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On the eve of Wednesday July 11th, contestant Liam Styles Chang was cut from competition, ending his journey to Canadian Idol's Top 10.

On the fastest rising friend-based network, Facebook, Liam has over 1300 supporters. Over 1300 supporters on Facebook ALONE, which begs the question; HOW? WHY?

All signs pointed in the direction of Liam being around for the long-haul. The judges praised him for being valedictorian, and for wisely taking their advice and incorporating it into each of his performances. Not one judge could deny the star quality Liam possessed, and will continue to possess long after Canadian Idol. To quote Zack Werner, Liam gave everything to each performance, with the outcome being "bang on" each and every single time.

The smooth, flawless voice, the originality, and the inexplicable spark, that X factor that he brought with him to the stage every week, does not at all justify what went down on Wednesday night's result show. Every single judge mentioned Liam's worthiness of making it into the top 10. In fact, they seemed confident he would make it. The judges felt Tyler was worthy, and even Montana as well.

Interesting how all three left us right before the Top 10.

They represented uniqueness, charisma, and endless amounts of potential. They surprised each and every week and kept it fresh and exciting. The current Top 10 are completely generic, fitting perfectly into the cookie cutter popstar mould, but they do NOT represent and support what Canada is all about; our constantly-praised diversity. Has Canadian Idol now simply become a carbon copy of American Idol? Dull, dull and more dull? It sure as hell seems that way. And its really a shame. Canada is supposed to encourage variety and show the world that we don't fall under the same category as every other spineless reality tv show, but we've sadly become exactly what we loathe.

Shock value may be Canadian Idol's preferred method of reeling in viewers, but it loses more than it gains when fans not only see a favourite, but a truly recognized talent, going home prematurely. Wednesday night's results were beyond unjust and downright fishy when three contestants who were favoured most throughout competition, and never in the bottom, were booted off -- in the same night, no less. It's like a joke gone horribly wrong. It makes us sick to see contestants with the most potential, incorrectly not making it into the top 10.

Would you like some suggestions on how to better improve your show, so it's not so laughable in the future?

1) Just as the judges choose the top 22, they should have some say in who makes the top 10. This ensures that those that make it, are not in because of some popularity contest, but because they possess true star quality. FOX's So You Think You Can Dance, have the audience vote for the bottom 3, and then the judges choose one of those contestants to go home.
Therefore, if the judges see that spark, they can save the contestants they feel are truly worthy.

2) Limit each phoneline to 10 calls like Dancing With the Stars, does. Just because a Dwight fan is able to get through 600 more times than a Liam fan, doesn't mean that Dwight is favoured. It simply means that the Dwight fan was a faster dialer; or his line wasn't as busy. It is NOT an accurate representation of Canada's opinion, just because someone is able to get through more votes than someone else. Allocating 10 votes to each phoneline forces the voter to choose wisely, and not take their votes for granted, knowing they can vote 500 more times.

3) Bring back your Wildcard round. Look what happened with Kalan Porter. Clay Aiken. Those who are truly worth it, deserve a second chance.

Liam Styles Chang will succeed far beyond Canadian Idol. His fans simply do not agree or altogether believe the results. It seems too convenient for one of the best singers in the competition [Jake Gold's words], and even Tyler and Montana who were praised throughout, to so shockingly be cut from competition without at least making the Top 10. Is Canadian Idol really looking for the best singer? Or is it just playing host to one big popularity contest; not caring about voice and star quality, in the least? If this is truly a singing competition, find a way to make it fair. Because to send someone home who is backed up 100\% by the judges, will cost Canadian Idol a lot of fans. Is this really what Canadian Idol has come down to? I liked to think we were better than that, but we are not. At all.

Canadian Idol has left a bad taste in many viewers' mouths this season. You may have the power to get rid of some of the best singers in the competition, but just know that it will not go unnoticed.

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