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Subject: Campaign against malnutrition in Patalgarh village in Madhya Pradesh.

We, the undersigned, would like to focus your attention to the grave and critical condition that has arisen in Patalgarh village in Madhya Pradesh where 13 children have died due to malnutrition and measles- a matter that needs urgent intervention.

As per the analysis of the situation,, 93\% of Sahariya children are victims of sever malnourishment and 15\% are almost on the verge of death, due to malnourishment. The average life span of a Sahariya is 45 years, which is 25\% less than that of an average mans life span. The conclusions of this survey were even accepted by the Supreme Court. It is difficult to trace even a single child, youth or a family that is not a victim of severe malnourishment and anemia.

Present scenario at Patalgarh:
There is only a temporary Anganwadi in the Village which has been closed for four months,
The ANM has not visited the village for a long time,
Medical camps and immunization has not been done.
The Fair Price Shop has not been distributing food grains for the past 3 months.
The validity of the temporary ration cards given to the villagers has expired last December and neither have they been renewed nor have new cards been issued.
None of the pension schemes have been implemented.
The NREGS Scheme that aims at providing employment to the needy is also not being implemented.

The malnutrition issue will be raised to the Supreme Court of India with focus on following points:

a) Make the concerned authorities accountable for the deaths as it is an established fact that non-functioning of Anganwadies and non-availability of supplementary nutrition is the prime cause for the death of children.

b) Direct the State Government to ensure that there is accountability in respect to the utilization of these funds.

c) Direct that the state government to increase the fund allocation for malnutrition eradication program are forever insufficient, so there is definitely a need.

d) Direct the immediate opening of Anganwadis in each settlement and village as the number of Anganwadies in the state is also not sufficient to provide for the needs of the poor children.

e) Direct that the information and data regarding malnutrition and the various schemes and their implementation should be made available to the public. Village wise data relating to malnutrition should be made available on priority as, in the absence of this data it is seen that a lot of information has been manipulated.

f) Direct the State Government to take immediate steps to identify the pockets of severe malnutrition and work in the area on a war footing.

g) Direct that the Government should pay compensation to the families of those children who have become the victims of malnutrition and related deaths, so that they could be made food secure and also so that the other children in these families do not meet a similar fate in the near future.

h) Direct the state government to provide correct data regarding the immunization of children in the state against measles and the administration of Vitamin A dosages.

Therefore in a nutshell, we would like to address following issues by signing the petition:

1. Accountability: For deaths due to malnutrition, for non-functioning of Anganwadis. Accepting that the cause of child death in this area is due to unavailability of supplementary nutrition for children.

2. Transparency and Right to Information about budget allocations, status of malnutrition in every district and data collected on the status of child health and immunization programs.

3. Action Required: Increase in budget allocation to tackle malnutrition and Increase in number of anganwadis.

This petition is addressed to:

Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan
Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
Justice A. S. Anand
National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, INDIA

Copies of this petition will be sent to:

1. Dr. N.C. Saxena and Mr. Harsh Mander
Commissioners, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi, INDIA

2. Shri Rakesh Sahni
Chief Secretary, Govt of Madhya Pradesh, INDIA

3. Shri L.K. Advani
Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, New Delhi, INDIA

4. Mr. Jean Ziegler
UNCHR, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Geneva, SWITZERLAND

5. Mr. Anthony Banbury
Regional Director, World Food Program, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok, THAILAND

6. Mr. Gian Pietro Bordignon
Country Director, World Food Program, New Delhi, INDIA

The NDTV had covered the plight of the Sahariya Women and Children and a CD of the same is available with Right to Food Campaign Madhya Pradesh Support Group (RFTMP).
Apart from this RFTMP also has a recorded CD of the whole Fact finding process. Both the CDs are available if anybody is interested in going through it.
RFTMP could also facilitate field visits for anybody who is interested in visiting the region. The villages adjoining Patalgarh are also going through a similar phase.

For more information on detailed reports and case studies of the affected area contact:

Mr. Sachin Kumar Jain ([email protected])
Right to Food Campaign Madhya Pradesh Support Group
E7/226, First Floor, Opp. Dhanvantri Complex, Arera Colony, Shahpura, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Phone- 0755-4252789. Email- [email protected]

For details about this petition contact:

[email protected]

Vibha is a US-based, volunteer run, non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization. Since 1991, Vibha has been making a positive difference in the lives of under privileged children by supporting various projects in India and US. Our vision is to ensure that every underprivileged child attains his or her right to education, health and opportunity.

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    The Right to Food is one of the non-negotiables of universally accepted human rights and is an essential ingredient of the Right to Life guaranteed under our Constitution.
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Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister, Madhya Pradesh, INDIA and Justice A. S. Anand, National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi, INDIA


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