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Friday May 22nd, 2009

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Canadian Politicians, Iranian Mullahs, Terrorism, and Kleptocracy

1.Petition is constituted as a legal document.
2.Asset is defined as fund or anything which has monetary value.
3.Element is defined as a person who is assisting a Revolutionary Guard, Basij, some form of Paramilitary, associating with ruling class of Islamic Republic of Iran.
4.Entity is defined as a person who is assisting a Revolutionary Guard, Basij, some form of Paramilitary, associating with ruling class of Islamic Republic of Iran.
5.Involvement is defined as a person, group, or a political party intentionally or unintentionally is assisting element of Islamic Republic of Iran to transfer asset to Canada.
6.Reserving the right to expand or recede on the terms of this petition.
7.Life cycle of this petition is not applicable to other key component of this petition.
8.Reserving the right to expand or recede any portion of this legal document. Regardless of circumstances.

Warning Issued:
1.Prior of issuing this petition, Office of the Auditor General of Canada, Office of the Privacy Commission, FINTRAC, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canadian Dignitaries from all three level of governments, Canadian Red Cross, media outlets, and activists were warned about this dire situation. Most importantly, the above entities has been aware of the plight in Iran and the above Canadian elements have done nothing to stop it.

1.On October 16th, 2006 it became clear that cleric Ali Akbar Hashemi RAFSANJANI, who was an international terrorist from Iran with his son Mehdi, and his daughter Faezeh RAFSANJANI owned HWY 407 in Province of Ontario, country of Canada. In addition, they owned Center Point Mall Center which was located in Province of Ontario, country of Canada.
2.There is sufficient reason to believe that RAFSANJANI and his families have more assets in Canada.
3.There is sufficient reason to believe that there are other individuals that they are acting on behalf of RAFSANJANI in Canada and are protecting his families' assets in Canada.
4.There is sufficient reason to believe that there are other individuals from Islamic Republic of Iran that they use Canada as a base to invest in Canada.

Legal Evidence:
1.CIC2004001660 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Media 6/14/04 0:00 any documents, memos, reports, letters, emails, voice mail transcripts or other written or recorded material concerning direct foreign investment by companies and individuals of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada, including but not limited to Highway 407, the Center Point shopping Center in Toronto. Also any material on visits, official or unofficial, to Canada by member of the Iranian government, and/or family members of former Pres. Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsnajani (aka Rafsamjani), including son Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani (aka Rafsamjani), and daughter Faezeh Hashemi. Timeframe January 1, 2000-June 14, 2004.
2.International Trade Canada, Trade Commissioner Service stated that Iran actively encourages foreign investment in most sectors but requires the involvement of a local partner to whom a technology is transferred. Generally, the local partner is expected to have a minimum share of 51\% in the project. The Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA) covers foreign investments including BOT projects and Buy Back contracts. Buy Back contracts are the mechanism used by the Ministry of Oil to award oil and gas production contracts and are closer to service agreements than Production Sharing Agreements. Iran has set up multiple economic and free trade zones which offer 10 - 15 year tax holidays and duty free imports to promote investment. There is no Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement between Canada and Iran. For more information, contact the Iranian and Foreign Joint Venture Investment Association: [email protected] other useful information is available at:
3.International Trade Canada, Trade Commissioner Service advised Medium and long-term financing is available from commercial banks in Iran although foreign investors are encouraged to find offshore sources of finance as commercial banks give preference to national investors. Foreign companies can best access local commercial finance through an Iranian joint venture partner. In many cases, the ability of foreign firms to secure external financing is a driving factor in the establishment of joint ventures and in the awarding of contracts
4.Iran - Canada Cola Corporation (a Canadian company based in Richmond Hill, Ontario) has signed a contract with Modabber Holding Investment Company (an Iranian private joint stock company owned by Imam Executive Headquarters) for the distribution of non-alcoholic children's canned beverages in Iran valued at approximately $3-4 million, as well as for the distribution of glass and PET bottles in Iran valued at approximately $2 million.
5.Iran - Seveil Incorporated Canada (a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario) is the exclusive agent of Westeel Grain Storage Systems for the Iranian market. During the past two years, this company has managed to win 11 projects to establish storage facilities for grains and oilseeds in Iran. Seveil has the largest share of the Iranian market for such projects in recent years (over 90\%).
6.Element of Islamic Republic of Iran was able to infiltrate in Canadian political system by making political campaign contribution to certain candidates that these candidates were most likely to be elected to offices, and once candidates elected to the offices. Obviously, the agent of the Islamic Republic of Iran has bought the offices for the cleric regime in Canada, and entity like Rafsanjani was able to make investment in Canada despite his criminal record. Particularly, the Islamic Republic of Iran was a corrupt system, and there was no accountability to public. In June 2005, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada reported that a Freedom House report stated that the country is prone to corruption. For example, the report stated that the bureaucracy gives preferential hiring treatment to graduates of theological seminaries, veterans of the Iran-Iraq war and Besij militiamen rather than to candidates based on their skills and merits (Freedom House June 2005). Following 1979 revolution, Islamic charitable foundations or bonyads {it means charity organization}, came under the States jurisdiction (RFEL/RL 5 Apr. 2005) and received many assets from Irans wealthiest families (Freedom House June 2005). Freedom House estimated that bonayds control between 10 and 20 per cent of Irans gross domestic product. Source also stated that, under that authority of the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah {sign of god} Ali Khamenei, and the clerics, the bonyads have become huge commercial conglomerates that operate with no accountability and are not subject to any auditing procedures (ibid.; RFE/RL 5Apr. 2005. Freedom House also reported that loyal supporters and relatives of the regime are exempted from anti corruption laws. Further in the matter of bonyad or charity foundation, one way the Rafsanjani and other clerical families maintain their grip is through the Bonyad foundations, says Shaul Bakhash, a visiting fellow at the Brooking Institution, a Washington-based research organization. After the revolution, the Bonyads expropriated assets of foreigners and the former shahs friends, says Bakhash, who has written extensively on IranCompanies under Bonyad control account for as much as third of Irans economy, he says. The Bonyad dont disclose their accounting or pay taxes; they get subsidized loans and report only to the Supreme Leader, he says. The economic power structure is even more opaque than the political system, Bakhash says. The Bonyads funnel money to senior religious figures for patronage and suspected clandestine activities. Interestingly, the Bonyads have been link with funding terror organizations; such as, providing fund for murdering author of The Satanic Verses.
7.The Islamic Republic in Iran had a liaison office in Canada and it is called Iran Canada Business Council which is found in 1992 and the Council had clear mandate and are established on two pillars: one) to promote and support trade and investment between Iran and Canada [and last to] serve as an advisory body to Government in Canada on matters related to trade and economic relations with Iran. Furthermore, this Council had its own unique benefit for Iran and Canada which are as follow: The Iran Canada Business Council provides members with exceptional opportunities to develop business with Iran. Through a wide network of senior business and government contacts both in Canada and in Iran, the Council is able to provide members with entrйe into one of the most important and growing markets in the Middle East which means this Council had connection with high ranking clerics in Iran and Canadian politicians. Most importantly, this Council had its own unique privilege which was providing opportunities to meet with senior level Iranian business and government missions to Canada. One of Iranian investor in Canada was mullah Rafsanjani that he built Highway 407 and Center Point Mall in city of Toronto, Province of Ontario, Canada. Interestingly, mullah Rafsanjani was a senior high ranking member of terrorist Hezbollah organization, and wanted by international authority due to his atrocities that he committed in Argentina, as well as, other nations, and Canadian Government allowed an infamous terrorist Rafsanjani to make investment in Canada. Indeed, Canada was sponsoring terrorism because Canada had become an economic nest for terrorist Hezbollah organization which was contrary to Criminal Code of Canada.
i)83.03 Every one who, directly or indirectly, collects property, provides or invites a person to provide, or makes available property or financial or other related services
ii)(a) intending that they be used, or knowing that they will be used, in whole or in part, for the purpose of facilitating or carrying out any terrorist activity, or for the purpose of benefiting any person who is facilitating or carrying out such an activity, or
iii)(b) knowing that, in whole or part, they will be used by or will benefit a terrorist group, is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years.
iv)There was also this vital point that individuals were representing the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada that they were member of Revolutionary Guard and Canadian Government was fully aware of their background because on August 14th, 2004 Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada reported that structure of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), also known as the Sepah and the Pasdaran; its size; its economic activities in construction. Furthermore, the Immigration and Refugee Board stated that Iran specialist Michael Eisentadt noted that the IRGC {Revolutionary Guard} is a key institution in Iran today due to its role as guardian of the revolution, and due to the fact that many senior Revolutionary Guard officers have close personal and family ties to key members of Irans clerical establishment (MERIA Mar. 2001). Additionally, Eisentadt emphasizes that the role the IRGC plays in the advancement of future senior officers is crucial. Furthermore, that the IRGC maintains considerable influence in domestic security affairs and particularly with respect to political opposition (Byman et al. 2001, 29.
v)In March 2006 Export Development Canada reported that the economic disparities in Iran 75\% of national income is in the hands of 10\% of the population, is a major challenge which means 90\% of Irans population was controlling 25\% of Irans wealth, and making a factual point that after twenty-five years [] Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini led the revolution that topple Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a dozen families with religious ties control much of Irans 110 billion gross domestic product and shape its politics, industries and finances, says Ray Takeyh, a professor and director of studies at National Defense Universitys Near East and South Asia Center in Washington. Simply, element of Islamic Republic in Iran funnel money in Canada and portion of money was given to Canadian politicians and rest of the money would be put in construction industry in Canada.
vi)There were serious detrimental effects on Iranian, when the cleric regime was investing in Canada and did not invest in Iran because Iranian were facing economic hardship; such as, high unemployment rate and high inflation rate which were having direct effect to quality of life in Iran.
vii)According to Ontario Export Inc. real GDP Growth from year 2000 to year 2002 beings from 4.1\%, 0.8\% and 4.0\% and CPI inflation from year 2000 to year 2002 35.4\%, 27.3\% and 17.5\% unemployment rate from year 2000 to year 2002 begins with 18.1\%, 21.7\% and 24.9\%.
viii)In March 2007 Export Development Canada reported inflation rate of Iran in year 2006 which was 14.6\% and in year 2007, it was 17.8\%.

i) Charity Foundations in TO, ON
Canadian Government was fully aware that the Islamic Republic of Iran was establishing bogus charity foundations in Canada Mr. Ahmadreza TABRIZI President of TAIM Canada Inc. office is located at 30 Kern Road, North York, Ontario M3B 1T1 Canada and as Mr. TABRIZI, Iran Canada Business Council, clearly stated that he knew high ranking cleric in Iran, and Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada knew well that Revolutionary Guards main task was to make invest in construction industry, as well as, charity foundation. Quite frankly, Mr. TABRIZI was an agent of Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada that he inaugurated Parya Trillium Foundation in November 2002 at 30 Kern Road North York, Ontario M3B 1T1 Canada, and Arisha TABRIZI was member of The Law Society of Upper Canada and his law firm was located at 103-30 Kern Rd
North York, Ontario M3B 1T1 and name of law firm is Tabrizi Law Office Professional Corporation.
In November 2002 several honorary members attended inauguration for this charity foundation as follow Mayor of Toronto David MILLER, Jim PETERSON, John GODFRY, Alan ROCK from Liberal Party, and Dr. Joseph WONG as Mr. TABRIZI {his last name means that he is from city of Tabriz} claimed that this Parya Foundation did not promote political issues or religious value and he claimed that we started private fundraising and raised an amount of approximately $30,000.00 CDN. Then, he began to insult Irans national language by referring to Persian language as Farsi language as he stated I would like to give few words in Farsi, Our English speaking audience should excuse me as it is difficult for me to translate it in English.
The board of Parya Trillium Foundation has eight members and among them Arshia TABRIZI, and Dr. Amir MAZINANI were Special Interest Persons in this investigation. There were no doubts that Ahmadreza TABRIZI was father of Arisha TABRIZI. There was Dr. Amir MAZINANI, who was residing at 81 Lord Seaton Road. North York, Ontario M2P 1K6 Canada that in 1984 to 1986 received tuition scholarship from Islamic Republic of Iran and according to Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada after 1979 revolution in Iran only those individuals that they were participant to 1979 revolution in Iran or had loyalty to Islamic Republic of Iran were allowed to attend universities. Moreover, there was a requirement that all university students prior of writing their admission exam to university, all students were required to answer to a questionnaire which would prove their loyalty to the theology state in Iran that the candidate for university was loyal to Islamic Republic in Iran and would uphold value of Islamic Republic in Iran. Therefore, Mr. Amir MAZINANI was loyal to Islamic Republic in Iran because he received scholarship from Islamic Republic in Iran.
Lastly, apparently Mr. Amir MAZINANI was working for his own company with name of Mazinani Consulting Inc. and his field of work was Computer Peripheral and Pre-Packaged Software Wholesaler Distributors 518210 - Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services Computer consulting, Web design and hosting, Domain name, Digital image processing, Digital ID card, Digital security systems (Exporting) IT consulting for companies Web site design for companies Digital security system for local and remote Digital video and video processing to enhance the picture.
ii) TABRIZI Formed other Councils:
Ahmadreza TABRIZI continuously was expanding his activity on ground of Non Profit Organization and had formed a council with name of Persian Circle which was Non Profit Organization and it had social and cultural objective, at the same time, it was trying to act as a bridge between new Iranian immigrants to Canada.
On February 12th, 2004 Mr. Ahmadreza TABRIZI incepted Canadian for Bam Reconstruction Committee and its office is located at 30 Kern Rd. North York, Ontario M3B 1T1. Keynote Speakers was Maria MINNA former Minister for International Cooperation, and Guest Speaker was city of Toronto Mayor David MILLER.
TABRIZI formed Canadian for Bam Reconstruction Committee because on December 26th, 2003 at about 05:26 hours earthquake shook the ground violently in city of Bam in Iran and claimed 41, 000 lives and 20, 000 sustained serious physical injuries, 60,000 people became homeless during cold winter time, and 70\% of the city turned into rubble. TABRIZI promised that this committee would direct the fundraising money to Iran in order to built school. However, according to Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada Revolutionary Guards have monopolized construction industry in Iran, now, there was no doubt that TABRIZI was member of Revolutionary Guards in Iran because he wanted to build school in Iran. In addition, Mr. Ahmadreza TABRIZI and Arshia TABRIZI were part of Liberty Development Corporation which was located at 505 Highway 7 East, suite 303 Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1, and it was incorporated with Darcon Inc. with Mr. Latif FAZEL at same location of Liberty Development Corporation. Also be advice that Mr. FAZEL stated that Darcon Inc. was located in city of Markham, whereas it was located in Thornhill.
TABRIZI claimed that a school was built in Iran and posted on his website that a dormitory for girls as per photos were build and named as donation of Iranian-Canadian members who are part of CRBC. The picture illustrated that there were young boys whom were running around and there were no little girls around to be found. Plus, in Iran schools had walls so unsupervised person could not walk in the school. The picture illustrated that there was no wall.
TABRIZI stated that International Development and Relief Foundation I(IDRF) would collect all contributions and would issue tax receipt and invoices. Why above institute was collecting money from public? Why above institute was not doing follow-up on project and TABRIZI was doing follow-up? Did any Canadian politicians do follow-up on the project and how money was funneled to Iran? There were countless questions to ask, but it was a difficult task to investigate and to found out answer for the above questions, when Canadian politicians were shaking hands with murderers in Iran.
So far, there was no independent body to verify accuracy of TABRIZIs claim that if truly money which was generate from Canadian for Bam Reconstruction Committee was used toward reconstruction of city of Bam because this picture was shown reconstruction for Earthquake in city Ghaen, located in Iran's Khorasan Province and how Bam is related to Province of Khorasan? However, there were six pictures which show that a school is under construction.
Dr. Payam AKHAVAN reported that suffice it to say that recently the survivors of the Bam earthquake in Iran protested about why the Iranian government is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Hezbollah in Lebanon when the survivors of the earthquake still have not been provided with adequate housing. And in a democratic Iran, surely, people will ask whether it's worth spending $15 billion on a controversial nuclear program that risks military confrontation with the west at a time when, officially, there's a 25\% unemployment rate, and unofficially, a rate that could be as high as 40\%.

On February 10th, 2006 Ahmadreza TABRIZI donated $4000.00 CDN to Under The Azure Dome. The Under The Azure Dome was an organization which prepared cultural events in Toronto, and asked individuals to volunteer for this organization. Of course a volunteer would leave behind her /his name with the organization in order to in touch with the volunteers.

Ahmadreza TABRIZI had taken part in Iranian Canadian Congress which was a Non Profit Organization, non partisan and non religious. Interestingly, this organization had a mandate to identify, present and promote the true leaders of the Iranian-Canadian community who can be the voice of the community and to assist them in becoming prominent members of the Canadian society in all level of civic life including at the Municipal, Provincial, and Federal level. TABRIZI had close ties with Islamic Republic in Iran, and it was frighten to know that he was recruiting individuals to be elected in office in Canada.

On Sunday March 25th, 2007 Mohandes Ahmadreza TABRIZI held a graduate gathering in Toronto for students of Tehran Polytechnic Amir Kabir University. He claimed that in 1969 he was graduated from a university.

When time came to verify Ahmadreza TABRIZIs NGO if it was legitimate or it was illegitimate, it appeared that Royal Canadian Mounted Police {RCMP} would be right candidate to give direction on how to verify a NGO, and a letter was written to RCMP on how to verify a NGO.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am interested to verify a NGO in Canada if it is legitimate or not, how can I do that please?

Thank you,

Kind regards

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded by making the below statement.


The RCMP does not maintain a list of NGOs, a search of Google may find information on the organization you're looking for.

Thank you.

National Communication Services
Services nationaux de communications
1200 Vanier Parkway
Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2

Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) was another government agency which would be useful for verifying NGO and a letter was written to the above governmental agency.

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to obtain some financial information on certain NGOs on matter of transaction. Kindly inform me how can I obtain this information from FINTRAC?

Thank you,

Kind regards

iii) The FINTRAC responded as follow:
In response to your comments to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) dated,we offer this email. The Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act does not allow us to disclose specific information about persons or entities covered by the legislation. Therefore FINTRAC does not provide "references" concerning any reporting entity.
Canada Tax Revenue refused to answer to similar above question.

iv) Why TABRIZI was Imploring New Arenas to Engage in Canada?

Fedayeen Organization (2004-2006)it all depends on the case. The Iranian regime knows very well that many have fled Iran for socioeconomic reasons. However, as a general rule, if a person has been implicated in anti-government activities and/or working with subversive organization, whether pro-Monarchy or socialist, and known to have sought political asylum in a foreign country, her/his relatives will definitely be questioned. Whether they would be prosecuted or not depends on several factors and the severity of each factorthe regime is still as intolerant of dissident as it was more than a decade ago, but it has become sophisticated in handling these cases. Were these charity foundations, and NGO some form of instruments for TABRIZI to collect data on Iranian dissidents in Canada?
TABRIZI has made substantial amount of political campaign contribution to Mayor of Toronto David MILLER.

Toronto 2003 Civic Election Contributions to Candidates
3.30 KERN ROAD LTD $2,500.00 CDN
5.Arshia TABRIZI $300.00 CDN
6.Ahmad TABRIZI $250.00 CDN
There were reasonable questions on horizon that who below individuals, how were they related to Ahmadreza TABRIZI or did the register office enter their names incorrectly?
3.Ms. Gity NASHEY TABRIZI $400.00 CDN
4.M. Motamedi $200.00 CDN
There was a way of checking and verifying the above entities under Municipal Elections Act, 1996, S.O. 1996, c. 32, Sch.
Subsection; 93.No person shall obstruct a person making and investigation or examination under this Act or withhold, conceal or destroy anything relevant to the investigation or examination. 1996, c.32, Sched., s.93.
69.(1)A candidate shall ensure that,
(a) one or more campaign accounts are opened at a financial institution, exclusively for the purposes of the election campaign and in the name of the candidates election campaign;
(b) all contributions of money are deposited into the campaign accounts;
(c) all payments for expenses, except for a nomination filing fee, are made from the campaign accounts;
(d) contributions of goods or services are valued;
(e) receipts are issued for every contribution and obtained for every expense;
(f) records are kept of,
(i) the receipts issued for every contribution
(ii) the value of every contribution,
(iii) whether a contribution is in the form of money, goods or services,
(iv) the contributors name and address;

Who may contribute
(3)Only the following may make contributions:
1. An individual who is normally resident in Ontario.
2. A corporation that carries on business in Ontario.
Also, there was Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act which would block investigation that under section 14 (3)-Presumed invasion of privacy, a disclosure of personal information is presumed to constitute an unjustified invasion of personal information if the personal informationf) Described an individuals finances, income, assists, liabilities, net worth, bank balances, financial history or activities or creditworthiness. However, there is a court order under Court File No. 789/00 Date heard February 28th, 2002, Ontario Superior Court of justice, Divisional Court in matter of LANE, McCOMBS and LaFORME JJ. Would over rule above Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act because when [2] The Commissioner's order upheld the decision of the City of Toronto (the "City") refusing disclosure of an electronic copy of campaign contribution records from the 1997 municipal election. For the reasons that follow, I would allow the application for judicial review and direct that the requested information be disclosed to the applicant[30] Again, in my view, the Commissioner's conclusion was not reasonable. As I have indicated, the disclosed paper documents contain specific private information such as the contributors' names, addresses, amount contributed, and the candidate to whom the contribution was made. The only additional personal information contained in the electronic database that is not in the disclosed paper documents is the telephone numbers of the contributors. [31] I accept the position of the applicant that the only way that he can meaningfully scrutinize the information about campaign contributions is through the electronic database. Public scrutiny of the democratic election process and the integrity of the process governing political campaign contributions is a matter of significant public importance. In my view, in light of the fact that all but the telephone numbers of the contributors is already required to be disclosed, the public interest in disclosure of the database to enable meaningful scrutiny of the democratic process clearly outweighs other considerations. [32] It follows that the Commissioner's decision not to apply the public interest override in s. 16 of the MFIPPA was unreasonable. [33] In the result, I would allow the appeal, set aside the decision of the Commissioner, and order that the electronic database sought by the applicant be disclosed.
The real question came down to this point that in November 2003 for municipal election, it was clear that David MILLER would win the election because other candidates were tangling with their own demons and scandals and voters were turn off by them, and MILLER appeared as a good boy, he was holding a broom and promising that he would clean-up the City. Thus, TABRIZI made significant amount of campaign contribution to MILLER because MILLER was a right person and he would win the election and there was no way to lose the election. Now, there was a question that did TABRIZI received instructed from the cleric regime to make a campaign contribution to MILLER?
Kindly be advise that Mr. MILLER has accepted donation from a strip joint with name of Zanzibar Tavern Inc. for amount of $300 where ladies were exploited sexually by men, and this illustrated level of mentality of Mr. MILLER.

v) Liberal Party was Favorite Party:
In 1999, Arshia TABRIZI made $200.00 CDN political campaign contribution to Liberal Party, Azin TABRIZI made $250.00 CDN political campaign contribution to Liberal Party and S. TABRIZI made $400.00 CDN political campaign contribution to Liberal Party.
2005 Central Party By-Election Campaign Period Return CR-4 Ontario Liberal Party Scarborough - Rouge River By-Election Statement Of Campaign Period Income and Expenses for the Period From October 26, 2005 to February 24, 2006 Reza MORIDI contributed $ 175.00 CDN.
Mr. TABRIZI was vibrant to announce that now we are witnessing the presence of a new successful runner Dr. Moridi who hopefully will be representative of Liberal Party from Richmond Hill in Queens Park, Dr. Moridi {keep up the good work} we wish you success and all the best.
On August 02nd, 2007 Naresh Raghubeer and David Harris from Canadian Coalition for Democracy reported this article that Last week, Ontario Auditor-General Jim McCarter reported that the province's Immigration and Citizenship Ministry has been dispensing millions of dollars in grants to ethnic groups under a process that is "not open, transparent or accountable." In many cases, groups got money simply because their members were chummy with ministry insiders. "In essence, the decisions behind 'who got what' were often based on conversations, not applications," Mr. McCarter concluded. But Mr. McCarter's report does not merely highlight a failure of process in an otherwise sound government disbursement program. What the Auditor-General documents is nothing less than a taxpayer-funded political black market based on "ethnic" and religious vote-buying. The Iranian-Canadian Community Centre's $200,000 grant was disbursed despite there being "no written request for funding.
On July 28th, 2007 York Region reported Richmond Hill Liberal candidate Reza Moridi doesnt think money awarded to a local charity group by the Dalton McGuinty government needs to be given back, despite findings that no formal process was followed to receive the money. His comments come in the wake of a scathing report from Auditor General Jim McCarter on how charity groups received millions in questionable provincial grants. The report led to the resignation Thursday of Citizenship and Immigration Minister Mike Colle. The grant money has been described as a slush fund by Opposition parties. Mr. McCarter concluded the granting process was not open, transparent or accountable. His report paints a damning picture of the process under which the Iranian-Canadian Community Centre (ICCC) and other groups received money, even though it falls short of saying groups got preference because of ties to the provincial Liberals.
Criminal Code of Canada:
Terrorist Financing Offences: 83.03 Every one who, directly or indirectly, collects property, provides or invites a person to provide, or makes available property or financial or other related services
(a) intending that they be used, or knowing that they will be used, in whole or in part, for the purpose of facilitating or carrying out any terrorist activity, or for the purpose of benefiting any person who is facilitating or carrying out such an activity, or
(b) knowing that, in whole or part, they will be used by or will benefit a terrorist group, is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than 10 years.
Theft: 322. (1) Every one commits theft who fraudulently and without colour of right takes, or fraudulently and without colour of right converts to his use or to the use of another person, anything, whether animate or inanimate, with intent
(a) to deprive, temporarily or absolutely, the owner of it, or a person who has a special property or interest in it, of the thing or of his property or interest in it;
(b) to pledge it or deposit it as security;
(c) to part with it under a condition with respect to its return that the person who parts with it may be unable to perform; or
(d) to deal with it in such a manner that it cannot be restored in the condition in which it was at the time it was taken or converted.
(2) A person commits theft when, with intent to steal anything, he moves it or causes it to move or to be moved, or begins to cause it to become movable.
(3) A taking or conversion of anything may be fraudulent notwithstanding that it is effected without secrecy or attempt at concealment.
(4)For the purposes of this Act, the question whether anything that is converted is taken for the purpose of conversion, or whether it is, at the time it is converted, in the lawful possession of the person who converts it is not material.
Special Interest Persons:
1.Iran Canada Business Council
2.Ahmad Reza TABRIZI
3.Member of Ontario Provincial Parliament of Ontario Reza MORIDI {Liberal Party}
4.Mayor of Toronto David MILLER
6.Mr. Samir ZALZAL
7.Mr. Joseph TAVANA
8.Mr. Farrokh KHAKLILI
9.Mr. Ken HAVES
10.Mr. Masoud (Massey) GHATAVI
11.Mr. Hussein K. AMAD

i) Corporates:
1.Acres International Limited
2.Agra International
3.Aquarius Shipping Inc.
4.BTI Services Inc.
5.Canadian Bearings Ltd.
6.Charles Tennant & Co. (Canada) Limited
7.CTI Datacom Inc.
8.David Nairne & Associates Ltd.
9.Dreco Energy Services Ltd.
10.Eriez of Canada Limited
11.Export Development Corporation
12.General Electric Canada Ltd.
13.General Motors of Canada Ltd - Diesel Division
14.Ingersoll-Rand Canada Inc.
15.Newsco Directional & Horizontal Services Inc.
16.Ontario Exports Inc.
17.Pacific Industries International Inc. (Pii)
18.Petro-Techna International Ltd.
19.Renaissance Energy Ltd.
20.S.A. Global International Inc.
21.SGS Canada Inc.
22.Simons International Corporation
23.SNC-Lavalin International Inc.
24.TAIM Canada Inc.
25.Tavana & Co. Chartered Accountants

Detrimental Effect of Kleptocracy for Iran and Canada:
According to Transparency International

a) In case of Iran
i)London, 25 March 2004 --- Political corruption undermines the hopes for prosperity and stability of developing countries, and damages the global economy, said Peter Eigen, Chairman of Transparency International (TI), launching the TI Global Corruption Report 2004 (GCR 2004) today. The abuse of political power for private gain deprives the most needy of vital public services, creating a level of despair that breeds conflict and violence. It also hits the pockets of taxpayers and shareholders worldwide. The problem must be tackled at the national and international level, he said. The GCR 2004, with a special focus on political corruption, said Eigen, is a call to action to bring integrity and accountability into governance, to stop bribery by multinational companies, and to curb the flow of stolen assets into secret bank accounts in the west. TI is the leading international non - governmental organisation combating corruption worldwide. Democracies can no longer tolerate bribery, fraud and dishonesty, states former US President Jimmy Carter in a foreword to the GCR 2004, especially as such practices disproportionately hurt the poor.
ii)Political corruption deprives millions of health care, education and the prospects of a sustainable future, said TI-Zimbabwe Chair John Makumbe at the launch of TIs GCR 2004 in London today.

b) In case of Canada

i)Canada's political approach to the normative control model of Islamic Republic of Iran has short term gain for Canada. However, in long run, it would create murky water between Canada and Iran.
ii)Canadian politicians deceived their own citizens by claiming that they were at war on terror while Canadian politicians were in payroll of the theocratic regime in Iran. The theocratic regime in Iran had been supplying insurgents in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq with arsenal. Hence, Canada was at proxy war with Iran.

According to Transparency International
1.Donations to political parties and candidates to elected office must not be a means to gain personal or policy favours. Parties and candidates must practise transparency. Governments must implement adequate conflict -of-interest legislation.
2.Political parties, candidates and politicians should disclose detailed information about assets, donations, inkind donations, loans and expenditure, on an annual basis as well as before and after elections, to an independent agency.
3.Independent public oversight bodies endowed with the necessary resources must effectively supervise the observance of regulatory laws and measures. Together with independent courts, they must ensure that offenders are held accountable and duly sanctioned.
4.Diversified funding should be sought through: state funding and subsidised access to the media; the encouragement of small donations and membership fees; and controls on corporate, foreign and large individual donations. Spending limits should be considered.
5.Candidates and parties must be given fair access to the media. The media should play an independent role, free from political interference, both in election campaigns and in the broader political process.
6.Civil society should have the opportunity to actively participate in promoting adequate legislation in the field of political finance and in the monitoring of political finance and its impact on political representation.
Method of Filing:
2.Several regular mails in order to avoid interception of mails
3.Registered mails

Recipients of This Petition:
International Court of Justice
Peace Palace
Carnegieplein 2
2517 KJ The Hague
The Netherlands via registered mail

Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General
United Nations
1st ave. and 46th Street
New York, NY 10017 USA via registered mail

Transparency International Secretariat
Alt-Moabit 96
10559 Berlin, Germany via registered mail

Method of Serving:
1.Prime Minister of Canada Right Honorable Stephen HARPER via registered mail
2.Liberal Party of Canada {Federal level} via regular mail
3.New Democrat Party {Federal level} via regular mail
4.E-mailed to three level of governments in Canada
5.Posting on

Goal to Achieve:
1.This petition is constituted as a legal document which will be used during legal proceeding or any form of preceding against any individuals or body of governments whom are collaborating with theocratic regime elements directly or indirectly to transfer assets from Iran to Canada.
2.All individuals shall be held accountable and responsible for taking part in kleptocracy of Iran and Iranian.
3.Alternative Service Der livery shall not apply to these assets.
4.All assets are none negotiable and none transferable.
5.All assets are properties of Iran and Iranian.
6.All assets shall be return to Iran and Iranian plus interest shall be reimbursed to Iran and Iranian.
7.All three levels of Canadian Governments {municipalities, provincial, and federal} from each provinces {East Coast to West Coast} must disclose all assets of Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada in great details.
8.International Court of Justice does not allow Canadian politicians, as well as, element of Islamic Republic of Iran to continue kleptocracy of Iran, directly or indirectly, because Canadian politicians are contributing to human rights violation in Iran directly and indirectly.
9.Transparency International involves itself in this matter and would identify all assets of theocratic regime in Canada in order to safeguard interest of Iran, Iranian, and Canadian.

Life Cycle of This Petition:
1.Commenced: Friday May 22nd, 2009.
2.Expired: Friday October 02nd, 2009.
3.Requirement: 100 Signatures.
4.Petition would remain on line.
5.This petition effects remain perpetual, until the goals of this legal document is achieved.

Author of This Petition:
1.Petitioner of this paper acted in good faith at all times.
2.Petitioner of this paper acted in the name of justice for all.
Thank you

Kind regards


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