions and the Students.
  • 18 January 201543. Sabnam S
    strongly want to cancel 4.5\% vat
  • 11 January 201542. Maruf H
    Please Cancel 4.5\% vat
  • 06 December 201441. Dolon Melendez
    EDUCATION is not a product..why should we give vat on education...??..if our government declare that education is a product than we will give vat...
  • 06 September 201440. Sharan D
    Plz cancel 4.5 VAT on our basic rights!
  • 10 January 201439. Sanjeed K
    This is a threat to the higher education and the society .
  • 17 November 201338. Himadri S
    The pvt. varsities r being profited, So why should we pay the VAT??????????
  • 08 November 201337. Md Ashrafurrahmant
    Please withdraw 4.5\% vat .
  • 01 October 201336. Zahidul K
    this vat are totally elegal
  • 11 July 201335. Shafin H
    education is the basic need of citizens of bd, its not a product, dont impose vat here. u know not every one is not able to pay this high amount of money, and not every best students get chance in government universities.
  • 19 June 201334. Rabby F
    it is become more expansive..
  • 17 April 201333. Salauddin M
    please honorable prime minister. withdraw this VAT which ur govt impossed .
  • 02 March 201332. Md Shaifuli
    Plzz dont imposse any tax on Education plzzzzz
  • 14 January 201331. Nayemur Rahmans
    Why should we pay VAT for studying in private universities, while government is subsidying public universities???
  • 01 January 201330. Sharif H
    4.5 \% vat should be prosponed. beacause this will be very much unbearable for students.
  • 15 December 201229. Shehab M
    Please change your decision
  • 10 December 201228. Montasir S
    Tax shouldn`t impossed on education.
  • 20 October 201227. Sourov Morton
    we don't want to give vat.............
  • 01 May 201226. Saddam H
    we don't give the vat
  • 26 February 201225. Waheed Uli
    it is unjustifiable 4 our human rights..
  • 16 January 201224. Masuma Lamb
    plz.........withdraw it................dont creat barriers in education

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Prime Minister of Bangladesh


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