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"We can demolish the nuclear bombs by the referendum."

We are in the emergency of our world, we actually face to the end of our world every moment, every day. No one really can sure whether Israel will never attack Iran with nuclear bomb and the US will never use atomic bomb again. We hopefully believe that human being never use nuclear bomb again, however many people still foresee the doom of our day by nuclear bombs.
How can we sleep with safe feeling under the possibility of nuclear attack? Are you really sure the nuclear or atomic bombing never be happened around your country? How about the Middle East crisis? Do you really think American or Israeli people will really support the nuclear attack? Definitely more than half of the people never want to do that, but only few politicians and few military people who have the power to use the nuclear bombs believe the nukes can make their countries safer want to do so. And they use the tax from the people for what the people not really want to spend.

Heres the idea to dismantle nuclear bomb. We, the human being, could have already dismantled nuclear bombs. We have democracy that chosen by almost all countries. So let keeping the democracy about the decision to use the nuclear bomb as well. How much people can agree to use nuclear bombs? We think its maximum agreement would be less than 50\%. And we strongly call the referendum of all nations to use any nuclear bomb in the world, because by this obligation, there wont be nuclear bombing anymore as if any nation want to use nuclear bomb, the nation need the agreement from the all nations and it is nearly impossible to call the referendum in whole world by the limit of the timing and the budget. The use of nuclear bombs must be the choice of the whole nation because of its too huge and long-remained influence around the nation, the Earth and the human with our offspring. Some people say the nuclear bombs can not destroy the whole world, but it has destroyed our belief and faith as the budget for developing and maintain the nukes is much more than enough money to save the thousands of people who died by starvation everyday. The budget can be enough for the free education, better public medical and so on.
Theres no need of nuclear bomb to the human being, it only can use to eliminate the threat of big comet come to Earth or other kinds of unusual things. We would have already blocked the nuclear bomb quite easily, the only remain thing is to realise it.
How can we support that only few people can actually push the button of nuclear bombs which can ruin our world? We believe more people can make better decision rather than when only few powerful people do so, at least about the nuclear bomb issues.
Certainly the powerful people who can decide to use nuclear bombs will not easily share the power with people, lets start from the small movement such as signing, demonstration, and if the governments still do not share the power of nuclear bomb with people we can escalate the movement to the tax refusal to prohibit using the tax for nuclear bomb, furthermore there can be much more protest ideas.

This movement must be worldwide, because some national people can say,
If we lock up our nuclear bombs, when other country attack us, then what can we do?
So this movement must be the international protest.

We should protest hardly, because this is one of the big milestones of our bright future.

Now is just the first step, if you can make the first step, the history will flow to this splendid way of peace include same process of referendum to decide the war. Because the wars make refugees who are responsibility to many nations and many other problems around the world.

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