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We are aware, as young adults, of the tremendous impact that social networking sites have had on our lives.
Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, Wordpress, Xanga and innumerable others have allowed us easy and instantaneous access to the world outside - and vice-versa.

We at Elaan hereby pledge to support the "Safety Online" campaign, that was launched on October 21st 2007 at 4:06am IST.

What we want you to know :

1. Privacy is valued little by most people on social networking sites, even lesser by predators and people with intention to harm you.

2. Morphing/wrongful duplication of photographs and videos is no longer uncommon and can cause great damage and humiliation.

3. Personal information CAN be misused

4. Research has shown that most sexual predators (child abusers and paedophiles) seek their victims out using the internet and various social networking sites. Almost 83\% of sex offenders arrested in the USA stated that they enjoyed "hunting" down victims and building relationships with young people online.

5. Being on the internet AND choosing to remain ignorant of it's dangers can lead have damaging consequences.

How you can reduce the risk of becoming a target :

1. Keep a track, not only of your own personal information, but also that of your siblings who are active on the internet. The more information you have out there, the greater the risk of being "located" and "targeted".

2. Be careful about the content of your online "profile". Photographs, written content (sans copyscape) and videos all stand the risk of being duplicated. A college student in Kolkata recently had her photographs copy-pasted onto a profile that labelled her as a "sex maniac".

3. Be very wary about the people who have access to your computer/passwords.

4. For parents, be aware that a number of free software packages are available that block potentially harmful content/pornography. netnanny is one.

5. Be wary of face-to-face meetings. Never meet an online friend alone.

6. Keep atleast one trusted person in your family/friends circle abreast with your online interactions. There have been numerous cases in the past of people disappearing suddenly after developing an ambiguous "online friendship" with a stranger.

7. If you feel at any point that an online interaction seems fishy, i.e. the other person's intentions appear questionable, take time out to think about it. A gut feeling is well-founded most of the time.

8. Beware "fraandship" requests from people, especially on orkut, which is more public than other networking sites available.
Tip : Always check the "fraandship" seeker's community list and friend list. In most cases a questionable seeker has numerous porn community memberships and a lot of naked "friends".

9. Has someone been bugging you with messages and scraps ?
(i) Block/Ignore them
(ii) Report them/their communities
(iii)Contact us and we will launch a mass-reporting campaign to remove the offensive elements.

10. Abuse is not restricted to sex related requests. A number of religious fanatics have also stuck their roots into orkut and are spreading messages of hatred on "clean" sites. They deserve to be banned as well.

We intend to rid of all porn/incest related communities, that is our longterm goal. We also plan on removing the numerous "sex lovers" and "incest lovers" off the site as they tend to stretch the theory of "social networking" a tad beyond what is generally comfortable.

We seek your support in this, and look forward to dealing with URLs of offensive communities/ members/ fraandship seekers etc.

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